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Highs and lows

CANADA | Monday, 12 March 2012 | Views [675]

One of the worst and lowest feelings I have ever experienced in my life, and more recently whilst I have been away (riding the bus this evening) is the busting feeling of desperately needing to urinate.

One of the greatest feelings ever is when you get the opportunity to release that borderline-bladder-bursting feeling. I could have easily peed my pants on the bus, gotten off and blended it in with the rain, but I still have SOME dignity (despite wearing the same undies 4 days in a row.. Kidding!)

Speaking of highs and lows, I have been experiencing a fair few of each. Of course more highs than lows, however to get back into that "happy high" state (not the kind that is ilegal and frowned upon) I just pinch myself and casually remind myself that I have everything I need to make me happy. NOW, that is not saying that I do not miss everybody reading this, my mothers cooking or my previously fantastic job - but what I am trying to point out is that everybody, no matter where you are in the world, what your circumstances are (past or present) or how crummy your day is going... EVERYBODY has the potential to turn that frown upside down!! :)

Like I said, I achieve this through reinforcement and repetition of certain reminders and affirmations. I like to shift my focus and perspective towards something that is a bit more empowering (i.e. how grateful I am to have an amazing support netword back home. Or how fortunate I am to be in great health and have the opportunity to be doing what I am doing). On the other hand, those that focus and maintain a negative, or disempowering attitude usually end up having "bad days" and things ALWAYS seem to get worse for them.

--- I am not trying to sound like a preacher or get all philosophical. Just sharing my thoughts and putting it out there --- "Where focus goes, energy flows!"

Now into the "meat" of my day. I woke up rather early for the first time in two weeks. Yesterday we set the clocks an hour forward, so I mistakenly set my alarm two hours forward (once manually and once must have been automatic) so instead of getting up at my intended time of 06 30, I awoke at 05 30. I am not normally one to snooze, but in Canada I think it's cruel upon your body NOT to snooze!

So anyways, I sprung out of bed, had my standard breakfast, prepared some food for the day out (sandwiches, fruits, trail mix bag). Only when I was having breakfast did I realise that I was unnecessarily out of bed. So I did another round of washing (yes, I am up two) and read a book. 

I caught the train into the city this morning with a friend I had made on the weekend. She was going to show me around. We went to Grouse Mountain where it was SNOWING! I have never seen snow fall from the ground (that excitement quickly melted away as I realised it was nothing more than super cold rain). They wouldn't let us go up the mountain because it was to windy. So we made our way back to the city area and went up their equivalent of the Centre Point Tower. The city looks pretty darn cool from that high up, considering it is not a city I am familiar with; I thoroughly enjoyed the view from the top!

Afterwards we went for a rainy walk down to "Gastown". I can't give you the history for why it is called that, but it is a really nice little quaint neighbourhood. I really like the area. We went to an ordinary Italian place for lunch (Vege lasagne for me) and then stepped back out into the cold. 

This was followed up with some more walking around the city (had to burn off those heavy carbohydrates) which is still exciting for me to explore. Anna-Lee (my new friend) had to go, so I went to my favourite spot in Vancouver; the library. I sat there for about 2 hours and read and read and read. I find this to be more exciting than most would. 

Eventually I made my way to my second favourite hangout spot; Starbucks. There I drank my $2.18 herbal tea, did some online stuff (paid my last Vodafone bill, I hope!) and then went back up the big Vancouver lookout tower. It was darker now and the cities lights really look B-E-A-UTIFUL from high up. 

Now, it was home time. I had to ride the lengthy, stinky bus home. The journey was almost unbearable due to my overloaded bladder (to much herbal tea!). I made my routine stop off at the Real Canadian Superstore to grab some fresh fruit and food for dinner. 

BAZINGA ! Now I am here, recording it all for future civilisations who will tell stories of the explorer "James the Great". 

Goodnight world. Don't forget...

"Happiness is not a matter of events, it depends upon the tides of your mind"

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