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A Large Fresh Juice Please

CZECH REPUBLIC | Saturday, 24 May 2008 | Views [464] | Comments [8]

Large Juice Please

Large Juice Please

Well, we made it!  We had a good flight to Atlanta.  Hit Moe's on the way to our departure gate and had a great time fillng up on some good old Moe's!!  Well, half of us.  Just remembered that the other half went to Popeye's where they saw Evander Holyfield!!  Yep.  Patterson got his picture with him.  I almost didn't believe Lane when he came up and told us!

Leaving Atlanta we were delayed due to weather so we sat in line to take off for about 1/2 an hour.  nice huh?  so our 9 1/2 hour flight ended up being a full 10 hours.  No one slept much.  Just too hard to sleep on those planes.  We had 2 movies. . . Mad Money, which I watched and enjoyed, but none of the boys would watch a chick flick!  And then the Golden Compass, which we all boycotted for obvious reasons.  Taylor and Lane seem to have gotten the most sleep.  But everyone was excited to be here and we hit the ground running . . . once we finally got to Praha that is!

After our long flight, customs was excruciating LONG waits.  There was one lady that was just taking forever!  Praha doesn't require any immigration paper work.  So, we are all thinking, "great.  quick lines, we get a stamp and move on."  Not with this one woman.  She grilled Patterson and I cannot remember now who stayed behind in that line with him?  But she kept asking, where are you staying, how long?  do you have your ticket to rome? etc etc.  . . seriously?  Just let us in!  but we all got in.  The bags all made it and our driver was waiting with 2 vans.  So, we headed off to Praha!!

We went to the office and "checked" in.  We paid for the rooms and our round trip van to and from the airport.   Then it was to the apartments at St. Nicholas where we are staying.  The location is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!!!   Seriously, we are like 2 minutes from Charles Bridge.  There are restaurants eerywhere.  We are across the street from St. Nicholas.  It is really awesome!  Our rooms are all on the 3d floor and no elevator!  Oh yeah, not worried about anything I eat. . . I am burning it off.  2 rooms are up this spiral staircase that will spin you round and round before your room, but we all have unbelievable views of St. Nicholas' Church.  It really is a fabulous place.  We have bathrooms, showers, etc. in the rooms.  sinks, microwaves. . . small apartments.  Cannot find a better deal in my book.

After we all dropped off our bags and got what we needed for the day, we headed out and had lunch together at a pizza place.  I suggested someone try the goulash, but had no takers.  Can't say I blame them.  Drinks were an interesting choice and for some reason, we found it funny when David ordered a large fresh juice.  the menu didn't have any indication of what kind of juice?  We decided when it came, it was most definitely large and we think grapefruit and orange combined?  Everyone had pizza and was supremely happy to be full and with a good meal.  With full bellies and better sugar levels. . . we headed out to explore.

First, we walked over Charles Brige.  It is a pedestrian bridge and one of my favorite places in the world.  It has all of these cool statues lining the bridge.  Local artisians are selling their wares. . . it is in theshadow of Prague Castel and looks out to the River Valta and towards new Town. . . it is just fantastic!  And has some pretty beautiful towers to boot. . . After that, it was off to Old Town Square and where we saw the Astronomical Clock (built in 1490) and watched it chime at the hour.  Then it was off to Wincelas Square and his statue.  Then we walked to see the Powder Gate--one of Praha's original 13 gates that is still standing.  It is called the Powder Gate becuase it held the gun powder in its original times. 

After that we walked backed to Praha and then over the Charles Bridge again to Kampa Island and the John Lennon Wall.  After that we are now back home. I think the boys are exhausted.  They are taking showers and chillin' while i update at this cafe just outside our hotel.  I reminded them not to leave, but I think I don't need to be too worried. . . they are all pretty tired.  i think we are just going to find some food and relax tonight.  today was a pretty awesome first day.  I think they all liked it and were appropriately awed.  It is just too much for words the first time you see all of this.  Maybe I can convince them to blog before it is over.  I am sure their perspective is quite different from mine!

