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Travel Film Scholarship to Mexico - Winners Announced!

WORLDWIDE | Friday, 3 October 2014 | Views [13819] | Comments [2]

As travellers, we know that storytelling is simply a natural part of the experience. At World Nomads we believe that sharing the world's stories is one of the best ways to learn about different people, the places in which they live, and the intricacies of their cultures.

In this year's Travel Film Scholarship what impressed us most was not how many entries we received, or from how many far-flung destinations. It was the diversity of rich stories that you, as a group of amateur filmmakers, were able to unearth, capture and share with us.

From an urban workout project in Brixton, to interviewing a Michael Jackson impersonator in a French village, to getting into the battlefield action in reenactment troupe in the U.S., we learned about these fascinating pockets of life through your visual storytelling talents. We hope that you all continue to get out there with your cameras, chase those stories and bring new voices and new perspectives to life through your films.

While there were some really standout entries this year, there was one that completely captivated us. This duo took one simple concept and really buried into the history, the ritual and the whole experience with true personality and a great sense of humour.

Please feel free to leave your congratulations to the winners and the shortlisted entries below. However, if you have any other comments, concerns, program feedback or trollish rants, please email us at scholarships@worldnomads.com.

So, without further delay, we give you the winner of the 2014 Travel Film Scholarship to Mexico


Mihir Desai and Rhea Kewalramani - Paan India

Judges comments:

I loved the intelligence, style and gentle humour/irony of this piece. Their film showcased a great integration of animation with live action shots to tell their story in an engaging and stylish way.  Rhea and Mihir are both good on camera and they were able to play off each other’s personalities to tell the story without it being all about them. I was also impressed with this film's economy, beautiful (yet unselfconscious) cinematography and use of music.

Congratulations Rhea and Mihir! You will be embarking on a 10-day adventure in San Luis Potosi, Mexico to capture the people and stories of this vibrant destination under the mentorship of Brian Rapsey!

Rhea and Mihir will also receive some awesome gear from Rode Microphones to use on assignment.


About Mihir Desai

A traveler by heart, Mihir Desai imbibes the cultures of places he visits, which reflect uniquely in his point of view as an amateur filmmaker. He firmly believes that an artist's inspiration is entirely based on life experiences and travel is the biggest of all. Mihir’s vision of the future of web video content lead him to initiate projects that helped filmmakers from around the world to collaborate. Mihir Desai is a Film & Video graduate from Columbia College Chicago, currently based out of Mumbai. His goal is to bring different cultures of the world closer with the power of filmmaking.

About Rhea Kewalramani

It took a diving trip to the Andaman Islands for Rhea to realise she wouldn't be happy behind a desk for too long. She came home, shut down her animation studio and decided to rekindle her old dream of travel filmmaking. A storyteller by passion, Rhea is currently freelancing as an animator in Mumbai while applying for a Masters in Media & Culture Studies. 

RUNNERS' UP (in no particular order)

Coleman Lowndes - Time to travel to 1864

Judges comments:

Coleman has made a beautiful piece which visually and aurally transports us into the past. His recount is straightforward and well paced. The cinematography is an exercise in capturing the tone and colours of the event.  His use of location recorded music and sound to underlay the piece heightens the sense of time travel and the atmosphere of the event.

Sadia Rao and Paraskevi (Evina) Zouganeli - Finding the Mentonnais Michael Jackson

Judges comments:

Evina’s natural presence and the beautiful Riviera backdrop make this film a lovely one to watch. It was great to see Sadia and Evina focus on one of Menton’s local characters, bringing this quirky little story to life.

Nathan Buchan and Dan Usher - Block workout

Judges comments:

These guys really made an effort to find an interesting pocket of the world – and I liked that they just got right into the workout too. They both have a great energy and with film skills to match, you just know that they could jump into any situation and find a great story.

Maria Lax and Justin Howard - Air Guitar World Championships

Judges comments:

Maria and Justin get right in the action of the Air Guitar Championships. It’s a real novel experience and one that supports peace, fun and totally uninhibited self-expression. It’s clear that these values shine through the filmmakers themselves too.

Thomas Smalley and Tess Marie MacLean - Mud Bath and Beyond

Judges comments:

I finished watching this film and I really wanted to visit Turkey! As they both Thomas and Tess featured as talent, it allowed for parallel storytelling and you really got a sense of their shared experience. You can tell they are engaged with the story and their enthusiasm comes across as very genuine.

**Note: All judges comments are by mentor Brian Rapsey.

SHORTLIST (again, in no special order)

Georgi Krastev and Stoyan Doychev - In search of eternal youth

Jay Nelson Gavarra and Katherine Evangelista - The City and the Volcano

William Suarez and Clayton Gray - Connecting Melodies 

Wendy John - Unmask Basque

Kate Petrykovets and Ganna Iaroshevych - A Night with Guy Fawkes

Jimmy Purtill - A lost highway in Kyrgzstan

Matt Maude - When you're life flashes before your eyes

Onaiza Drabu and Palak Malik - The Living Lake

Philippe Koo Tze Mew and Danny Linsner - This is Jatra

Milos Savic and Hayden Freker - A Journey To Nova Scotia

Riddell Murcia - Buskerisms

Mariha Lowe - Sea Glass 

Cecilia Reed - A Central American Adventure

Lauren Livingston - Richard

Hardik Contractor - Flower market in India 

Ashim Khanal - Faith on Santaneshwor Mahadev

Zoe McCarthy and Amélia Lopes Holme - The World in One Place: Passing Clouds

Rebecca Gill and Jayde Lovell - Marathon up a Volcano

Preston Roeschlein and Roberto Knauf - Ni De Aqui Ni De Allá

Shashidhar M and Praveen Kumar - Roadtrip to Western Ghats (chickmagalur region) 

Zaki Habibi and Marjito Iskandar Tri Gunawan - Celebrating Local Values in "5 Mountains Festival" 

About the Travel Film Scholarship

Unlike a film festival or a competition, this scholarship is not necessarily about finding the ‘best’ film, but about choosing the person or team that we think has the most potential to develop their skills and be molded through the mentorship experience; individuals who each could use this opportunity to hone their craft, refine their technique, and learn to tell a great story on camera.

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Many congrats, Mihir and Rhea! Your video was killer, have a blast down in Mexico!

Listen to this song before you go: http://youtu.be/Kahp_kmOFzQ

  colemanlowndes Oct 3, 2014 11:38 PM



  Himanshu Vora Oct 18, 2014 12:56 PM

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