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CANADA | Wednesday, 21 March 2012 | Views [767]

Diamond the dog

Diamond the dog

What does it take to get you excited? I am very excited right now! What sparked this? Well firstly, I put my first pair of shorts on in two weeks, which honestly feels so much more comfortable. I had a shower? Yes, that is exciting seeing as that I have been showering once every 48 hours (it started out as twice a day, then dropped off to one and now every second day). Second of all, did you know that Justin Bieber is 18 years old? I just found out. No, I didn't meet him, but I am watching his documentary. What a legend!


I think JB is a superstar (that is obvious), but what a talented dude. I appreciate his music, you may not like it, but that doesn't make him a douchebag, does it? I might grow out my hair like his and start taking vocal lessons (although he is self-taught).

Yesterday I woke up, went and got my beef on, at the gym (no animals were harmed in the process). Which, by the way, I am not yet paying for.. Silly Canadian gym salesmen. Of coure, going to the gym got me excited. After the gym I ate (which always gets me in a fabulous mood) and decided to take go and hang out with my best friend; Diamond the dog. We went for an adventurous 100 minute walk, hung out with other dogs at the park and went to areas I haven't previously been. I think I am developing a newfound love for animals. Here weee gooooo! :)


This is the book that I was reading before (read it all in the bookstore/library). Anybody can read it! (vegetarians, vegans, omnivores and carnivores!)

After my lengthy walk with the white fluff ball, I had to regain energy (cause honestly, I was pooped) so made a quick sandwich and out the door I was! By now it was later afternoon, and as I was walking Diamond I had noticed an all Organic store (which had gone unnoticed up until this point). These all Organic stores rock! As unhealthy as Western culture is (especially North America) with all their fast food "restaurants" and caffeine hang out spots, they do have these all Organic stores in various places, I get VERY excited when I see one and never miss the opportunity to get my health-fix! I purchased the godly Cacao powder, similar to hot chocolate, but very good for you, apart from the bitter taste. It goes for $22.49 over here, for less than 500g. I handed the lady $22.50, expecting my 1c change, however it never came... Would you have arked up? I didn't, in hindsight, I should have!

After my purchase, I went and ALMOST finished TGWTDT, sat in Starbucks, booked a nights accommodation for Friday on Vancouver Island, which was VERY exciting. Time to get a move on. So this Friday, I am off to Vancouver Island to hang with killer whales and grizzly bears (kidding mum!).

Now, I am finishing the JB doco, then I'll be out to soak in some Vitamin D and until Friday, just relax. I must say, I am starting to enjoy all this relaxing, but what I really crave is some adventure. 

So, adios amigos! Up, up and away!

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