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I love my life! Taking my time, soaking in the sights and always taking the road less traveled.

Trip: North American Adventures!

There are [59] stories from my trip: North American Adventures!

Photos: The different people I have had the pleasure of meeting

CANADA | Monday, 19 Mar 2012 | Photo Gallery

Acquaintances, friends or those who just passed by..
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5 learning experiences

CANADA | Sunday, 18 Mar 2012 | Views [1136] | Comments [1]

Okay, so the below are just five obstacles or difficulties I have had to overcome or experienced whilst away from home. There are probably fifty more, but I don't pay them much attention. Just live in the moment and deal with whatever pops up! My complicated ... Read more >

Tags: banks, cold, job interviews, money, phones, smiles, socks, undies

White and nerdy

CANADA | Thursday, 15 Mar 2012 | Views [965] | Comments [2]

I think that pretty much sums me up at this present moment. When I arrived here, I hopped on the Skytrain and something was so obviously noticeable is how pasty-white everyone is. I feared that I would eventually start to blend in, and unfortunately ... Read more >

Tags: banking, medical check, nerdy, phone contract, vancouver island, white

Unemployment sucks..

CANADA | Wednesday, 14 Mar 2012 | Views [1101] | Comments [2]

And guess what? I just got offered a job! I am over the moon, I honestly can not contain how excited I am!! I want to swear and use a million exclamation marks... F-yeah!!!!!!!!!!! I met Val McKinnon at an arranged meeting spot (where else but Starbucks?) ... Read more >

Tags: employment, exciting, interview, summer camp, work

Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate

CANADA | Tuesday, 13 Mar 2012 | Views [1412] | Comments [1]

Today is a significant day. Today marks 2 weeks since I haven't had a meal made by my mum. In other words, I left 2 weeks ago today!! So to all those who said I wouldn't last a week, I doubled your expectations! (wow that was hard to work out..).... Read more >

Tags: cold, gym, healthy, run, snow, truman show, visa

Highs and lows

CANADA | Monday, 12 Mar 2012 | Views [706]

One of the worst and lowest feelings I have ever experienced in my life, and more recently whilst I have been away (riding the bus this evening) is the busting feeling of desperately needing to urinate. One of the greatest feelings ever is when you ... Read more >

Tags: attitude, busting to pee, cold, happiness, highs and lows, starbucks, tower

Photos: A Backpackers Meals

CANADA | Monday, 12 Mar 2012 | Photo Gallery

My own prepared meals (No help from mum!)
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Photos: So far in maple leaf country...

CANADA | Sunday, 11 Mar 2012 | Photo Gallery

My time in beautiful British Columbia!
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Taxes, buses and PB & J!

CANADA | Sunday, 11 Mar 2012 | Views [760] | Comments [1]

These are three things that have found their way into my daily activities, without fail! Every day before I head out, I make a peanut butter and jam sandwich. They are super delicious and what I would consider a staple food group for any backpacker.... Read more >

Tags: buses, peanut butter and jam, rain, stanley park, starbucks, suspension bridge, taxes

O Canada, O very overwhelming

CANADA | Friday, 9 Mar 2012 | Views [560] | Comments [1]

So where do I begin in such a big land? The past two days have been incredibly... Overwhelming! After my last entry, I ended up catching a train to Coquitlam, which is where I am staying.  One thing I must note before I continue is how incredibly helpful ... Read more >

Tags: lonely, lots of reading, vancouver, walking

It's a bit chilly, ey?

CANADA | Wednesday, 7 Mar 2012 | Views [1205] | Comments [3]

Where to begin? First off I have blisters all over my hands (calm yourself mum and other loyal fans, I am okay) and I am struggling to type. I was bike riding with a small gang yesterday and we stopped off at Muscle Beach where some fellas were trying ... Read more >

Tags: beverly hills, cycling, pasta, skytrain, starbucks, vancouver, venice beach


USA | Tuesday, 6 Mar 2012 | Views [597] | Comments [2]

So after another very lengthy bus ride back yesterday (this  time  returning to the city of Angels - why is it called that? Can anyone tell me? Personally I don't see much angelic about the place). Anyways, I got up yesterday and went to Johns gym ... Read more >

Tags: beer, breakfast, bus, gym, running, santa monica

Just breathe... and relax!

USA | Sunday, 4 Mar 2012 | Views [933] | Comments [2]

That is what I did today, sort of. I got my butt out of bed at 7:30am (I woke up at 7am, but rolled around for half hour). John asked me if I would like to take part in a run group with him, who were meeting at 8:30am. The chance to show off my quick ... Read more >

Tags: brunch, costco, exercise, farmers market, pizza, running, starbucks


USA | Saturday, 3 Mar 2012 | Views [865] | Comments [3]

That's all I can say after an amazing day in a beautiful city. San Francisco is beyond words. Sure I can tell you how great it is, but you have got to check it out for yourself. Anyhow, I need to backtrack a bit before I reminisce over The City by the ... Read more >

Tags: biking, caltrain, golden gate bridge, pier 39, san francisco

Photos: My week in America

USA | Saturday, 3 Mar 2012 | Photo Gallery

In and around California
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The wheels on the bus go round and round

USA | Friday, 2 Mar 2012 | Views [493]

I think I've spent over half my American $$ on bus fares! Well I would have if I didn't pull the "oh-I'm-lost-and-foreign" card.  I awoke yesterday hungry for adventure. I packed my bag with a few shitty peanut butter and jam sambos and ... Read more >

In and around LA

USA | Thursday, 1 Mar 2012 | Views [503] | Comments [2]

It feels like it has been a while since I wrote anything down. So I'm going to work my way backwards... Last night I decided to go on an organised pub crawl with the hostel. It started off a bit lame, though I met some great people from the hostel ... Read more >

Tags: hollywood, pub crawl, santa monica, stoners, venice

The journey begins... Slowly

USA | Tuesday, 28 Feb 2012 | Views [625] | Comments [2]

The tedious 13.5 hour journey over some deep blue sea was more comforting than I originally anticipated. I was bumped up to premium economy and gee wiz, the extra leg space does count for something (thank you Gordon). I was surrounded by gay flight ... Read more >

Tags: exciting, first day, landing, santa monica

D-Day (depature day!)

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 28 Feb 2012 | Views [941]

As much as I don't want to admit it, my guts are crook! I have such a cocktail of feelings towards this trip; nervous, apprehensive, terrified, tired, but most of all... EXCITED! I didn't sleep as much as I would have liked to last night, but I suppose ... Read more >

Tags: beginning, excited, home, nervous

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