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USA | Sunday, 4 March 2012 | Views [950] | Comments [2]

That is what I did today, sort of. I got my butt out of bed at 7:30am (I woke up at 7am, but rolled around for half hour). John asked me if I would like to take part in a run group with him, who were meeting at 8:30am. The chance to show off my quick legs to foreigners? Of course! 

John told me it would be a 7 mile run (11.6kms) or so. Which I thought, great I can cruise that and look like The Flash! BUT after driving for 30 mins or so, we arrived in a car park surrounded by mountains and fit looking folk. 

So I got out, took of my masculine pink sweat shirt (that is what they are called over here) and revealed my shrinking muscles. We took off with about 6 guys in the group. I stuck with the leader who was some super Iron man for the first 2 miles, but then I started to slip back. Two guys were leading, followed by me and then John and the other two.

We got to the top (which was super pretty; refer to gallery) and I was very pooped. I waited for the other three, who weren't very far behind me anyways (only because there was three paths to choose from, and I DID NOT want to go any higher than necessary). They took off and it was pretty much down hill from there. But being a big wimpy sook with a semi-swollen ankle and apparently sore knees, I fell behind... I was hurting big time (Mind you this was around 60 minutes of continuous running uphill on unstable ground!). We got to the bottom and there was the group and me with my big goofy grin (and a battered lower body).

We got back to Johns house where we showered and then took a walk, with Hope and Noah, down the road to a nice cafe of some sort. I had this great omelette with super-starchy/tasty potatoes AND the best chilli sause EVER (I forgot the name, but when I recall it, I will purchase in bulk!)

Afterwards we strolled a bit further down their cozy and warm little street (it was a very warm day). We arrived at a farmers market at approximately 12:15pm and they bought some goods, whilst I ate every sample I could get my hands on.

Later on, after going home to relax (and digest) for a bit they took me to some AWESOME stores. A sporting goods store, where I wanted to buy everything because it is cheaper, better and BIGGER. It's like our Rebel but 1000x cooler. We also went to REI (An outdoor activity stores, again super cool) a big electronics store, where the TVs are super big and very cheap, in comparison to what Australians pay and then we went to... Dun dun dun... COSTCO

(Costco deserves it's own paragraph) - It was :O - AMAZING! If you have been in Australia, I never got the chance, you are aware it has EVERYTHING. Literally everything. Again, I could have shopped myself crazy, but being a lone backpacker with limited funds, I restrained and only purchased a single loaf of spinach bread (It was awesome because Costco also gives out samples, and I sampled EVERYTHING!)

So afterwards we went home, chilled out a bit more. They put a (scrumptious) Costco cheese pizza in the oven and we devoured it, with some lettuce of course. 

Finally, it was time to walk, burn of those Costco calories and visit my new favourite hangout spot whilst I write this and sip on my herbal tea; Starbucks.

Overall a very enjoyable day. I have to specially thank the Porcias for putting me up for the weekend and taking me around their town on their days of rest. And to 2 year old Noah for giving up his bedroom/bathroom. It sure beats sharing a bedroom with 9 other males + a bathroom with 200 other dudes.

Back to LA in 27 hours and 50 minutes... Exciting.

See ya!

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Dude ... you finally made it to Costco - that didn't long !!!
Awesome hey !

  Mark Mar 9, 2012 8:45 AM


Loved it! Found these rad spinach bread things... So I went and signed up in Vancouver this morning and they don't have them! Best membership... ever!

  jamesshanks Mar 9, 2012 10:34 AM



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