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I Always Finish Strong

ITALY | Tuesday, 27 May 2008 | Views [693] | Comments [6]

Aunt of the year and her nephew that started this trip!!

Aunt of the year and her nephew that started this trip!!

Today is Tuesday, the 27th of May.  We had another glorious day in Roma!!  We slept in a little and then headed straight to the Colliseum.  When we got off at the Metro stop, all the boys just gasped in awe at the Colliseum as they should.  It is seriously impressive!!!   So, we went in and decided that the Roma Pass was worth its weight in gold.  We had to get through security and then it was  LONG, LONG, LONG, line for buying tickets, but those of us with Roma Pass, just went straight to the entrance.  . . it was like a Fast Pass at Disney!  The Colliseum was incredible.   We loved it and the boys were excited to be seeing a town they knew more about.  We toured around and took pictures.  They have been great about getting a photo of all 10 boys at all major stops. . . and their candids are fantastic!  And we've had the video camera every day. . .everyone is taking turns filming. . . this will be the most well documented trip in history!

After the Colliseum we went to the Roman Forum and saw where Julius Ceaser was burned after his asassination. . . impressive and then walked through and went to the Circus Maximus where they used to hold charriot races. . . well, we cannot go there and not have someone run the course!  I Would have, but I am dressed in a cute travel dress and chocos, not running attire.  So, DAvid, Turner and Lane all ran a lap. . . we donàt know how far it was, but I am guessing half a mile??  David finished first in under 4 mintues. . . closer to 3.  He is fast!!  And then Lane and Turner were there together, Lane in front when Turner turned on the heat and blasted past him for a strong finish!!!  As we were discussing it afterward, Turner commented, "I always finish strong!"  HE is always good for a great quote!!  Martin did a little play by play for the video as we videoed the race and it was excellent. . . especially the part about Bill Luter being a big sponsor of the booster club!!  I am telling you, these boys have kept me laughing for days!!!

AFter the Circus, we took the Metro to the Vatican stop, ottaviano, and got out and found a pizza place.  We?ve had a lot of pizza and pasta (not just in italy, but everywhere).  it is staple backpacker food.  But the best weàve had was the quattro formagi in Praha at the Blue Garden.  I've had that pizza probably every day and the majority agrees that it was best in praha.. .  but i digress.

After lunch, we hit the Vatican and went in St. Peteràs Basillica.  I know that you cannot go in with uncovered shoulders, but forgot and had to borrow Bobs fleece to put over my shoulders to go in.  the boys arenàt supposed to have shorts above the knees, but they did and Sumner and a few others even got escorted out at one point.  But they just pulled the shorts down (cannot tell with the shirt untucked) and so it was to the knees and then came back in.  St. Peter's was amazing the boys loved it!!  We were going to the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel, but it was closing in an hour and I knew that wasnàt enough time.  so, I decided weàd do that tomorrow and so we headed up the duomo to the top of the dome on St. peteràs.  It was awesome!  without hte elevator option, it is 551 steps to the top. with the elevator, it is 323.  we did half and half.  half did the steps, half did the elevator.  Climbing up you feel the dome curving in and it is like walking in willy wonkaàs house when it gets smaller and smaller, etc.  crazy!  But the views from the top are worth it!!!  Truly breathtaking.  So, then we headed back down and realzied that 4 never made it up.  Turns out Turner, Ghandi, Lane and MArtin never found the 2nd entrance tht takes you up to the outside of hte dome.  You climb up or take the elevator to the NAve, which gives you the birds eye view inside the cathedral, but then you have to climb 323 more to get up to the top. 

After St. Peteràs we went to Castel Sant Angelo.  There to the top is about 400 steps. . . so we have all done 1000s of steps today!!!  As we were climbing the stairs out of the metro, I heard, "I am so tired of steps!!"  But I warned them it was a LOT of walking.  Right now they are resting in the room and I found this internet jsut at the end of our street. Plan is to find Cul de Sac and eat lasagna tonight.  Hopefully we can find it.  Tomorrow we hope to do the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel and if time permits, see the Parthenon before heading to Florence for the night.  My job for tonight is to figure out the train situation to Florence and decide when we will go.

Everyone is doing great!!  We are having a blast.  I am not sure when I have had better travelling companions.  Everyone is so interesting and so funny and so different.  I have really enjoyed getting to know them all better.  What a treat for me!  And Europe has been awesome.  I think they are appreciating the trip and enjoying it at the same time. 

Oh, and weàve run into several mississippians. . . Crazy!  One group we saw at the Colliseum.  Then we saw part of that same group at the Roman Forum.  They are from Greenwood.  Laney Sturdivant (?) I think was her name.  Anyway, it is girls with a few moms.  They did a 10 day tour London, Paris, Rome, Sicilly_  They said paris wasnàt so hot which is njice.  it is burnign up hot in rome!

Okay, got to get back and see what the dinner plans are or if theyàve changed while i was gone.  Thanks for following along.  We love the comments and I forward the sentiments on to the boys.

Until Flroence, ciao!

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I was complaining only this morning that there were no new posts. So glad you are all having fun and losing weight. I plan on attending the movie review of the trip. I can bring my own popcorn. David must use some chariots of fire music or ben hur during the Rome portion. 11 people and 1 bath--sort of like camp. Do you feel like that Smurf girl--it was one girl and all those little blue men! Carry on and travel safely.

  Helen May 28, 2008 4:14 AM


Sounds lke you are going from good to better to best....yall will soon run out of adjectives! So glad to hear that they are showering at all.... with the no shave rule I was a little nervous that that would lead to no showers or at least a kind..." oh, don't worry about me, you go ahead and I will wait and shower at the next stop!" I am sure those guys are turning a few girls' heads...Mississippi and otherwise! Alleen, you need to walk in the middle of the pack 'cause that pretty red curly hair is gonna attract a few pinchers if you are not careful!! Blessings...Kelley

  Kelley Fenelon May 28, 2008 5:27 AM


I surely am glad we made the trip to buy that sleeping bag liner, aren't you, Martin?!! Sounds like you're definitely all walking and climbing off all that good food you're eating - makes me hungry hearing about your meals! The heat and humidity have hit us hard here in Mississippi too, so you don't have anything on us. Everyone's asking about you all, and saying what a trooper Alleen is, and we wholeheartedly agree. Karan York said she's reading your blog. Love to you all. Mary Scott

  Mary Scott Shepherd May 28, 2008 7:06 AM


I didn't think anyone in the world had more hair than you until I see that mop on top of sumner. Sounds like y'all are having a blast. And having a "cute dress" on is no excuse for not running against the boys at the circus maximus!!

  john May 28, 2008 11:07 PM


oh yeah, me, sumner and taylor can do some hair!! taylor is going to fro his up soon. . .then you will see some hair. . and having a cute dress on is a fabuloous reason not to run. . that and we have walked more than 500 miles a day.

  alleen May 29, 2008 7:06 AM


alleen i agree... i ran in a dress once.. it wasnt pretty.. hahaha

  raindropsonroses May 31, 2008 12:47 AM

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