Highlights. . .really the whole day.  Charles Bridge has this statue you rub to assure your return to Praha. . . we all rubbed it.  I've gotten tons of cute pictures with all the boys on the plane, at charles bridge, at wincelas square, at the lennon wall. . . should have heard the groans when i mentioned the great coincidence of Senior Week theme and now we are all at John Lennon's wall. . . but I got their picture.  I am about to figure otu if I can find the USB port on this computer.  If so, I'll upload pictures.

We are all great and having a wonderful time despite being tired.  I think that everyone will sleep well!  Tomorrow is Prague Castle, a/k/a Hardcany, St. Vitas Cathedral (inside the castle), Jewish cemetary, Petrin Hill and I hate to say it, but a very famous statue called the Piss statue. ..  the boys will love it!  it is two men doing jsut that. .. you'll have to see the pictures. . .  Also, I am sure it was much more detail that I could include, but that is the highlight.  we don't have much time since I think everyone is hungry again.    hopefully later, i can provide more details even.

Already I love the reaction when people find out it is me and 10 boys. . the steward on the plane, the guy that checked us in. . . I went up alone and he said, "okay, 11 girls."  I said, "No, me and 10 boys."  Tried to explain that one is my nephew and he thougth all were my nephew! 

A personal note, thanks for all your prayers. . so many people are praying for our trip and I so greatly appreciate it!  I know they are being answered as we are having such a good and easy time.  We have another wonderful day in Praha tomorrow.  Then Monday we are being picked up at 10:00 am for our flight to Rome.  Pray for another good flight and hopefully a good hostel to stay in!

Thanks for sharing in our adventure.   If I don't get pictures up tonight, I'll upload soon.  I adjust the time to my post, so if it shows, it is correct, but it is now almost 19:00.

Until tommorrow, goodnight from Praha!

--ps  just asked and no usb port here so no pictures,  :(  know that everyone is fine and pictures will go up as soon as i get an internet connection with USB.

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Hello! Loved hearing y'all are there safe.....glad to hear everyone made it safely through customs....hi from Grace, Walker and Steve....we'll be checking in....

Carolyn was also glad to hear everyone arrived safely....

more posts so we can stay tuned!!

  Adele May 25, 2008 2:46 AM


Alleen: What a great post! I won't even need to call and bug you if we can read this every day (or sometimes?) I know you (and Lane) will be thrilled to hear that! Seriously, I am not thinking we will get that kind of detail in lane's journal so we were so excited to hear what you are doing and where ya'll are. Prayers from home for you and your l0 boys, Leslie

  Leslie Bobo May 25, 2008 3:37 AM


I will love reading this as often as you write. I have never heard of any of this so it is a history lesson for me..
Have fun!

  Finney May 25, 2008 4:44 AM


Awesome update -- will be anxious to read it every day and really find out what y'all are doing! I'm glad to know David is getting his Vitamin C! We are praying for all of you and will continue to do so every day; we are so thankful things have gone so smoothly thus far and pray that they will continue to! Have a great day tomorrow!!

  Wyeth Luter May 25, 2008 7:13 AM


Glad things are going well. I am praying for many adventures and a great time for all. I figure all the mothers are worrying about safety, rickets, and European girls! Can't wait for pics. It is hot and boring at home.

  Helen May 25, 2008 12:17 PM


Thank you for the DETAILS...something we would never get otherwise! Be safe and have fun...we are praying for both of those things...

  Melissa May 25, 2008 12:28 PM


Heyyyy soo glad i get to hear about the trip now!!! we will definitely have a lot to go over when we go for lunch =)

be safe!

  Massey May 31, 2008 12:11 AM


Hi! Which apartment did you stay in? :) It sounds really nice!

  Arriane Jul 2, 2008 1:20 AM

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