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Booty Juice

SWITZERLAND | Saturday, 31 May 2008 | Views [898] | Comments [2]

Preparing to go Canyoning

Preparing to go Canyoning

It is about 14:00 here in Interlaken and we are taking a 16:00 train to Zurich and then a transfer to Munich.  We have heard great things about the town and cannot wait. . . looks like the brewhouse Turner's Dad mentioned, yes, we had heard of it, the BMW factory tour. . . Turner is bezond exctied.  And Dachau.  Should be an incredible 2 days. . .then we have to get from Munich to Milan.  And keep heading to Barcelona.

Todaz was a great daz.  We went Canyoning and everzone had a blast.  We have some awesome pictures. . . i MUST find a place in Munich that has USB. . . it is killing me.  Canyoning was reallz beautiful and fun. . but man was that water cold.  we all had on wetsuits and life jackets and helmets. . . not a single bump or bruise on anyone. . . so we are through with the adventures in Interlaken and all in one piece still and together. . . batting a thousand.  We had some fun jumps and slides in the canyon. . . and afterward, thez asked us to help put up the gear.  So, we were told to put the booties in the bucket of cleanser and get it inside the boots real good to get rid of the booty juice that we donät like that causes fungus, or bacteria, etc. . .so we dipped our suits and boots and then played some pool and fooseball while we waited on some pictures of the canyoning that 4 of us got. 

Right now everyone but me and Taylor went to eat.  Neither of us were particularlz hungrz so we are here at Balmeräs checking out the internet and waiting on them to return so weäll head to the train station and get going to Munich. 

Wow, what an awesome first week.  It has been so fun, but is flzing by.  We cannot believe we onlz have one more week, but Munich, Barcelona and then Paris will be a fabulous waz to end it out.  Everzone loves Switzerland and is said to leave, but excited at the same time about seeing a new place.  there was a couple that was in the dorm with me and Tazlor and Sumner last night.  Thez had been to Munich and so we got some good scoop on hostels, places to go, etc.  Then we also had 3 guzs who made for a livelz night.  I heard them come in and thez were real drunk.  and this morning I asked Sumner if he heard them and he had not.  Poor Taylor was up all night with one of them.  They came in and woke up their friend that had come in a bit earlier than them.  All 3 were prettz drunk.  But apparentlz, after thez woke up the friend, who then proceeded to fall out of his bed, which was the top bunk on top of Taylor.  Then he proceeded to climb out the window and onto the roof for a minute.  then he came back in the room and picked up Tayloräs daypack.  i donät think the was trzing to steal it, but he was just drunk.  Taylor told him that it was his bag and could he please have it back? and he gave it right back.  then he sat on Tayloräs bed and Taylor had to tell him to move, then he sat on the floor and just looked at Taylor. . . Needless to say Taylor was awake until this fool finallz climbed back into his bunk and passed out.   made for an interesting evening.

Also, no one but for me has showered since Florence.  Iäve had one shower, but none of us will probablz get a shower until tomorrow night.  we should all be nice and readz for a good shower by then.  :)  The guzs that stazed in Room 24 (8 people) said thez never could find their shower.  I am not sure why Taylor and Sumner didnät shower zesterdaz.  None of us showered todaz because we were going canyoning. 

Alright, thatäs is it I guess for now.  Next post is likelz going to be from Munich, which hopefullz will have a normal kezboard. . . and probablz tomorrow night our time.

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Wyeth & I saw the Indiana Jones movie last night, but I think reading these updates is better. When you get some pictures uploaded, WOW, this will be Academy Award winning stuff. You're doing great! Keep up the good work! Be careful & have fun!

  Bill Luter May 31, 2008 10:31 PM


Alleen, I feel sorry for you having to be in such close quarters with 10 boys who have not showered in several days -- I hope, for your sake, that the hostel in Munich will have a decent shower and everyone will partake! Sounds like y'all have a lot of interesting things planned to do -- I remember going to Dachau and what a sobering experience it was! Can't wait to hear more and see pictures of the canyoning -- sounds awesome! Have a wonderful last week!

  Wyeth Luter Jun 1, 2008 12:15 AM

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