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White and nerdy

CANADA | Thursday, 15 March 2012 | Views [926] | Comments [2]

I think that pretty much sums me up at this present moment. When I arrived here, I hopped on the Skytrain and something was so obviously noticeable is how pasty-white everyone is. I feared that I would eventually start to blend in, and unfortunately I think the wheels are turning. I might need to get a fake tan!

As if that isn't bad enough, I am now nerdier than ever. But I am fine with that, because nerds rock! 

After celebrating the success of of the job interview yesterday (I decided to go out and eat. So I ditched the pb + j sandwich and went to a lovely Japanese restaurent). I had an excellent spicy salmon sushi roll, delicious yam roll and some vege dumplings (I'm definitely bulking up again!). I then thought it was about time to open a bank account, but ran into a bit of difficulty because I am unable to provide the financial institutions with a permanent residence. HOWEVER, fortunately there was another bank that doesn't mind that I don't have them. So my options were limited, but I am starting to need more $$$ for my high-end lifestyle.

I went with "Presidents Choice" (I mean, if the president chooses to bank there, I can't go wrong). After that, I went back to the bookstore where I am halfway through the book I am reading... hehehehe and then went home for dinner. So overall not an overly exciting day (I stayed in Coquitlam). But things are happening, so that is great!


The next bit is a bit shameful... I rolled out of bed this morning at 8:45am. I was like WHOA! I didn't know what to do!! I ended up having breakfast, and then making my way downtown where I had to have my medical exam. I arrived 90 minutes early. I would rather be 90 minutes early, than 2 minutes late. So this is where I am now, writing this up in Starbucks. The lady told me to come back in 30 minutes, oooo so I have to go now!

Okay, so I went and had my costly medical exam. The first check was with some old doctor who took my weight, blood pressure, resting heart rate and put his ear-piece thing to my heart/back.... THAT'S IT! And then proceeded to charge me $120. My gosh! 

Then they told me to go downstairs and get some blood sucked out of me, this cost $45. Then I had to walk around the corner to the xray people. The lady gladly took my $40 and then told me to face a doctorish-looking chalk board, take a deep breath in and BAM! That was it, one breath later, minus two hundred and five dollars and I was all done. Fabulous! In case you are wondering why I am going to all this effort for these silly medical exams.. The Canadian government wants to ensure that I am healthy and not a threat to the population when I commence work in a Summer Camp this June. Boooooooo the Canadian government!

After all that I thought I'd catch the Skytrain to downtown Vancouver and look into my next adventure. Coquitlam is nice enough (BORING) and the family I am staying with are great, but I need to see the rest of Canada, and I am just getting set up. So I went to "Yaletown" which is a pretty posh area. Everyone there has dog leash in one hand (which is attached to a rodent sized poodle), a starbucks in the other hand, their phone next to their ear and some sharp looking clothes. I met a girl named Paige at a local Starbucks. She told me she was about to go hang out at SETH ROGANS HOUSE!

So of course, being this close to a celebrity, I had to hang out with her. We just wandered around Yaletown for a bit, she was cool and then I thought I had better go. Whether she actually went, I'll never know!

So then I went a purchased a phone, cause I got to get some $$$ over here ASAP (feel free to post cheques) :P. No, I am okay... sort of. I finally got round to cancelling my Vodafone contract, with the help of a very friendly Indian named "Jae" which was probably shortened to appear more white friendly.

So now my only pressing issue is to locate my Australian funds, figure out how to get them over and then where to next????

I am thinking Vancouver Island! I have until June to do as I please, any suggestions?

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James, you are already pasty.. any pastier and you would be a ghost.
I am googling awesome places to go in canada and they say that
Banff National Park- alberta, Yoho national park BC or Pacific rim national park. Just googled imaged these parks and they look amazing ! :D

  Joe Mar 16, 2012 11:24 PM


Seth Rogans was great! And meeting you was great as well, hope your travels are good in this lovely city of vancouver...maybe we will have to meet up again!

  Paige Mar 27, 2012 4:55 PM

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