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Mycolesh?? It is a Question

SPAIN | Monday, 2 June 2008 | Views [342]



Monday, June 2.  I got up and went to the train station at 08:00 and talked to someone at the Eurail counter. . . surprise, surprise, there are seats on the trains from Zurich to Barcelona and Barcelona to Paris. . . so I said, I will take them.   Who knows what the people the day before were telling me???  Again, Germany is frustrating!!!

So, I went back to the hostel, gave the quick update on here and then woke everyone up to start getting ready.  We had a train from Munchen at 12:34 and arrive in Zurich around 16:54?  and then 19:27 to Barcelona to arrive hte next day at 09:00.  Everyone was THRILLED that the plans had worked out.  We all got showered pretty quickly becuase it was probably 09:00 when I got back and checkout was 10:00.  We managed to all be in the lobby, showered, and ready to go by 10:15.  NEedless to say, our rooms and bathrooms were trashed, but we just headed out the door and to the train station.  We had about 2 hours to hang out and get food etc and then we got on the train.  We are a finely oiled machine by this point.  Taylor and I are in a mean game of spades with Alex and Sumner and there is also an ongoing game of Phase 10 that appears to be quite spirited at times.  We also end up journaling, reading, listenig to music or napping. 

We made it to Zurich and took a break, got some good food at the train station believe it or not and then boarded the train for our 1st overnight to Barcelona!!  We were getting on when this lady that works for the train came up and kept saying. . . "Mycolesh is here?" or something like that.  And we all just said, what??  And she said it again and asked if we spoke english. . . we said we did and still didn´t understand her.  And then she said it again and informed us it was a question?  I think she was trying to ask is that was our couchette?  But we never knew for sure, but it entertained us all night t discuss the mycolesh lady!  We had 3 couchettes.  me, bob, martin and lane in one.  sumner, david, patterson, and turner in another.  ghandi, alex and taylor in another with this poor old man. . . who ended up moving to anoher car.  cannot say i blame him.  i wouldn´t want to sleep among all of us!  But I think we all enjoyed our first overnight.  we slept well and it certainly made a 14 hour train ride seem like only 2.  pretty good.  Cannot think of anything else eventful that happened on the train ride. . . we were just so pleased to be going to Barcelona!!

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