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USA | Tuesday, 6 March 2012 | Views [573] | Comments [2]

So after another very lengthy bus ride back yesterday (this  time  returning to the city of Angels - why is it called that? Can anyone tell me? Personally I don't see much angelic about the place).

Anyways, I got up yesterday and went to Johns gym to move some mountains, but unfortunately I could only manage to push peanuts. I weighed myself yesterday, I am now 72.7kgs, fantastic! Not really, I think my muscle is deteriorating and my fat is laughing. Fabulous.

But again, ANWAYS... I am not going to be a girl. So after having a great gym session I bummed around with John for a few hours (watched Taking of Pelhem 1-2-3) and then he dropped me off at the station, it was a bit sad to go. I really enjoyed my stay with them and liked that part of California very much.

The bus picked me up from San Jose station at 1:15pm and off it set... I sat next to a lovely Iranian teacher. She taught Biology and was great conversation for the enduring bus ride. We stopped for lunch at... you'll never guess where... Burger King! And I pulled out my fruit and sambo which was obviously frowned upon.

After we got back on, it was probably about 3:45pm so we had another four and a half hours to go, yay! This time I started talking to the people behind me. Two (Harriet and Claire)girls on Spring Break from Boston University, they were nice enough, but like typical English folk, a bit dull... (JOKES, I love English folk!) So I chatted to them for a bit and then started talking to the fella sitting across the aisle. He was from Germany and had spent the last week in San Francisco. He insisted on showing me his amazing photo collection, which somewhat resembled mine, but I had nothing better to do so I managed to sit there like a bobble head and check them out.

This bus ride was a lot more... Conversational. The one up was full of older folk and they just wanted to sleep, I think (I wanted too as well). But this time I was full of energy, I think this jet-lag is behind me, so I wouldn't let the people anywhere near me sleep. I tried to get the bus to start singing, but they just looked at me with puzzled expressions and confused foreign frowns. 

We were nearly at Santa Monica when I started talking to whoever was left on the bus, a little girl from Holland. She has been in America for over a year, living somewhere up north-east with her boyfriend and working as a nanny. We decided to go for a drink and whilst I was waiting for her I struck up more conversation with a girl who was half Swiss half English. These foreigners don't sound like wherever they say they are from, they all sound very Americanised to me. I hope I don't start sounding like a redneck.

So my new friends Sarah from Switzerland, who by the way has been traveling for 6 months so far and is off to Vancouver soon for a few months to hang with family. 

We set off and I got dinner, a Mexican burrito (veg of course) which was scrumptious. Afterwards we hit a bar on 3rd st which was very... Mexican influenced, but very funky. Overall I think I had 4 beers (Which weren't that cheap). It was great to talk to people my age who were traveling solo to. They were cool, and as we all agreed, the only friends we have in Santa Monica presently are each other!

After we left the bar we walked back to the Hostel (After getting into a big billiards bar where everyone was like a pro pool player). I started talking to a dude at the bar and two girls. The guy was the manager and asked me if I wanted to come back on Wednesday evening and do comedy for him, I agreed... But I obviously won't be here to do his stand up... so technically I "stood him up" ha ha ha ha!

Afterwards, it was a fun walk home in the misty early morning. My new friends are cool. We are supposed to go for a run now (It is presently 8:30am in the morning and I am in the dining hall having breakfast/doing this/waiting-ish)

Catch you later, gator.

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Hi James - we miss you, however, really enjoying your travel blog. Keep up the writing and have a great time.... Love Dimi & Anna

  Dimi & Anna Mar 7, 2012 4:09 PM


Thanks Dim sim and Anna! I appreciate it. I wasn't sure if anyone was following! Either way, I am enjoying writing down what I do. I get to... reminisce the great memories of the day.

I miss you guys! Hi from Vancouver!

  jamesshanks Mar 8, 2012 2:44 PM

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