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5 learning experiences

CANADA | Sunday, 18 March 2012 | Views [1104] | Comments [1]

Riding the tiny boat.

Riding the tiny boat.

Okay, so the below are just five obstacles or difficulties I have had to overcome or experienced whilst away from home. There are probably fifty more, but I don't pay them much attention. Just live in the moment and deal with whatever pops up!

My complicated life...

1. To many undies, not enough socks - I don't actually have to many undies, I just have more than I am actually using. Yes, as gross as it sounds, I may have, or may not have worn the same pair over two consecutive days... don't pretend like you have never done it! As for socks, I bought an equal amount as undies. I figured "hey, when I change my undies, I'll change my socks". Nah uh! Sticky, damp, moist socks suck!

2. Sorting out travel funds before commencing travels - I imagined that when I got here, it would be as simple as opening up a Canadian bank account and transferring my savings over, easy right? Wrong! I am starting to realise that nothing is as simple and easy as I intend for it to be. I spent the majority of Friday on hold, waiting to talk to the Commonwealth bank (which is very costly when calling from 12 000km away). I had moments of intense frustration, but with the help of my amazing family, I will (hopefully) soon have access to my money.

3. Only 90% dealing with the remaining 5 months of my Vodafone contract - Again, I figured, "hey I've pretty much dealt with it, the rest will take care of itself" (or at least my mum, dad and girlfriend can handle it). Nope! A contract is exactly that, a contract between me and them. In the end, all it took was a simple email from me explaining the situation and BAM! I am freeeeee.

4. Not packing for the appropriate climate - A bit more research into the local Vancouver climate couldn't have hurt. I figured that when our Summer ends, Winter in Canada would be coming to an end - wrong again! My backpack full of shorts and t-shirts is providing very little comfort and warmth. 

5. Smiles aren't always contagious - Despite language barriers and whatever other differences, a smile usually goes a long way and is a good way to start conversation. HOWEVER! You will get the odd person who will just walk away, refuse to smile back or ask you "What the F*** are you smiling at". Thankfully the last one has only happened once, but it did come from a lady in a wheelchair with her cat in her handbag. 

Apart from the above mention drama with the bank, not much happened on Friday. I just bummed around Coquitlam.

Yesterday was exciting (Saturday). It was St. Patricks day, and I met my friend Sara in the city. There was a whole street blocked off in order to celebrate the shamrock. Lots of green, and drunk people at 2 in the afternoon. 

We wandered down to Yaletown, hopped on a mini boat (and when I say mini, I mean TINY. You pay $3.50 for this thing to take you across the river, which was rather nice). We got off the boat and we were on Granville Island. This place has a tonne of markets, street performers and other cool stores. We explored for a bit, I had a beautiful salad for lunch at one of the market stalls and then back across the river.

After Sara left me, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, and it was a wee bit cold, so off to the library I went! I've finished reading a great book called "The Face on Your Plate - The Truth about Food". It's a very interesting read about what modern society eats and why. The author then discusses the harmful affects of certain food on our personal health and society. 

Now I am reading "Fast Food Nation", which is apparently a movie as well? As well as "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo", which is a nice change of pace. 

Today, I went to the gym where my 1 week trial has since long expired, but no one has noticed, so I will keep going. Did my cardio (had to burn off some oreos and cookies...)

I came downtown today to speak with one of the head staff from Easter Seals Summer Camps. They are eager to have me onboard, and truthfully I will most likely go work there (But I have one more interview tomorrow with a guy from Ontario). So many choices!

I think I am going to go bury my head in a book now, it's so relaxing and enjoyable to consume yourself within the pages of a fictional novel. 

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