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Living the Dream

Glen Eagles Hospital

INDONESIA | Thursday, 25 Aug 2011 | Views [270]

Landing in Singapore I do not feel good at all. Gobey asks if I want a wheelchair to get to where the driver and admin staff from SOS (his work) will be waiting for us. I say no as its bad enough being looked at as you look like death without ... Read more >

First stop Jakarta

INDONESIA | Wednesday, 24 Aug 2011 | Views [143]

So we are now in Jakarta and there is a driver for the hospital here waiting for us. They want me to stop here for more blood tests and all over checks before we check into the hotel and head to Singapore in the morning. I am ... Read more >

We are out of here

INDONESIA | Wednesday, 24 Aug 2011 | Views [195]

So I got out of Tembagapura hospital on Sunday afternoon with the idea that being at home resting would shift whatever it is I have. I had a drip on since Friday and antibiotics too but nothing was making any difference. So home bound to ... Read more >

Badminton – it’s a dangerous sport LOL

INDONESIA | Thursday, 18 Aug 2011 | Views [217]

So there is a spots hall and the swimming pool just up from where we live – 5 minutes’ walk. So I took it upon   myself to start a ladies badminton on a Thursday morning. 1 for me to meet others and 2 so I can finally beat Gobey (past ... Read more >

Going for GOLD !!!

INDONESIA | Saturday, 23 Jul 2011 | Views [140]

So it’s an early start to get to the pool for the Olympics and I am so nervous. I haven’t been in a swimming heat in years (poor mum only knows too well after all the travelling). I get to the pool for 0745 am only to be told that ... Read more >

Turning 25!

INDONESIA | Saturday, 16 Jul 2011 | Views [124]

I turn 25 th today – 16 th July and it takes me a minute or two just to get my head round where I am and that is my birthday here. If you had asked me if I was doing anything for my birthday 2 months ago I would have said a meal ... Read more >

Already it’s July!

INDONESIA | Monday, 11 Jul 2011 | Views [113]

Both me and Gobey can’t believe it’s July already and my birthday this Saturday (poor mum said she felt old with me turning 25).Since leaving the UK in June and flying through Singapore, Jakarta and arriving on site. It just seems like ... Read more >

What the hell was that!!!

INDONESIA | Tuesday, 5 Jul 2011 | Views [140]

So back home after a very quick 24hrs in Timika. Phill has been to work all day; I have been doing things round the house and food shopping. And we are both tired so we take an early night to bed. I can hear noises outside and Gobey tells ... Read more >

Back down the Mountain

INDONESIA | Monday, 4 Jul 2011 | Views [184]

Monday morning and it’s a 4am start for both of as we need to get to the chopper to get down the mountain to go and get our KITAS for being here (immigration/work permits). So we get picked up at 445am to go wait it out at the heliport ... Read more >

Getting there

INDONESIA | Saturday, 2 Jul 2011 | Views [127]

So the first week is over and it has just flown by. I have been making friends; Gobey has been getting minor surgery and settling into work. Poor Gobey works 6 days a week. So the only day off we get is half day Saturday and a full day ... Read more >

Photos: Gobey's Trip to Grasberg part 1

INDONESIA | Thursday, 30 Jun 2011 | Photo Gallery

day at the office
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Photos: Hidden Valley part 2

INDONESIA | Thursday, 30 Jun 2011 | Photo Gallery

Our new home
See all 20 photos >>

Photos: Hidden Valley part 1

INDONESIA | Thursday, 30 Jun 2011 | Photo Gallery

Our new home
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Up in the Clouds

INDONESIA | Thursday, 30 Jun 2011 | Views [283]

Today Gobey had to get up a little earlier as he is going to Grasberg to visit the clinics at mile 74 and Grasberg. So all packed with a camera, tea flask and lunch he is off. I spend my day at the gym and trying to get my kitchen sorted into some sort ... Read more >

Photos: Gobey's Trip to Grasberg part 2

INDONESIA | Thursday, 30 Jun 2011 | Photo Gallery

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Getting into it

INDONESIA | Tuesday, 28 Jun 2011 | Views [186]

Day 2 already and more unpacking to do and I want to take a walk down the mountain to meet Gobey for lunch and go to the shop. There is 1 food store, department store, hair dressers, post office, chemist, cafe and 2 banks. That’s your lot. Anything ... Read more >

First Day

INDONESIA | Monday, 27 Jun 2011 | Views [233]

So alarm goes off at 6am – and for a few seconds I can’t think where we are. Is it home, Singapore, Jakarta? Nope we are here at Hidden Valley, Tembagapura. Getting Gobey out of bed was so hard, snooze button was over used for the first day. But ... Read more >

Are we there yet??

INDONESIA | Sunday, 26 Jun 2011 | Views [135]

So it was a night flight with 2 stops, and yes and the second longest stop Gobey was off the plane to have a fag. Only in Asia can you get off the plane to stretch your legs and have a fag. I on the other hand didn’t get off but stood on the plane watching ... Read more >

Not a good look :-(

INDONESIA | Saturday, 25 Jun 2011 | Views [162]

So Saturday morning and we should have been hitting another mall for shopping but after the night before, I am worse for wear. We over slept, missed breakfast and running late for the driver. And just as I couldn’t think my morning couldn’t get ... Read more >

Glad rags on and we are ready to go......

INDONESIA | Friday, 24 Jun 2011 | Views [277]

In the taxi and we are heading to Amigos to meet IWayan (Gobey’s friend) for tea and a few drinks. To start the night off I had a large margarita, followed by our tea which was lovely and then another large margarita (I can say now that I can just ... Read more >

Jakarta - Day 2

INDONESIA | Friday, 24 Jun 2011 | Views [241]

So it’s day 2 in Jakarta and it’s time to get going. We head down for breakfast – what a spread!! The hotel has everything for breakfast from fruit, full cooked breakfast to rice and noodles. (BUT NO PORK SAUSAGES TO BE SEEN ANYWHERE) Driver from ... Read more >

Jakarta - Day 1

INDONESIA | Thursday, 23 Jun 2011 | Views [270]

WOW, we have just landed in Jakarta International Airport ( Soekarno-Hatta) and it couldn’t come soon enough. What a flight!!!!! The Journey from Singapore to Jakarta is only about 90 minutes, but this flight felt like a life time. The turbulences ... Read more >

Could only happen to us!!

SINGAPORE | Wednesday, 22 Jun 2011 | Views [352]

We collected the passports, checked out and head back to the airport to collect our bags we left and go look for the bag that didn’t leave the UK yesterday, before we get the next flight out to Jakarta. Gobey goes to see if the bag has arrived.... Read more >

Singapore Dream

SINGAPORE | Wednesday, 22 Jun 2011 | Views [296]

2am – and we are both wide awake in the hotel (we were staying at   the Grand Pacific Hotel http://www.hotelgrandpacific.com.sg was very nice if you fancy a stopover) Gobey is feeling peckish and I am too. So we get dressed and go head for ... Read more >

Bright Singapore

SINGAPORE | Tuesday, 21 Jun 2011 | Views [259]

So here we are, Singapore. After the 13 hr flight (most of which was sleeping) we are here. Quick smoke break for Gobey before we head to collect the bags. Through customs and baggage collection here we are. 30 minutes later we are still missing ... Read more >

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