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Cerveza, Beer, Cola, hash?

SPAIN | Tuesday, 3 June 2008 | Views [690] | Comments [16]

Beach day!!

Beach day!!

Tuesday, June 3.  We woke up in Spain.  Everyone was glad to be here!  We gt off the train and tried to find Kabul Hostel.  i had been reccommended that highly by some other travelers.  . . well, we didn´t find it.  So, we ended up in the Hostel Europa.  Great location, but the rooms are not much to write home about and shower is down the hall.  We have 4 rooms and so it is interesting. . . Probably close to the 2 ducks, maybe even a little worse, but we are all in rooms with just each other and it is just for 1 night.  We are right off the Ramblas and by a metro station so that is nice!

We got checked in and then put on bathing suits. . . yes, the nice new ones, and headed out.  We went to eat lunch, wandered through the city twoards the beach and then enjoyed a few hours at the beach and the Mediterranian Sea.  It was pretty cool.  There were a lot of Indians selling henna tattoos, messages, and beer.  Or also aparently dope.  I could not get over how many "beer" guys also offered us hash.   We quit keeping count after the 50th person solicited us!

It started raining so we left the beach and stopped for food again and then it was off to the FCBarcelona.  It was pretty impressive!!!  We toured the museum and the stadium.  The stadium holds 98,000 and was HUGE.  We all agreed it was pretty cool and then enjoyed shopping in the megastore afterwards.  After that we have taken the metro back to our hostel and the boys are showering while i update this.  I have last shower.  Tonight we are going out for Lane´s Birthday part 2.  Thanks to Leslie and Joel for treating us to dinner!!!  Everyone is really excited and discussing what desserts they may order!!

Tomorrow we plan on going to this park here and of course Sangria Familia.  Then probably to the beac again.  We leave tomorrow night at 19:30 for an overnight to Paris.  No one can believe how quickly the days are flying buy!  What an awesome trip.

Okay, I have to go and get in the shower so we can go eat.  it is 20:17 here so dinner will be on Spanish time!   Hopefully I can find an internet with USB tomorrow maybe or in Paris.

Bueno Noches!

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wow! yall have been busy. I bet swimming in the Med. was fun! Lane's having another birthday celebration? Happy Birthday again Lane! haha.. Everything sounds so cool, have fun in your next adventure!

  Rivers Jun 4, 2008 4:35 AM


WOW!!!! You all got offered hash. OMG that is because it is legal in Spain to do it. HAHAHA it should not be this exciting to you that you got offered beer and hash together, because usually in Spain they go side by side. I just stumbled upon your blog and you need to let those boys smoke the hash.

  Mary Jun 4, 2008 5:21 AM


Happy late birthday Lane! Yall's trip just keeps getting better and better. Here's some info that i found out today: Pistons got rid of Flip which is a good move in my opinion, Sumner i think you'll agree. Hope these last few days are great!

  Massey Jun 4, 2008 5:34 AM


Alleen: so so glad for the new updates and I really hope you got a shower. Can't imagine there being any hot water left after l0 boys shower.... We were sad (for the boys) that birthday celebration #1 was cafeteria style so thrilled that we get another opportunity to celebrate you and all of the boys and the trip and Lane's birthday. I really don't see how a birthday gets any better than this so we hope ya'll had a great meal and night. Cheers and love, Leslie

  leslie Jun 4, 2008 7:21 AM


who is mary ?

  randy abraham Jun 4, 2008 8:20 AM


I was wondering the same thing! Talked to David a little while ago and they were getting on the subway after having eaten for Lane's birthday -- said it was the best meal he had had since being over there -- THANKS Leslie & Joel!!

  wyeth Luter Jun 4, 2008 9:14 AM


Thanks, Leslie and Joel! And Happy Birthday to Lane - it's got to be one you'll never forget! We love your updates, Alleen, and we appreciate your good guidance with these boys (don't let Mary talk you into the hash. . . ).

  Mary Scott Shepherd Jun 4, 2008 9:28 AM


It sounds like the world's greatest aunt is a terrific tour guide! I can't wait to hear all about the trip when you come to Oxford.

  Dianne Whitfield Jun 4, 2008 9:53 AM


You have just got to, GOT TO, go to the cathedral building that is STILL under construction that was designed by Gaudi!!! It is the strangest thing you will EVER see!!

  Tommy Shepherd Jun 4, 2008 10:53 AM


I wonder if "Mary" stumbled upon your blog because she was smoking hash! Maybe she's related to Taylor's drunk friend. I can't believe you're showering so often now. Happy Birthday Lane. Alleen, I hope you took more swimsuit pictures. I am quite certain that FCBarcelona was impressive. Hope you bought many soccer souvenirs. Toodles....

  Helen Jun 4, 2008 12:15 PM


Happy,Happy Birthday, Lane! I know Alex enjoyed the wonderful meal! What a memorable birthday! Keep having fun!
Love, The Hoods

  Paula Jun 4, 2008 1:04 PM


Lane...Happy Birthday! Glad you stretched it out to two days of celebrating. Thanks to the Bobos for a nice dinner, we know the boys all enjoyed that! Sounds like yall are doing great and making some memories. We can't wait to hear details and see your pictures. We will have to have a party when yall get home!

  Melissa Jun 4, 2008 1:15 PM


As they say, what goes on in Europe, stays in Europe. I have a suggestion to Patterson and David, the swin suits need to stay in Europe too. Lane, glad you had two birthdays. We look forward to celebrating number 3 with you when you get back. I am sure we can't sompete with German beer, but a turkey sandwich and G2 will have to suffice. Take care and can't wait to see you Saturday. I have pulled the Celtics through this far, you have to help with the finals.

  Joel Jun 4, 2008 2:42 PM


amen on so many of those comments....esp hash...swimsuits...and Celtics...yall might have to reunion for Lane's bday next year!! and the parents will take Alleen and the Bobos out! Home will be boring after all of this, so soak up these last few days and later yall can make the most of the memories!! Kelley

  Kelley Fenelon Jun 5, 2008 2:31 AM


Happy Birthday Lane....and Bob you have plenty of money in account. Should be fine until the end of trip. Look for Maria Sharapova - I think she is exactly 6'4", should be easy to spot .Cant wait to see yall. Mom

  Janet House Jun 5, 2008 11:52 AM


Somebody should've warned me before I subjected my vision to Patterson's swimsuit... I guess when in Rome (or Spain in this case) you must try to blend with the natives...

  Bobby Gross Jun 6, 2008 4:20 AM

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