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Europe 2017

SUPER Supermarkets

USA | Saturday, 25 Jun 2016 | Views [276]

Once upon a time, not too long ago it was hard to find many products here in France that we consider staples- like mayonnaise, peanut butter, and ketchup. Today, however, a few of the French chains make Publix look like a mom and pop store. They also ... Read more >

Boudin Exhibit - Monet's BFF

USA | Friday, 24 Jun 2016 | Views [239]

Eugene Boudin, born in Honfleur, loved to paint in nearby Trouville and Deauville. To honor him this summer, the town decorated its dock with reproductions of some his most famous works that were painted on it. It's fun to stand where the artist did, ... Read more >

Trouville-Sur-mer Normandie

USA | Thursday, 23 Jun 2016 | Views [276]

The town next to Deauville is Trouville with a river running between them. We crossed the bridge and walked through the center of town to their beach. It is very wide and there is a large section just off the boardwalk with a giant “play”... Read more >

WHAT? A Beach Day

USA | Wednesday, 22 Jun 2016 | Views [329] | Comments [2]

We visited a pretty little beach town a few miles away yesterday called Houlgate. The beach was easily accessible so we took a peek. Amazingly, it was pretty crowded for a very cool and mostly cloudy day. It turned out the hordes were the local school ... Read more >

How Much Alcohol Did You Say This Contained??

USA | Tuesday, 21 Jun 2016 | Views [270] | Comments [1]

If you are in Normandy you have to have a taste of Calvados! So, we decided to visit a famous Calvados factory. We were the first ones there and we were told if no French people arrived that the tour would be in English. Of course, two minutes before ... Read more >


USA | Monday, 20 Jun 2016 | Views [217]

As most of you know, I travel with some exercise equipment. It makes me feel less guilty when I indulge in the local goodies. The weights are simple to assemble; they just need to be filled with water. The exercise ball, however, needs to be inflated ... Read more >


USA | Saturday, 18 Jun 2016 | Views [293] | Comments [1]

No matter how many times we visit this little jewel, it still enthralls. We are much closer than we have ever been in previous years so we really had time to explore many of the side streets that we had to forgo in the past. We found the oldest part ... Read more >

Exploring Deauville Part 1

USA | Friday, 17 Jun 2016 | Views [257] | Comments [1]

We have never spent much time here and I didn't realize how large and developed a city it is. Of course before fast cars and trains, Parisians flocked here during summer months for their holidays. Judging by the fancy homes, crowded designer shops and ... Read more >

Here we go AGAIN

USA | Thursday, 16 Jun 2016 | Views [291]

Yes indeed we have indulged! After all it has been over a year since we had the opportunity to partake of some of favorite “goodies” and to make matters more interesting, our local patisserie had “cafe eclairs” on special yesterday.... Read more >

Welcome to Deauville

USA | Wednesday, 15 Jun 2016 | Views [295] | Comments [1]

We had just begun to settle in when we had a visitor. A few years ago, when our apartment was also directly on the water, we were similarly welcomed. And being animal lovers, I encouraged them. It didn't take long for word to get out that bread was available ... Read more >

Amiens Arrival

USA | Tuesday, 14 Jun 2016 | Views [394] | Comments [3]

  We arrived in Amiens around noon. It is north of Paris and boasts several special sites. The first thing we noticed was how changed it was. They've closed the main road through town and made it a huge walking/jogging area for townspeople. The ... Read more >

Orlando Tragedy

USA | Monday, 13 Jun 2016 | Views [317] | Comments [1]

Just a word before I start the blog. The TV in France announced a shooting in Orlando at 8:05 a.m. French time. I thought it was a bit odd because the report also said that ”The police ask that all people stay away from the area at this time.”... Read more >

Arrival Zaventem (Brussels Airport)

USA | Monday, 13 Jun 2016 | Views [320] | Comments [1]

We arrived safely in Brussels and so our summer journey of 2016 officially begins. The presence of all the well-armed soldiers was no surprise. The part of the airport still being repaired is completely walled off. For us, the security changes were a ... Read more >

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