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Living the Dream

Heading Back

INDONESIA | Tuesday, 10 Jan 2012 | Views [227]

Well that’s 4 weeks gone and it’s time to start the long haul back to site. We start with a very tearful goodbye to mum (she didn’t even come to the airport this time). We check in on our BMI flight to London and get told we need to collect ... Read more >


UNITED KINGDOM | Saturday, 31 Dec 2011 | Views [224]

Well new dresses bought for me and Leah, new shirt for Gobey and we look very dapper the 3 of us. We are due to the hotel about 7pm for arrival drinks, but as we are unsure if Leah can come we have booked a room in the hotel for her to ... Read more >

Christmas Day

UNITED KINGDOM | Sunday, 25 Dec 2011 | Views [173]

Well not a super early start for Xmas day, which is strange for a 7year not to be bouncing from the bedroom at 6am. So Gobey and I am up and laying in bed waiting for her to bounce through the door, by 8am we head to her bedroom to see ... Read more >

Aberdeen bound

UNITED KINGDOM | Monday, 19 Dec 2011 | Views [119]

Aberdeen bound and this is the last stop for the Xmas holiday and we are all excited. Samantha bought a car from Blackpool so I get the very cool job of driving this roller boot back to Aberdeen with Leah right next to me. Only Leah could ... Read more >

Last minute shopping = bad idea

UNITED KINGDOM | Saturday, 17 Dec 2011 | Views [131]

Never will I ever take a man who hates shopping, a 7year who only wants to find the stuff she wants into town the weekend before Xmas. I would have been better going in myself. All I hear for most of the morning is ‘are we finished yet?’.... Read more >


UNITED KINGDOM | Friday, 16 Dec 2011 | Views [108]

So it’s an early start to get up, dressed and on the road to go see Gobey’s Uncle who lives on the other side of Gloucester to talk about the service for the wedding, then it’s on the road we go to Blackpool. We arrive at Ian’s house and he is very ... Read more >

It’s cold here, but still very exciting

INDONESIA | Thursday, 15 Dec 2011 | Views [205]

We landed at the nice hour of 6am and it takes almost 45mins to get off the plane and get to our bags. And WOW was it cold. Both Gobey and me couldn’t get our jackets on quick enough. We went from 33C in Timika to 32C in Bali to a brisk ... Read more >

Poorly Poorly Kingy

INDONESIA | Thursday, 15 Dec 2011 | Views [169]

No that was not a passing 1 hour bug. That was a 14 hour flight of pure torture. I have S&D for the whole flight. I couldn’t sleep I was so sick. I have a sore back because I have been so sick. There was no spare seats for me to lay down and try ... Read more >

3 Flights and we are in the home land

INDONESIA | Wednesday, 14 Dec 2011 | Views [192]

First flight down (Timika to Bail) and we now have 5 hours to fill in before the next flight to Singapore. So with that Dewa the driver I use in Bali has picked us up and is taking us to a few stores, grab some food and back to the airport before the ... Read more >

First Flight down

INDONESIA | Tuesday, 13 Dec 2011 | Views [182]

We are down in the Rimba and its hot!! We get sorted out in the room and head to the pool side to get our sun on. Not much point missing out on a last minute super tan before we hit the cold in the UK. Now I have done the sitting ... Read more >

Time to head home

INDONESIA | Monday, 12 Dec 2011 | Views [131]

Well it’s been 6 and a half months since we were in the UK and it’s not far off till we land back there. All our seats are confirmed (oh and for the longest flight we aren’t even sitting together) hire car is all confirmed and paid for, collecting at ... Read more >

Photos: Halloween 2011

INDONESIA | Monday, 31 Oct 2011 | Photo Gallery

Halloween on the mountain
See all 40 photos >>

Head above the rest

INDONESIA | Monday, 24 Oct 2011 | Views [135]

