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O Canada, O very overwhelming

CANADA | Friday, 9 March 2012 | Views [596] | Comments [1]

So where do I begin in such a big land? The past two days have been incredibly... Overwhelming! After my last entry, I ended up catching a train to Coquitlam, which is where I am staying. 

One thing I must note before I continue is how incredibly helpful Canadians are to obviously lost tourists. When I was at the train station, I was approached by numerous people (who were just grabbing lunch or working for the train company) asking if I needed assistance or help. One lady in particular personally escorted me to the exact train I needed to catch (She even stopped off when I walked into a store to purchase another camera cable, cause I lost my other one - woops!)

After riding the train for about 40 minutes I arrived in the suburb I was staying (by the way, Vancouver is beautiful! The train ride was right next to the water, I was gawking out the window the entire time). When I got out of the station I had no idea where to go, so I asked someone and she said "Oh it's that way, let me give you a lift". Like how great is that?? I might play the lost tourist card when I return home..

The people I am staying with (Agnes and Ernest) are lovely people. They are about a 15 minute walk from the main area of Coquitlam. Since arriving I have scored myself a 8 day pass at "Steve Nash Fitness World". It is a pretty large gym, they have their specific sales dudes, specific front-desk barbie and specific bicep workout corner. Not my thing, but you never know? It might grow on me.

After my workout the morning after arriving, I decided to catch the bus to downtown Vancouver. It was a pretty lengthy trip, but I made some quick friends who told me where to go and what to do in the city. Being me, I did not listen and immediately got myself lost. After walking around for a while, I stumbled upon... Costco! Being so elated and excited I decided to purchase a yearly membership for the sole reason of buying some spinach bread that I had discovered in San Jose. As it turns out, Costco Vancouver does not stock the same products as Costco San Jose. Best $61.60 spent to date.

So now what? I'm in downtown Vancouver, it's cold and I have a Costco membership. I heard Stanley Park was nice, so I set my sights there. I realised that if I am going to be hopping on and off public transport, I had better get myself a monthly public transport thing. Unfortunately I bought the wrong one, which only allows me to go so far, so I still have to pay to go a bit further. Woops!

I got distracted going to Stanley Park by a big North Face 50% off sign. I was cold and that was appealing. I walked into the store and they only had XXL jackets left, so I left disappointed and cold. I then hopped on another bus and this took me to West Vancouver, over the Lions Gate Bridge, which was really pretty. Although nowhere near Stanley Park, it was still nice spot.

I grabbed another bus back across the bridge and found myself outside the Vancouver Art Gallery. I tried to go inside but they had some special function, in which hippie looking backpackers were not permitted to enter.

Afterwards I decided I was tired and I would look inside a big bookstore called "Chapters". I found myself just walking around the 3 levels, picking up interesting looking books and reading random pages. I must say, this was fantastic. I enjoy reading as it is, but just sitting down in a bookstore to read is... relaxing.

The sun was starting to set and I figured it was time to go home. But of course I walked past a huge building that resembled the colosseum and decided to go inside. Turns out it was a huge library and I found myself, once again sitting in the corner flicking through the pages of random books.

Now it was dark and I didn't know where I was. I asked someone and they told me I was near Gastown. Which sounded interested, so I strolled down into Gastown and wow! It was a nice little area with a lot of lights. By this point I was incredibly tired and it was time for bed (it was about 7:15pm). I asked someone how to get back to Coquitlam and he told me to follow him. I rode the Skytrain for about 45 minutes and ended up somewhere close, but not close enough. Another 35 minute bus ride and alas, I was NEARLY home. I was back at the bus depot in Coquitlam and had to walk about 20 minutes. I pretty much crashed when I got back. I don't feel as if I really saw or did much yesterday, but I was buggered.

Today when I woke up, it was raining. I am hoping it has at least stopped in Sydney? But this is cold, steady, dull rain. I crawled out of bed at 8:15am and thought, what on earth am I going to do today? So I decided to run to the gym, and then run on the treadmill, then another run home in the rain. I was cold, wet and undecided and a bit confused as to what to do. So I watched this Kony video on facebook (http://vimeo.com/37119711).

By now it was about noon, and I didn't know what to do. It was terrible outside, but I thought I'd walk down to the main area in Coquitlam. I went and got my SIN number (equivalent to our Tax File Number). I then walked into a few banks to enquire about opening an account, boringgggggg! Finally, I found myself in another book store just sitting and reading. 

I must admit, I am feeling quite homesick. But I have faith things will pick up, despite the discouraging weather and feelings of aloneness. If anyone would like to Skype, my name is james.cruickshank1991.

Until next time, lots of love from beautiful British Columbia!

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Hey Mate, not sure if you got my msg I sent yesterday (my mac internet connection was a bit dodgy).
Loving your blog, there was nothing like this available when I was travelling , simply paper and pen by old snail mail !
Man - keep your head high, you will have plently of tough days like this but believe me, you will have something amazing happen the next and pinch yourself to think how lucky you are to be doing what you are. You won't have the freedom later in life to simply 'explore' at length and find out who you really are - you are probably on the BIGGEST learning curve and experience of your life! Sometimes it's going to suck, be super lonely, seem pointless and why even bother but you will be rewared with good times tenfold ! I promise.
I ditiched Dan the gym man and have since found out that they sacked him! He was charging people (including me) for 1 hour sessions when he was only doing 30mins - the gym paid him of r the full 1hr - what a freaking tool hey!
anyway - pleased to say my weight is steady and about to start more PT.
Miss you dude and smile hey - life is awesome!!!

  Marm Nunn Mar 12, 2012 7:53 AM



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