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He only went out for some milk A blurb of monstrous proportions - it was only supposed to be a couple of lines and the odd photo.

Gallery: Around Catarina

NICARAGUA | Saturday, 29 Mar 2008 | Photo Gallery

Actividads and weekends
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Gallery: So You Want to Learn Spanish?

NICARAGUA | Saturday, 29 Mar 2008 | Photo Gallery

Laguna de Apoyo
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Around Catarina

NICARAGUA | Saturday, 29 Mar 2008 | Views [1024]

Around 3 times a week we go on activities, and a few of us have paid for extra trips too.  Butterfly and seed collecting, walks around the laguna seeing monkeys and birds, trips to nearby towns and museums, a fiesta in Masaya with lots of dancing and ... Read more >

Tags: diving, volcano

Semana Santa

NICARAGUA | Sunday, 23 Mar 2008 | Views [1966] | Comments [1]

Nicaragua is a very religious country - the state is very much tied to the catholic church.  As such it has great laws such as no abortions - not even in the case of a raped child.  It's a common scenario here, so it's fortunate that there aren't illegal ... Read more >

So You Want to Learn Spanish? - Laguna de Apoyo

NICARAGUA | Saturday, 22 Mar 2008 | Views [6757]

A scorpion in my shower, a tarantula in my bedroom, ants in my bed, flies in my soup (seriously), 3 flea ridden, but lovable dogs, a tame wild pig that thinks it's a dog, lots of trees and wildlife including hummingbirds, woodpeckers, and bats...plus ... Read more >

Gallery: Granada

NICARAGUA | Monday, 10 Mar 2008 | Photo Gallery

Colourfully flat
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Gallery: Isla de Ometepe

NICARAGUA | Sunday, 9 Mar 2008 | Photo Gallery

pretty cool
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NICARAGUA | Sunday, 9 Mar 2008 | Views [1120] | Comments [1]

I was looking forward to Granada, described by some as the jewel of Nicaragua - my first impressions aren't so good though.  A heaving market, lots of rubbish, squashed vegetables and fruit in the street, a jostling crowd dodging fume spewing vehicles, ... Read more >

Isla de Ometepe

NICARAGUA | Tuesday, 4 Mar 2008 | Views [3547]

A small island made up of two volcanoes in the middle of a big, freshwater lake that contains bull sharks - it sounds a bit surreal right? I couldn't miss the opportunity to see this place, my mistake was heading for the beach area called Santo Domingo.... Read more >

Tags: island, trekking, volcano

Into Nicaragua

NICARAGUA | Monday, 3 Mar 2008 | Views [1151] | Comments [2]

My blog is an edited, condensed account of what has happened on my trip. I miss out a lot of stuff as it's long enough already, and besides i forget a lot of things because I've been travelling a while, and most things become normal - hence not worthy ... Read more >


COSTA RICA | Sunday, 2 Mar 2008 | Views [1191]

It's a not as quick as it should be jeep-boat-jeep journey to Monteverde as we have to pick a man up on a horse? You have to say jeepboatjeep as quickly as you can like the locals so they understand you - my Spanish is improving no end. Arriving to ... Read more >

Tags: wildlife

Gallery: Monteverde

COSTA RICA | Sunday, 2 Mar 2008 | Photo Gallery

creepy crawlies gone wild
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La Fortuna

COSTA RICA | Friday, 29 Feb 2008 | Views [1411]

Arenal volcano is the most captive one in Costa Rica - it was a tough decision to come here and not head east to climb Costa Rica's highest one - Cerro Chirripo.  After an easy 4.5 hour, $3.5 bus ride and I'm liking my choice.  Arenal is one of those ... Read more >

Tags: volcano

Gallery: La Fortuna

COSTA RICA | Friday, 29 Feb 2008 | Photo Gallery

Are we fortunate in that it didn't errupt?
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San Jose

COSTA RICA | Wednesday, 27 Feb 2008 | Views [1139]

A fair chunk of my time has been spent either moping or trying to locate Bob.  As the airport never answers the phone i have little luck with the latter.  I'm also a bit fed up from wearing the same clothes for over 2 days.   I can't say that i like ... Read more >

Gallery: San Jose

COSTA RICA | Wednesday, 27 Feb 2008 | Photo Gallery

Lets get out of here
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Bob's Gone AWOL!

COSTA RICA | Tuesday, 26 Feb 2008 | Views [2721]

Fed up of being treated like a piece of baggage, Bob my trusty backpack has decided to leave me in Phoenix on route to Charlotte, north Carolina.  Bob I`m sorry i crammed you to bursting, dragged you through the dirt and then looked at those sexy, young ... Read more >

Tags: On the Road

Honolulu City Lights

USA | Tuesday, 26 Feb 2008 | Views [1089]

How do you spend your last few days in a place that has become like a second home?  You are aware that soon you´ll be in dorms again, sharing your personal space with strangers, that you´ll become a master toilet inspector and a connoisseur of bad smells.... Read more >

Tags: conclusions?, island

Gallery: Honolulu City Lights

USA | Tuesday, 26 Feb 2008 | Photo Gallery

Mahalo my friends
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Dear Mum

USA | Sunday, 24 Feb 2008 | Views [2291]

Well, I've been travelling over 18 months now and i thought I'd better let you know how I'm doing and show you a couple of pictures to ease your mind. I've spent the last month sleeping on an air mattress in the apartment of a male nurse.  I don't think ... Read more >

Gallery: Dear Mum

USA | Sunday, 24 Feb 2008 | Photo Gallery

i've decided i'd like lemon meringue when i finally come home, thanks x
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O'ahu continued

USA | Saturday, 23 Feb 2008 | Views [1042]

My time in Hawaii is coming to an end - I've already extended my onward flights twice.  I really didn't want to leave, and Darren and his girlfriend Kalei have been extremely generous and obliging hosts, considering my disruption to their lives. Darren ... Read more >

Tags: island, volcano

Gallery: O'ahu continued

USA | Saturday, 23 Feb 2008 | Photo Gallery

radical dude
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Gallery: Maui

USA | Wednesday, 13 Feb 2008 | Photo Gallery

Great sunsets, great diving, great art shops, great cost
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USA | Wednesday, 13 Feb 2008 | Views [1057]

Maui is a small island with a big volcano.  Haleakala may only be 10,023 feet (3055m) high, but it would be a lot taller than Mt Everest if measured from the ocean floor.  The road up also allows the biggest change in elevation in the shortest distance ... Read more >

Tags: diving, island, volcano

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