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THAILAND | Tuesday, 7 December 2010 | Views [807]

I’m now in Bangkok, once again in a hurry to get out of the hot smelly city. Last night I rode to the bus station on the back of Young’s bike, a vivid sky sending me from the beauty and peace in Chiang Rai. I had a funny last night there, getting well into some Johnny Walker and finding a giant bruise on my leg the next day.

My bus ride was not fun, I was sad and my mp3 ran out of battery, and it was very cramped and uncomfortable for 13 hours. Dawn this morning compelled me to wake up, even though I had only a few hours sleep, as the striped orange and red fire lining the horizon was a sight to see.

At the bus station, not a clue where we were, I found myself bargaining for a taxi. They wanted me to pay the same amount I had for the bus, but just to get into the city center. I halved it before agreeing, and set off behind some guy toward a bright pink taxi. The whole ride, perhaps it was sleep deprivation or just plain paranoia, I was wanting to get out, he was scary the way he talked and he showed me a membership card that showed me his involvement with Thailand’s notorious red shirts. He ranted about his government and king, and really freaked me out for the hour we were stuck in traffic jams.

Finally we got to the main tourist strip in the city, where I rushed to the travel agency to try get a train ticket. Sold out for two weeks, so onto another horrible bus for me. It will be an even longer journey, but at the end, a beach and Rachel. Yay!

What you find along your path as unavoidable sounds somehow obligatory, it’s not, but it is for the best. In conversation with Ot, the owner of the Peace House and a good friend, he reminded me it’s ok if I leave, only if I come back. If I don’t plan to come back, it’s not ok that I’m going. Yung gave me a load of thai reggae music in the last few hours I was there. Me and Ot went to help out Amber and Katie, two ambitious and inspiring friends opening a community center in Chiang Rai, and I was lucky to see Lara once again there before it was time to get on the move, wonderful hugs to look forward to on my return. These people made my heart jump high in my throat watching that last Chiang Rai sunset. Looking at the past week, I am so lucky to find such amazing souls along my path, souls I will strive to connect with again.



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