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life's adventures This is the story of my wanderings through Asia

Trip: daily dalian

There are [10] stories from my trip: daily dalian

Give me Guanxi!

CHINA | Thursday, 7 Jun 2012 | Views [684]

On Sunday I received my brand spanking new passport, so pretty and clean and new. It came with instructions as to transferring my current Chinese working Visa, and also a sticker to put on my old passport. I did this, and lopped off the corner in the ... Read more >

Summer is Finally coming to Dalian

CHINA | Wednesday, 2 May 2012 | Views [862]

After an often unbearable winter, the blossoms are out, and warm winds invite seaside bbqs and evenings outside with good friends. The last four months have been whirlwind, counting down the time until my next movements, yet enjoying the way of life ... Read more >

snowflakes on roses and whiskery woolys

CHINA | Sunday, 1 Jan 2012 | Views [732]

I wake early to see floaty flakes buzzing around in the wind outside. A few settle momentarily on the windowsill, lovely and sparkling in the early sunshine. The blazing blue sky soon take care of the soft snowy threats, and the chill is held at bay ... Read more >

festive feelings far from home

CHINA | Tuesday, 8 Nov 2011 | Views [708]

I can’t imagine it is ever very nice getting soaked wet trying to find your bed for the night. I have a sweet little room in a central hostel in shanghai, it would be perfect if it had access to wifi, as advertised. So I ponder all the things I wanted ... Read more >

its loud

CHINA | Sunday, 30 Oct 2011 | Views [399]

The construction drone is insane, so here I sit with speakers turned right up, sweet sweet loud music soothing in comparison. After a day at work that makes me cringe in recollection, I feel its time to reflect on the last month or so here in my space.... Read more >

Photos: Dalian

CHINA | Sunday, 25 Sep 2011 | Photo Gallery

These are some shots of my year..friends and bars and food
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whats up these days

CHINA | Sunday, 25 Sep 2011 | Views [597]

So in the last month, I have tripped to Zhengzhou, returned thankfully to Dalian, and have had my head down busy with work and uni work, trying to only go out three nights a week and doing well! Seeing the friends I had in my last China trip was great, ... Read more >

Not much happening here

CHINA | Friday, 12 Aug 2011 | Views [336] | Comments [1]

I am sad to say life has slowed down again. In some ways I  am happy I can have a space all to myself, I can get creative with my work and spend time on my studies. I still have a ways to go to find the right kinda people I do things with regularly ... Read more >


CHINA | Saturday, 30 Jul 2011 | Views [369]

"Welcome to Dalian, it’s quite nice here... you might even grow to like it."   Acquainting myself with this small city of only 6 million in the northern province of Laoning has not been what I imagined. Stupid right, I even ... Read more >

Welcome back to China!

CHINA | Friday, 22 Jul 2011 | Views [311]

Day 2 in Dalian and I was collected from the hotel approximately ten minutes after I woke up from intense dreams – which I have had always when huge change happens and for the last few nights it has been so hot and uncomfortable so my dreams have ... Read more >