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The journey begins... Slowly

USA | Tuesday, 28 February 2012 | Views [668] | Comments [2]

The tedious 13.5 hour journey over some deep blue sea was more comforting than I originally anticipated. I was bumped up to premium economy and gee wiz, the extra leg space does count for something (thank you Gordon). I was surrounded by gay flight attendants and old male passengers. The already lengthy trip had now doubled itself. Three movies later (Inbetweeners, Warrior and some lame Jason Stathem/Deniro flick) and half a dozen shitty grilled cheese sambos, I arrived in LA.

It was a bit confusing and intimidating at first, all the Mexican, Asian and Black staff at the airport were to blame. But finally I came through. 

I shared a sort of cab with 3 guys from Minnesota and had lunch with them. Then I went to a gym and asked for a trial day because I was new in town. I was granted my opportunity and then proceeded to pump some iron as the whole gym watched. I was repping Vision + they had never seen someone squat before. 

Afterwards I went for a walk in need of some food! I found a little grocery store where everything is labelled with CALORIES!! And the lbs system is kind of confusing, and their money system sucks. In the end the check-out chick handed me my groceries in two brown paper bags, so I pushed my trolly 7 blocks (riding on the back of course).

Then I went to prepare dinner, my shitty peanut butter and shitty jam sandwich (which was shitty delicious!).

All in all; an eventful, long but exciting day. I think I might go for a walk now and ask some guys for some weed, because I was asked today and apparently that's okay?

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Good to hear from you bro. Everyone misses you (even i), though i haven't shred any tears for you yet. Mum misses you alot, she thinks about she especially thinks about you when she is cooking dinner. I thought you might like to know that tonight we have Vegetarian lasagna, i am now eating your share. It is so good. Anyways, keep having fun and shit. Post some photos up; keep us update ! Love your family :)

  joe Feb 29, 2012 3:47 PM


Hi James, can you give mum a quick call just to say hi.

  zap Mar 1, 2012 10:39 AM



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