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The wheels on the bus go round and round

USA | Friday, 2 March 2012 | Views [473]

I think I've spent over half my American $$ on bus fares! Well I would have if I didn't pull the "oh-I'm-lost-and-foreign" card. 

I awoke yesterday hungry for adventure. I packed my bag with a few shitty peanut butter and jam sambos and set out to explore! The first bus I saw I hopped on and told the driver to take me somewhere cool. He asked me "Well buddy, what do you want to see??" and I told him "I don't know - I just want to explore!". He looked confused, but decided to just go with it. We drove all the way down Santa Monica Boulevard and then he suggested I check out down town LA.

After getting off that bus, I started chatting to an elderly Italian man. He was nice enough and helped me find the bus for downtown. The next driver wasn't that friendly, and it was a fairly lengthy drive to downtown... I fell asleep, but when I woke up it was like I was back in Sydney; suits briskly hurrying around, minimal smiles and tall corporate buildings. 

I just walked around and around, looking like a typical tourist, but it was cool. After I had had enough, I hopped on the next bus I said and asked the driver to take me as close to Santa Monica as possible, which as I was about to find out wasn't very close.

So anyways, I ended up sharing that bus with a handful of African American homeless people, mean looking Mexicans and enough Koreans for a small army. But alas, the driver dropped me off in Beverly Hills and I had to look for my next bus (and my brother from another mother, Keanu Reeves). I walked around the corner and the driver of that bus took me around another corner telling me to catch the 104, WHICH WAS JUST DRIVING OFF! So off I went, looking like one of those American school boys chasing down that bus. Of course, I caught him but he wasn't happy. And from there I started speaking to two Norwegian backpackers who really pretty cool and we all went and checked out Santa Monica Pier together, which was really nice as the sun set.

Finally, after I saw my new friends off (they were staying in Hollywood) I went back to the hostel to make my delicious dinner (tofu, beans, spinach leaves, tomato and avocado). 

Now, I am on a bus to San Jose to stay with a family friend for the weekend. Ooooooo we are pulling into a Burger King.. Great! I can go use a toilet.


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