Normal day – get up with Gobey, breakfast done and me ready for the gym. Gobey off to work and me off to the gym. Seems a very normal day, till Gobey calls and tells me he has had minor surgery on his head. Now let me start at ... Read more >

First Class flight

INDONESIA | Wednesday, 19 Oct 2011 | Views [107]

So all bags are packed to the best I can do, and Dewa is picking me up from the villa to take me to the airport for the 2.15am flight back to Timika (with a pit stop at Jayapura). I want to push my luck to try and get everything ... Read more >

Going nowhere

INDONESIA | Tuesday, 18 Oct 2011 | Views [153]

So Gobey has the good news for me today that there is no flight today but I can get home on the Garuda flight on Wednesday early morning at 2.12am and get up the mountain first thing when I land (after a quick stop to the other side of ... Read more >

Very swish

INDONESIA | Monday, 17 Oct 2011 | Views [286]

Gobey does know how to find good hotels (or just very lucky – not sure which one it is yet). So first thing this morning I say my goodbyes to Diane, Chandra and Dustin. They are all going on to Singapore and Australia. Me on the other, ... Read more >

Stuck in Bali

INDONESIA | Sunday, 16 Oct 2011 | Views [154]

So my flight back to Timika was due to leave Bali on 16 th at 11pm, but due to strikes that have been taking place on the mountain between union works and non union works all flights into Timika have been cancelled. Part luck for ... Read more >

Holiday time for me

INDONESIA | Thursday, 6 Oct 2011 | Views [152]

I do really have a good husband. My lovely husband has treated me to a week’s rest in Bali. Flying down with Chandra today to have 2 nights in the Rimba before we fly out to Bali. Arriving in Bali we have a full schedule were me and Chandra ... Read more >

Bling for sale on the mountain

INDONESIA | Wednesday, 28 Sep 2011 | Views [149]

My first trip outside the house on my own and how lucky am I, jewellery for sale on the top of a mountain. Had to beg Gobey to be allowed to leave which came with rules – “You will be picked up by me at 11.30am and be taken home where you will rest ... Read more >

Home but house bound

INDONESIA | Wednesday, 7 Sep 2011 | Views [121]

So house bound. That’s my life for the next 4 weeks according to Gobey, mum and the doctors. Not allowed on the bus to get down the hill to the store in case I take a turn for the worse and can’t get off. So the sofa is my friend for the next few weeks.... Read more >

Ready, Set, Fly

SINGAPORE | Tuesday, 6 Sep 2011 | Views [177]

Up early, Starbucks for breakfast and we are off to see the doctor for a final check and the all clear to fly. All clear from the doctor and now off to see Gobey’s work as they want to see how I am and check how Gobey is getting on in his new role ... Read more >

From Hospital bed to Hotel bed

SINGAPORE | Monday, 5 Sep 2011 | Views [204]

Well I have to say, staying in a hotel bed after 10days in a hospital bed is so much nicer and having Gobey with me does make it better. But seen as I am bed ridden to the hotel we get to do nothing but sleep. So Gobey is in heaven. He ... Read more >

Up, About and Out of Here

INDONESIA | Sunday, 4 Sep 2011 | Views [172]

I am sitting up and eating breakfast for the second day running. And as soon as Gobey gets here I am wanting to shower to get dressed. Get the all clear from the doctor and I am out of here. Doctor tells me I can get out today ... Read more >

Friday, pizza and possibly getting out

SINGAPORE | Saturday, 3 Sep 2011 | Views [242]

Being feed by your mum for 8 days straight and it only been sandwiches , chicken or fish gets a little boring and being stuck in a bed, that has to pushed to the toilet door for you. While you’re mum sits outside and counts to 60 as you ... Read more >

A Lumbar puncture aint too bad

SINGAPORE | Friday, 26 Aug 2011 | Views [247]

Either the doctor is weird and finds today his highlight or he wants to get me out of here quick as 8am him and the nurse are in and ready to do the lumbar. All curled like a ball on the bed and I am ready. Anaesthetic injections ... Read more >

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