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life's adventures This is the story of my wanderings through Asia

Trip: Southwards

There are [18] stories from my trip: Southwards

Photos: Sweet sweet Samui

THAILAND | Friday, 28 Sep 2012 | Photo Gallery

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Can I stay here just a little while longer??

THAILAND | Friday, 28 Sep 2012 | Views [488]

Samui has a place in my heart, for the wonderful people and place and music I have found here. Last night was dream like, and the moments of delight and bliss make me tempted to drop all and stay on, as many have done before.  In the last few weeks ... Read more >

Island life

THAILAND | Saturday, 15 Sep 2012 | Views [452]

Back on Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand. The weather is perfect with light rain every now and then, so the heat of the season is cooled nicely. Sunshine in the morning and a comfortable room to get work done, an amazing friend to spend the evenings ... Read more >

Chiang here and there

THAILAND | Sunday, 9 Sep 2012 | Views [382]

I flew north to Chiang Rai, my favourite spot two years ago. It is still peaceful and lovely, but growing a bit. Unfrtunately I didn’t get to spend much time with any of the people that became our Chiang Rai family last time ... Read more >

Welcome back to Thailand

THAILAND | Wednesday, 5 Sep 2012 | Views [501]

Leaving the comfort of the tour in a private car to the airport, I take off in the evening for Bangkok. It was only a short flight over the border so I was soon on my way to the hostel in the tourist center, near Khao San road. It was Saturday night ... Read more >

So long Sunnies in Saigon

VIETNAM | Saturday, 1 Sep 2012 | Views [518]

Saigon, the big city center of Ho Chi Minh, has stolen my beloved fake sunnies. Otherwise the last week or so has been interesting. I have embraced the lazy side of luxury travel. The comfy bed and buffet breakfast has taken me in. I do look forward ... Read more >

Might as well Resort to Hoi An

VIETNAM | Friday, 24 Aug 2012 | Views [471]

Loving the resort life, it is absolutely ruining me to the backpacker and hostel style of travel! The pool is miles long and the beach is lush, the very end of what was known as China Beach. Beautiful weather and an awesome old town nearby with a ... Read more >

Hue more south than before

VIETNAM | Tuesday, 21 Aug 2012 | Views [524]

After our final night in Hanoi, we went to the airport to fly to Hue. There we were met by a bubbly guide and silent driver, who took us to eat a quick ham and formaggio baguette, before trudging around the site of the old imperial city in the hellish ... Read more >

Hanoi Hurricane

VIETNAM | Monday, 20 Aug 2012 | Views [1314]

Leaving the Republic of China was stressful, but what did I expect? The plane’s wheels lifting off the ground was a moment I won’t forget soon, I was almost giddy! Coming back to Vietnam, I was anticipating the caffeine hit and big hugs from Dad. ... Read more >

Fire and Poison

CHINA | Monday, 13 Aug 2012 | Views [764]

I arrived back in Dali, and bartered for a cheap taxi to the old town, Dali gu cheng. Booked in to a new hostel, very cozy and calm, with very friendly staff, which is great! I shared a two-bed dorm with a Swiss fellow, who almost caught me undressed ... Read more >

Turning Tibetan

CHINA | Wednesday, 8 Aug 2012 | Views [585]

I can understand why people love the Tibetan culture, people are friendly and smiling, the food is amazing, the countryside is beautiful, and their clothes are hilarious! Final day in Shangri-La was spent on my assignment, but in the afternoon, with ... Read more >


CHINA | Monday, 6 Aug 2012 | Views [896]

On and off..stop and start.. the rain and thunder, clouds and chilliness come and go, in and out.. its quite nice though, makes appreciating the moments of blazing sun even better! This old town is a typical cobbled maze, where no travel office ... Read more >

Dali whine and dine

CHINA | Saturday, 4 Aug 2012 | Views [771]

All is changed. The hostel didn’t have my booking so I had to wait over 6 hours for my bed. Not happy. Memories of Jo and Brian’s success here began floating away like it was all a dream. The management barely speaks English. All the guests are ... Read more >

Zai Lin Yunnan

CHINA | Thursday, 2 Aug 2012 | Views [456]

Cloudy with drizzle, Kunming is full of roads blocked with construction and puddles of rank water. The Hump hostel, which I have previously stayed in, hasn’t changed much at all. I got my bed in a dorm and wander to a nearby restaurant to see if ... Read more >

Photos: Asia 2012

CHINA | Tuesday, 31 Jul 2012 | Photo Gallery

As I head southward this is what I see
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Learn to expect extortion

CHINA | Tuesday, 31 Jul 2012 | Views [883]

The epic saga that is my experiences trying to cooperate with the evil empire of China has made me snap. The last straw was chewed long ago dealing with the notoriously anal Dalian Public Security Bastards with Visa mishaps. Me trying to follow ... Read more >

Onwards I go

CHINA | Monday, 30 Jul 2012 | Views [563]

It is that time again, my feet are aching to be on the move, and here i go. First stop Shanghai, of course after coming here so many times I love this city, it is the least Chinese place and it will always be a favorite stop where I will be guaranteed ... Read more >

Final daze in Dalian

CHINA | Saturday, 28 Jul 2012 | Views [748]

Amongst all the frustration and difficulty I have faced throughout the year in China, I have made some otleechna friends! Surviving winter with copious amounts of whiskey, and getting through each crappy day at work by having fun with the little brats, ... Read more >