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Rome Sherrod

USA | Tuesday, 27 May 2008 | Views [611] | Comments [9]

Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain

Just a few updates. . . Last night we were getting money in front of the vatican at a museum.  Well, Bernie, chatted up the boys for a while.  i was getting money and didn't join in.  Apparently, he was the ambassador to the vatican from india.  or a liason. . . I donàt know.  he had been a professor in the states at several universities and had lots of advice for the boys!!  We've laughed and laughed at Bernie and his advice. 

Also, today in the Vatican, the rules are very strict when in St. Peter's Basillica. . . no bare shoulders, so I had to use Bob's fleece.  And no short shorts.  Well, someone came up to Sumner, Turner and David and made them leave becuase the shorts were above the knees. . . soooo, they went outside, unbuttoned their pants and pulled them down to the knees and so then they got back in.  But then we tried to go back in for the Dome and they almost didnàt let Patterson in!  All day we were dealing iwth bare shoulders and bare legs!  but we all made it.  Crazy rules and the enforcement was also rather random.  And then we all went to the very top of the dome, but for Turner, Lane, Martin, and Ghandi becuase they didn't find the second set of stairs. . . oh well.  What can you do?  Turner was probably most disappointed.  (sorry, just re-read my earlier post and some of that was duplicative, but at dinner, the boys were asking what i posted and I couldnàt remember it all. . . one reason i need to post more often!! So much happens and we just want to be sure and share it all! so forgive the duplications.)

We did find cul de sac tonight and everyone had lasagna but for me and Marty.  We had pasta with homemade pesto sauce.  Most all agreed it was indeed life changing,but for Lane, but he said the Chocolate Mousse made up for it!  So, thanks Angelyn (sp?) for the reccommendation.  We enjoyed it!  And I think the boys got some gelato while i paid.  We've enjoyed Gelato every day.  Truly one of my favorite things about italy.

We have decided that this trip has been filled with lots of historical cities and is filled with Freudian symbolism.  The boys definitely learned a lot in school.   And I am hearing all about it!!  :)

Okay, we are just updating the blog.   We've been planning next steps.  Looks like Florence tomorrow and then Thursday night we may go on to Interlaken.  so, we'll see.  We activate the Eurail pass tomorrow and start another leg of traveling and part of traveling that everyone hasn't experienced.  Everyone is great and having a blast.  we love the comments and hope you're enjoying following along. Thanks for the reads. . .we'll talk to you from Florence or possibly the next night. the next 48 hours is likely to be very crowded with sightseeing and travel.  Until then, Ciao!!

== ps. . . I am about to try and upload photos.  it didn't work earlier.  hopefully it will now.  if not, soon, i promise.  we have had great food and we have been documenting our plates, which i know helen will love!  thanks for the suggestions on soundtracks. . . duly noted.

-- pps. . . got the photos loaded. try to put one with each day.  some of them went and some of them didnàt.  i only have my point and shoot with me right now and most of the pictures are on my big camera.  but i unloaded my day pack for dinner to lighten my load.  anyway, i will try again soon to upload from the big camera.  enjoy the pictures.

----ppps. . . sorry, last random thought. . . it is 00:30 and I) am about to go to bed. . . long hot and tiring day walking all over!  but did i mention that yesterday they threw the frisbee in the foyer of the Parthenon??  well, they did.  very fun and the pictures are there to prove it.  sumner, patterson, lane, bob, and alex, i think. . . and david maybe?  we were all hanging out up there.   okay, seriously, i only have 2 minutes left on the internet I bought so I am going to go to the hostel and go to bed!  Big days ahead.  Ciao!!!

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hey! wow..it sounds like yall are having an amazing time exploring the other parts of the world. I'm jealous! These updates are so fun to read, it feels like I'm exploring Rome too.. only in Jackson. Have fun in Florence!

  Rivers Uithoven May 28, 2008 8:05 AM


Hi Alleen! I'm Turner's Aunt Jenny from Wichita, KS. Please tell him I said hello. I too am jealous and wish I was there to experience this awesome trip. I'm checking these updates daily and love the pictures. Keep them coming! Yall are in our prayers here in KS. Have fun!!!!!!!!

  Jenny Rackley May 28, 2008 9:40 AM


You guys take good notes. I have never been to Rome, but we are going this fall. Can't wait to see it.

Why didn't Marty eat any lasagna? You know you can't have your gelato if you don't eat your lasagna. (By the way, Martin, we are driving your new car EVERYWHERE!!)

News from home: Rebels are matched up with Miami, Missouri and some other school in the Coral Gables Regional, getting hotter by the day and Frank Melton is still acting like Frank Melton...

  Tommy Shepherd May 28, 2008 9:47 AM


Wish I were there!! I am enjoying your trip...the pictures are great...seems as though I'm in Rome with you. Alleen, you are the BEST, and I know Sumner thinks so. WOW, an unforgetable senior trip.

  Bobbie Abraham May 28, 2008 11:22 AM


I am impressed that yall really threw the frisbee. I did question Sumner on why he was taking a frisbee on a trip to Europe...silly me... The pictures are so great. Keep on taking them. I also want to have a movie viewing when you get home!

  Melissa May 28, 2008 12:07 PM


Alleen don't lead these 10 guys in the wrong direction.
It's the Pantheon.
Work Work Work Hustle Hustle Hustle

  Randy Abraham May 28, 2008 3:07 PM


hey guys! just checkin up and making sure you havent been robbed by gypsies at the train station. know you're having a blast. no rest, forge on to the next destination!

  david horner May 28, 2008 11:26 PM


Okay, i know it is the panthenon, but time is money on the internet and so my typing skills are lacking. . . :) Remember my quote on the journal. .. not all those that wander are lost! We are just sightseeing!

  alleen May 29, 2008 7:03 AM


It looks like you all are having a terrific trip. I am really enjoying the blog. The girls are missing you in Sunday School.

  kathleen May 30, 2008 12:46 PM

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