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Trip: Europe 2008

There are [22] stories from my trip: Europe 2008

Ticket to Ride

FRANCE | Saturday, 7 Jun 2008 | Views [427] | Comments [3]

Our last day in Paris was great!!   We got up and enjoyed breakfast at our hotel.  Then we went to see the Arch de Triumph.  It was a cold day and supposed to rain, but we were lucky and the rain held off.  We headed to Roland Garros and the plan was ... Read more >

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The Da Vinci Code

FRANCE | Thursday, 5 Jun 2008 | Views [523] | Comments [5]

We made it to Paris on our overnight train.  Not too eventful.  We didnùt leave until 21:00 so it was basically bedtime by the time we got going.   we arrived in Paris and hit the ground running.  We have become a well oiled traveling machine!   First ... Read more >

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Just another day on the road

SPAIN | Wednesday, 4 Jun 2008 | Views [457] | Comments [3]

I went back to the hostel and got dressed and packed up.  The boys were all up and finishing getting ready to go.  We went to the market and everyone enjoyed it.  It is called La Boqueria.  Everyone enjoyed it.  We had fresh fruit and even bought a few ... Read more >

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Fresh, Fresh, Fresh

SPAIN | Wednesday, 4 Jun 2008 | Views [422] | Comments [1]

Thanks again to the Bobos!!  Dinner was indeed the best we have had since we have been gone.  We went to Con Sole and everyone had a blast!  I ordered Sole and she said, we only have 2 left.  4 of us had planned on ordering it, but the other 2 got an ... Read more >

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Cerveza, Beer, Cola, hash?

SPAIN | Tuesday, 3 Jun 2008 | Views [711] | Comments [16]

Tuesday, June 3.  We woke up in Spain.  Everyone was glad to be here!  We gt off the train and tried to find Kabul Hostel.  i had been reccommended that highly by some other travelers.  . . well, we didn´t find it.  So, we ended up in the Hostel Europa.... Read more >

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Mycolesh?? It is a Question

SPAIN | Monday, 2 Jun 2008 | Views [353]

Monday, June 2.  I got up and went to the train station at 08:00 and talked to someone at the Eurail counter. . . surprise, surprise, there are seats on the trains from Zurich to Barcelona and Barcelona to Paris. . . so I said, I will take them.   Who ... Read more >

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Clean Up Your Own Backyard

GERMANY | Sunday, 1 Jun 2008 | Views [459]

Sunday, June 1.  Powerful, overwhelming, grief, sad, hope, awesome, amazing, breathtaking, sombering, unbelievable. . . just a few words that I heard our group use to describe Dachau and none of them do it justice.  I wish I had the pictures to put up, ... Read more >

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GERMANY | Sunday, 1 Jun 2008 | Views [494] | Comments [10]

    Good Morning from Munchen!  We have loved Germany and everyone is so glad we came.  We got here late Saturday night.  Found this hostel, A&O and are very pleased.  Taylor is rooming with 5 of us in a 6 person room and the other 5 are in the room ... Read more >

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Taylors Perspective On The Night

SWITZERLAND | Saturday, 31 May 2008 | Views [532] | Comments [11]

Hey this is Taylor. I only got 2 hours of sleep last night.  I fell asleep at 12 and at 2 these 3 guys walked in very drunk. one of them was sleeping on the top of the bunk i was sleeping in.  at about 2 30 he fell out of the bed and onto the floor right ... Read more >

Tags: interlaken

Booty Juice

SWITZERLAND | Saturday, 31 May 2008 | Views [913] | Comments [2]

It is about 14:00 here in Interlaken and we are taking a 16:00 train to Zurich and then a transfer to Munich.  We have heard great things about the town and cannot wait. . . looks like the brewhouse Turner's Dad mentioned, yes, we had heard of it, the ... Read more >

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SWITZERLAND | Friday, 30 May 2008 | Views [600] | Comments [9]

So, today we all got up and paid for our rooms for last night and tonight and then had breakfast.   Breakfast is included in our rooms and is a choice of (1) a roll, toast, and OJ, or (2) muselix, a piece of fruit and OJ.  You can also order hot breakfast, ... Read more >

Tags: interlaken

Ole Miss Fight Song

SWITZERLAND | Friday, 30 May 2008 | Views [1129] | Comments [1]

Well, before I get back to telling you what all we have been doing, let me say thanks for the comments.  we love reading them.  This article or story will update you on our day yesterdaz and then I will do another for today.  So, yesterday we got up ... Read more >

Tags: florence; milan; interlaken

Just a Quick Update

SWITZERLAND | Friday, 30 May 2008 | Views [489] | Comments [5]

Just a quick update.  we are in interlaken and going to the top of europe.  The picture didn't load--sorry for the tease.  We should be back at Balmers by 5 and so i will have plenty of time to update our day yesterdaz and load pictures. . . sorrz for ... Read more >

Billy Williams, bre

ITALY | Wednesday, 28 May 2008 | Views [758] | Comments [16]

Today has been one of our most blessed days.  We are in Florence and staying at the nicest "hostel" I have ever stayed in!!!  It more than makes up for the character that the 2 Ducks had!  I do have to admit, we found bugs in one personàs bed ... Read more >

Tags: florence; roma

Rome Sherrod

USA | Tuesday, 27 May 2008 | Views [642] | Comments [9]

Just a few updates. . . Last night we were getting money in front of the vatican at a museum.  Well, Bernie, chatted up the boys for a while.  i was getting money and didn't join in.  Apparently, he was the ambassador to the vatican from india.  or a ... Read more >

Tags: roma

I Always Finish Strong

ITALY | Tuesday, 27 May 2008 | Views [715] | Comments [6]

Today is Tuesday, the 27th of May.  We had another glorious day in Roma!!  We slept in a little and then headed straight to the Colliseum.  When we got off at the Metro stop, all the boys just gasped in awe at the Colliseum as they should.  It is seriously ... Read more >

Tags: roma

Four Miles as the Crow Flies

ITALY | Tuesday, 27 May 2008 | Views [502] | Comments [4]

So, last night at 23:00 when we were ready to go home, we headed to the Metro, Ottaviano stop, to head back to the hostel.  And it was closed!!  Oh yes.  So, I said, we walk or can maybe figure out the bus situation. . . so someone said, let's just walk.... Read more >

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Phillipians 4:13

CZECH REPUBLIC | Sunday, 25 May 2008 | Views [573] | Comments [10]

So, we went to dinner at Bar Bar last night in Marla Strana.  A nice walk from our apartments.  Not too far.  We loved Bar Bar. it was a cool restaurant in this cellar. We had a large table and wonderful conversation to go with our yummy meal.  Lane ... Read more >

Tags: praha

A Large Fresh Juice Please

CZECH REPUBLIC | Saturday, 24 May 2008 | Views [489] | Comments [8]

Well, we made it!  We had a good flight to Atlanta.  Hit Moe's on the way to our departure gate and had a great time fillng up on some good old Moe's!!  Well, half of us.  Just remembered that the other half went to Popeye's where they saw Evander Holyfield!!  ... Read more >

Tags: praha

Time Creeps By

USA | Tuesday, 20 May 2008 | Views [265] | Comments [1]

In less than 72 hours, we will be in the air and on our way!!  Yet time is creeping by!  Can it go any slower?  And why does it go so fast once the trip has started?  Am I in some sort of twisted time warp? I just finished printing out the confirmation ... Read more >

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