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Tulum and Cavern Diving

MEXICO | Thursday, 22 May 2008 | Views [2390]

Yes...that dopey looking person is me

Yes...that dopey looking person is me

-Que Paso?
-Yo quisiera poder una acta de un robo

In English that translates as
-What's up?
-Would you believe that some b@stard has just robbed me?

I got hit by a camera bag snatcher in the late hours, and was then too stunned and sandal laden to do much about it.  I actually feel lucky, it's the fourth time I've been robbed on this trip and the second time in a week.  Importantly it is the first time I've been able to report it for insurance purposes, and apart from about 2 photos I've not lost anything that can't be replaced.  My main grievance is that i lost my remaining mp3 players, and now i don't have any music until i get home.  When i reported the crime i wasn't asked when, how or even what the robber looked like.  This is a great near ending to my trip.

The incident aside, i have had a good time here.  Tulum isn't much to look at and although the ruins are famous i never did actually get to see them.  Instead i walked for 3 hours in the blazing heat in the wrong direction.  I thought my sense of direction was getting better!  My highlight has been cavern diving in Dos Ojos cenote.  I like the way i appreciate the culture and customs and don't go just for the touristic mandate.  Actually Subway (the sandwich place) was my second highlight.  I've never had diving like this, very few fish and certainly no sharks or big fish and no corals.  Just little things and lots and lots of rock formations, amazingly blue openings and crystal clear waters.  I couldn't tell i was in water - it was so clear, like diving in a magical, surreal wonderland.  I am hooked, cavern diving has just overtaken wreck diving  as my most favourite, expensive, hobby.  It also happens to be one of the more dangerous divisions of diving...great.

As for Tulum, it's not even worth describing.  If you want to dive, you like beaches and hotel complexes and ugly towns, then fine - this is the place for you.  Roll on New York i say.

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