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All quiet on the Western front.

CANADA | Monday, 19 March 2012 | Views [873]

Jim who I met today (19/03/12) - Awesome pizza!

Jim who I met today (19/03/12) - Awesome pizza!

Technically I am in West Canada, and the past few days have been rather quiet. I haven't done much moving around or exploring, more just reading and waiting. I am currently half way through "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" on my Kindle, which is fabulous. I am waiting for some money to come through which will give me a bit more confidence to go and explore.

I just had another phone interview with a camp near Toronto. All these camps sound so awesome, and I really want to have a little bit of me in each of them. I have three amazing opportunities, but can only take one. I am sure that wherever I end up, I will have a magical Summer.

After I had my phone interview, I was about to leave and go for a walk/read somewhere else but I was stopped by a friendly guy named Jim (Yes, people with the name James are a step above the rest). We had a brief chat, but I quickly dismissed him because I was in a hurry to read my book. I felt incredibly bad afterwards for being so rude, but what happened, happened. Nothing I could do. 

I went for a lovely walk around Coquitlam and basically just went down streets that I hadn't been before. I ended up next to a beautiful lake with a wicked water fountain in the middle. There was a walking track, so I decided to follow it, it let to the top of this hill which provided a pleasant view. I sat up here and pulled out my Kindle and read for a bit. It started to get chilly, so I decided to go sit in the book store back in town. I packed up, started walking back.

As I was passing Starbucks, Jim (the guy I barely met before) was still there studying (mind you about 4-5 hours had passed). So I went back inside and tapped him on the shoulder. And from there, we just chatted about everything imaginable. In the end, we were both hungry so we hopped in his car and drove... around the block until we decided that pizza would suffice (despite him working at Dominos). He wanted to introduce me to Flying Wedge Pizza. Jim insisted on paying (what a top bloke, right?) for the half/half we ordered. It was a medium size, but came out looking like an extra small. Regardless, it was filling enough and we were both satisfied with our choices (I had the "Tuscan Garden" and he went with the "Bollywood")

Afterwards we parted ways, but I hope to catch Jimbo in the near future, amazing guy! I went back to Chapters and read some more... I am loving it. You would think that with all this reading I would have finished by now? No, I take my time.

Now it was time to head home (around 8pm). I stopped off, bought some groceries; fruits, trail mix, cereal, almond milk and some veggies. I don't buy crap food, but where I am staying, I discovered their pantry full of... rubbish! I have found a new love for Oreos!

It turned out to be a fantastic day! I woke up this morning with no real plans. I had thoughts or ideas; should I go to the gym? Should I head downtown? But I just went with it and in the end, I had a great day. 

Sometimes you just have to go with it.

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