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It's a bit chilly, ey?

CANADA | Wednesday, 7 March 2012 | Views [1259] | Comments [3]

Lunch in the streets of Venice

Lunch in the streets of Venice

Where to begin? First off I have blisters all over my hands (calm yourself mum and other loyal fans, I am okay) and I am struggling to type. I was bike riding with a small gang yesterday and we stopped off at Muscle Beach where some fellas were trying to climb to the top of this rope pole, without using their legs. Being the self-proclaimed champion that I am, I thought I would have a go and show these hooligans what an Australian muscle man is made of. Of course I got to the top, however it was high, and my arms were burning and to top it off, I hadn't come up with a strategy to get down. So I slowly started to lower myself, but I had no real technique and end up sliding down with my hands, and burned/blistered my fingers. What a tool hey?

Anyways, I've had my sook now. So I am in downtown Vancouver! Yipee, I made it through the mean streets of LA. One week in California is enough to change a man. Fortunately, I have not changed (I have lost weight though?). 

I believe in my last entry I was eating breakfast about to go for a run? Well I went for that 10 minute run, but then my new friend who wanted to come along, her lungs gave out. Did you know that you can't be intelligent and smoke at the same time... ? So little Mandy and I went to the pier to check it out, we ran into the other Brit girls from the bus/hostel and they were going to rent a bike and ride around. I jumped all over the idea; I convinced Mandy and then conned 4 others as well! Sara from Switzerland, her friend Gary from 50 cents neighbourhood and two Japanese fellas, who spoke 2 words of English... between them!

What a group! There was a total of 8 of us, none of us had known each other for more than 24 hours and we were about to cycle the streets of LA together. We all rode down to Venice beach, along the boardwalk which was really nice, minus the bums. After riding along the boardwalk we went looking for the Venice Canals which were kind of nice. Then we stopped at a totally cool cafe for lunch. I bought two sort of Veg soups, which were AWESOME! We sat on the side of the road of some alley with our hire bikes chained up and ate our fabulous lunches. I personally thought this was the best bit! We were all from somewhere different, yet here we were having lunch together in this foreign area. I love my big mouth!

Finally, after lunch we took the back streets back to Santa Monica (Stopped off and took some photos with the popo (LAPD - totally cool dudes)) and then the Japanese boys decided to go skate. The Brit girls wanted to go to Hollywood and Gary had to go to work. That left little Mandy, myself and Sara. We decided to ride out to Beverly Hills (leaving Santa Monica at 3:30pm - ish)

WHAT A GREAT IDEA! It really was, it was getting dark, it was cold but it was a really great experience with some newfound friends. We finally got there, after stopping off at a nice park to eat oreos and nutella/bananas.. YUM! Oh the delicacies. After an incredibly long pit stop (we had to come down from our sugar high) we finally made it to George Clooneys party. I am sure we passed his house, we rode down Rodeo Drive which was pretty cool. The people that live there are so friendly. Their cars aren't big and fancy at all, they don't have their noses half way up their asses and they don't give the obviously backpacking bikers death stares (especially when they take photos of their penthouses).

We sat down, had a herbal tea, scored some free blueberry muffin things, and then set out. The sun was setting quick and we had to hustle big time. So we fired up our fatigued legs and set off! Two streets from the bike shop, I decided to be a wise guy and I ended up bursting a tire... Awesome way to end an awesome day.

I could not be bothered walking to the grocery store, considering we had biked all day and I was leaving in less than 12 hours. So I paid the hostel $4 (Tuesday night is pasta and garlic bread night) and I ate their crappy spaghetti which resembled worms from Egypt and their bread which was like biting into a brick. But I was not concerned for nutrition value, I just wanted to keep the night young!

I was knackered, bruised and suffering a stomach ache (stupid spaghetti and g-bread!). We went to some pub where the bouncer eyeballed me for deadset 20 minutes because he was sussing out my Australian licence. I didn't blame him, his boyfriend had obviously forgotten to iron his XXXS shirt this morning, so whatever. We had one crappy beer at the pub, went an got a 6 pack, I had one more beer and then I had to crash because I had to be out of the hostel at 6am the next morning.

I got my flight from LAX (where they basically undressed me - shoes and belt off, remember my pants are falling off me?). The 3 hour flight was okay, one flight attendant was lovely, the other was obviously caught in a rip, the monthly kind. 

I got off at Vancouver, kind of chilly. Went through the declarations dude and then off to.. Immigration! There were a lot of Kiwis in line to get their VISAs, so I kind of piped down considering I was out numbered. All the other VISA applicant people around me had a plastic sleeve folder with their relevant documents. I had 3 papers at the bottom of my bag. But after 45 minutes in line and 3 minutes at the counter I got my little work Visa stapeled into my passport. PROUD.

I caught the skytrain from the airport to the city where I am now, I spoke to some lady from Vancouver Island who gave me great directions. Now I am infront of McDonalds/Starbucks (they live of this crap!) using some wifi. 

Now it is off to Agnes' house because I need to use a clean potty and eat a decent meal. But you know what? I am loving it and would not have it any other way. 

Catch ya, ey! 

PS. YES it is chilly and yes they do sat EY!

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Looks like you have been having a blast (oops, this old codger must have had a nano nap), good reading but watch out for the sambo's, don't want to be seeing you on Canada's Biggest Loser lol. VPT is exceedingly quiet without you BUT the music is much better.
Blog is a good read, don't know how you find the time to train, bus, eat, launder AND write!!!! Good travelling my friend.

  D&A Mar 8, 2012 4:09 PM


Hi James , baba & I have been reading your daily entries and glad to hear that you have arrived in Vancouver.... Really happy for you u but miss those crazy SMS asking what I am eating, doing, etc etc. Checked out the pics... Ha,ha... Bab thinks you are mad..what resemblance is what I caught him muttering.. Have fun..DImi & Joe xxx

  Dimi & Joe Mar 8, 2012 8:58 PM


Do you need a wingman?

  flash Mar 9, 2012 10:52 AM



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