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Taxes, buses and PB & J!

CANADA | Sunday, 11 March 2012 | Views [723] | Comments [1]

These are three things that have found their way into my daily activities, without fail!

Every day before I head out, I make a peanut butter and jam sandwich. They are super delicious and what I would consider a staple food group for any backpacker. If I want to go anywhere remotely exciting, it requires public transport. The buses are a great opportunity to meet drug dealers, gang members and other friendly sorts. Lastly, everything that I purchase is never the price I expect to pay - Food, clothing, electronics... It's bull$#!t! 12% extra on EVERYTHING. 

Yesterday started with me walking to downtown Coquitlam (to the "mall") and applying for a few jobs! It's been 15 days since I have worked and I miss it! I miss everything about Vision, including being picked on. So I thought, why not go to a few places and ask for a job. I first stopped off at a big bookstore, I think that is my true calling. I would be in the perfect nerd environment. The lady was lovely, she insisted I submit an application online and come back with a resume, but that is to lengthy for me, I want it now!

Next I went to a sports retail store (similar to Rebel, but it's called Sport Chek). I asked for the manager and she got me to fill out the application, get me resume (erghhh) and then did a pre-screening on me and wrote a big YES down the bottom. She promised to put it at the top of the pile on the Store Managers desk. Great!

Then I went to an electronics store and spoke to the geeky manager. He was cool enough, and again told me to apply online. I told him I didn't want to and left. 

So that was pretty much it! I chatted to a few other store managers, but nothing nowwwww! I only really half wanted a job, I miss the routine, but I am enjoying being so FREE.

After the few job applications I thought I'd finally get round to Stanley Park. It was a bit cloudy and some sprinkle, but the rain can't stop me! So I caught the bus into town, walked around lost for a while and then found myself at a little bay area (actually it was rather big). I ran into two Australian girls who informed me of a HUGE sale at Quicksilver (on the street where I got off the bus). So being the bargain hunting tourist I was, I figured Stanley Park wasn't going anywhere, I made my way back the way I came and scored myself a nifty looking ski jacket and pants for like $80. They were actually $32.50 each, but don't forget those darn taxes.

Now it was time to get to Stanley Park no matter what! It started to rain, so I proudly put on my non-waterproof ski jacket and walked about 50 blocks. I found a cool bike rental store, got myself some speedy wheels and raced around the park. Despite being rainy and cloudy, it was still super beautiful and I had a blast. The best days I have had overseas I have had a bike with me; Santa Monica, San Francisco and now here (by myself). 

After I returned the wet bike, I had to get some blood back into my fingers. I think I was borderline frostbite, but all okay. I crossed the road, realised the buses are on the other side, idiots drive on the right side here, so I crossed again and caught a very full bus back to Coquitlam. Stanley Park rocked, but it would probably be great to see on a nice, sunny day.

Today we had to set the clocks an hour forward (like my internal body clock hasn't been messed with enough lately). So I ended waking up at 9am - man I feel lazy! But I rolled out of bed, put my nice, clean shorts on (I had done my washing the night before) and ran to the gym. There I had my baggy Vision singlet on and I proceeded to pump up my shrinking chest. I got the desk lady to take a photo of me (yes I bought my camera to the gym, she gave me a dirty look). The guys all look at me funny too. Whilst they do 20 different exercises for their biceps, I might do a few pull ups and they look at me like I am some sort of alien. 

After the gym, I put on some CLEAN clothes, oh wow they do feel good. And caught another bus to downtown Vancouver. There I decided to hop on the jetty-bus (it takes you across the water to North Vancouver). On the bus I spoke to two local girls who told me of a nice hiking spot which was easily accessible by bus. So I got off the jetty-bus, hopped on yet another bus and found myself at Lynn Canyon Park. It was AWESOME there! They have a wicked suspension bridge and a great walking trail near a magnificent fresh water river (I think it was fresh, I hope so!). I met a nice German dude and Singaporean girl and we helped take photos of each other. Lynn Canyon Park was super cool, absolutely loved the place - I will post a few pictures.

After all this, I was starving! I haven't been eating my 12 large meals every day. I've been snacking on fruit and nuts, which isn't that filling. So before getting back on the jetty-bus to take me over, I stopped off at this nice mall and had some HOT Mexican. I LOVE IT. The two girls who served me were obviously impressed with my steel fortress stomach; I withstood all their chilli, including the green habanero hot sauce! Needless to say, I am not looking forward to sitting on the royal throne tomorrow morning, if you catch my drift.

I caught the jetty back across and made my way back to my second home; Coquitlam Starbucks. I can not believe how many Starbucks there are in North America (apparently there are 1068 in Canada) AND they are open to late. Coffee at 11pm? No thank you.

As they say over here, catch you later!

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so now 6 hrs foward and 1 day behind?

  zap Mar 12, 2012 5:01 PM

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