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Four Miles as the Crow Flies

ITALY | Tuesday, 27 May 2008 | Views [478] | Comments [4]

Throwing the frisbee at the Panthenon

Throwing the frisbee at the Panthenon

So, last night at 23:00 when we were ready to go home, we headed to the Metro, Ottaviano stop, to head back to the hostel.  And it was closed!!  Oh yes.  So, I said, we walk or can maybe figure out the bus situation. . . so someone said, let's just walk.  I got the map out and said, if we walk, it is only on informed consent to do so.  Here is where we are on the map. . . and here is the hostel!  Turner's reply was, "That's four miles as the crow flies!"  HA!  so we decided to figure out the bus and headed home.  Needless to say, our adventures continue!  But, alas, let me back up and bring you up to date chronologically.

Yesterday (Monday) we got up and were all downstairs and ready at 09:50 for our van.  We got our ride to the airport and checked in and had about half an hour to kill so we split up and ate, hung out, etc.  i checked out hostels on the internet.  I found the Two Ducks Hostel and tried to book online, but couldnàt. So, I wrote down the directions on how to walk there from the train station.  We flew to Rome and landed uneventfully and got our luggage all fine.  NExt we found the train station in the airport and I bought us all tickets to get to Termini in Roma (main train station) where I had directions to walk to the hostel.  By the time we get to Romaàs train station, it is 15:30 or 16:00 and HOT outside.  So, with our backpacks, we take off walking and the boys got a real taste of backpacking! as we were lost because the directions were wrong!!  we were supposed to go right and directions said left. . . oh well.  we finally asked in a hotel and got hte right answer.  we made it to 2 ducks hostel, which is down an alley behind just a random brown door.  I buzzed up and told them we were inquiring about beds and got buzzed up to the 5th floor.  the boys all waited downstairs.  They did indeed have rooms and said we could have them for 24 Euro a night and that included breakfast.  He showed me the rooms first before we agreed to pay and I thought it was a sweet deal!  You go into this apartment type place and there are 4 rooms.  To the right is 2 bedrooms with just 4 beds a piece and a closet type armoire.  on the left is one room with four beds and then a kitchen and bathroom.  We have just one shower. . . so that is interesting!  But we are making do.  Those boys donàt mind sharing and I just make rom for myself when needed.  So, it has worked so far.  I am feeling like they are fast getting used to me and if not already, soon, Iàll just be one of the guys!

So, after checking in and changing into shorts, etc. we headed out.  We went to the train station and I bought the Roma Pass.  20 Euro and best thing we've bought yet.  it coveres 3 days of transport on the metro and buses, which we have greatly used.  And it is supposed to cover 2 entries to the museums or sites that are on the package and then discounts at any after that.  But we've used it at 3 things. . . Colliseum, Forum, and Castle Sant Angelo.  so, we are pumped!  Vatican Museum won't take it.  So, we head out on the Metro and go to Spagna stop and see the Spanish Steps and the Sinking Boat Fountain.  Then off to Trevi Fountain.  Everyone threw their coin in to assure a return to Roma.  Then we walked to Piazza Novana and looked around and ate outside on the Piazza.  After that we walked to the bridge in front of Castle Sant Angelo and got some great night time pics of the Vatican and the Castle and then finally at 23:00 we walked to the Metro, where it was closed!!

And as you already know, we decided to take the bus home. . . so, Bus home we did and then everyone took showers or half of us did and we all finally went to sleep. most have utilized the travel sheets, which we needed to probably.  It is no airconditioning and so we had the windows open and it was loud!!  But we all slept pretty well and even slept in this morning.  Needless to say, that whole story is why we didn't blog yesterday.  Too Busy enjoying Roma and hitting the city!!  I think the boys enjoyed the first day in Roma and a little taste of what backpacking around is really like!

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I looked up 2 ducks hostel on the computer, and I definitely would have been happy to have the travel sheets...Sounds like yall are doing great! Hello to all the boys, and again, be safe and have fun.

  Melissa May 28, 2008 5:35 AM


Mrs. Abraham, we are all perfectly fine in the Two Ducks Hotstel. Roughing it in Europe is the way to go! Screw the travel sheets. haha

  Taylor (from Rome) May 28, 2008 7:33 AM


ok...why is Patterson throwing a FRISBEE there.....won't that upset some Roman god......

  Kelley Fenelon May 28, 2008 9:48 AM


european hostels are adventures in and of themselves. you can't do europe w/o the hostels!!!!

  wes ingram May 28, 2008 11:14 AM

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