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Back in Action

THAILAND | Thursday, 2 June 2011 | Views [464]

Ignoring the build up; that uncontrollable glee, to get back on the road, I get to Auckland airport. On the plane, after finding the deal of all deals for two bottles of some of my favourite vodka, and endure 12 hours to Bangkok.


Four average movies later, many uncomfortable minutes spent trying to fall asleep, and sudoku for about three minutes (while my fuzzy brain tries its best to connect with eyes) and unsuccessfully I might add. Arrival in Bangkok, Thai airways food giving me stomach cramps. Out of the plane and into confusion, the signage on arrival pointing two ways for transit/transfer flights. Where to go? I headed straight to the info desk to get pointed to the right, and upstairs.


Through some more x-rays and BAM there’s my vodka being taken off me. Of course I get angry, realizing the futility of the situation, and a kindly kiwi mentioning the fact that at the airport they should’ve wrapped the bottles for me, I yell for a few minutes at the injustice of the situation, then storm off.


To another info desk, information unclear, around some corners, down some stairs, freak out for a few seconds wondering where my ticket got to in the fuss, and turn around in circles a few more times. Welcome to Thailand, I don’t feel any wish to stay here long but on the third try with an information desk I find I have a wait of four hours.


I do remember only hours ago, talking to mum on the car ride to the airport, at how I probably wont feel any excitement until we begin landing in London. I am now proven correct; I am seething, with hours to wait and no money, after a good amount was just thrown in the bin in front of my eyes. Stupid airport security better enjoy that bloody tasty vodka. And I hope I can find a suitable intoxicating substance on arrival in London.


Perhaps I should take advantage of in-flight alcohol considering I am much too sober to deal with the fact I was just robbed. Basically, Bangkok is a place where, no matter what I do, someone manages to rob me. Karma you may say? I think it’s just this city.



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