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Bring back the cane!

CHINA | Wednesday, 16 Nov 2011 | Views [572] | Comments [1]

It has been a whole month! Wow. A lot has happened and that is one of the reasons this blog hasn’t been written until now. I am just busy and it feels like all the time, even so it isn’t ‘exhausting busy’ it’s ‘good busy’ is there such a thing? I ... Read more >

Tags: china, clubbing, clubs, food, guangzhou, halloween, huizhou, life, school, work

Nice to meet you.....to meet you nice!

CHINA | Friday, 14 Oct 2011 | Views [722] | Comments [4]

Welcome to the new AND updated blog. The KEY between C and B doesn’t work on this keyboard so any word with it will mean it is missing but there aren’t that many words with it in it anyway…except improved, have, very… this is going to be tough to ... Read more >

Tags: airport, china, flats, girlfriend, guangzhou, kids, life, school, sister, travel


CHINA | Monday, 8 Nov 2010 | Views [619] | Comments [2]

Title unrelated. So since Halloween i have not actually done anything major. Small goings on here and there, big news for me and small unimportant news for everyone kind of things! I went to the Huizhou science and technology center which was pretty ... Read more >

Tags: china, darts, hotpot, pray, temple

the happenings

CHINA | Wednesday, 20 Oct 2010 | Views [267]

Hello fellow land lovers! Been a while since i have posted but until recently there has not been too much to report. I was flat broke until the 15th so from the 9th to then i stayed in and ate noodles and watch stuff on the internet. I have been ... Read more >

Tags: china, date, hiking, school


CHINA | Saturday, 9 Oct 2010 | Views [597] | Comments [4]

Right i am going to try and catch all the time that has been lost with hazy stories with massive plot holes...them being the times i cannot remember due to alcohol or time taking its toll.  Gestapo! I haven't said much recently have i. Well from the ... Read more >

Tags: china, clubs, drinking, red flower lake, sports, west lake


CHINA | Friday, 24 Sep 2010 | Views [371] | Comments [1]

....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... ... Read more >

Tags: china, golf, pub, work


CHINA | Friday, 17 Sep 2010 | Views [435] | Comments [1]

YOHOHOHO, Let me tell ya folks! moon cakes leave nothing for a non Chinese person to admire. On Wednesday i went to school to see the other teachers making said moon cakes and maybe make some of my own. I was going to take lots of photos but another ... Read more >

Tags: china, korean, moon cake, school, students

School daze

CHINA | Tuesday, 14 Sep 2010 | Views [423] | Comments [1]

Hi everyone, update! short because i haven't been too much. There was teachers day in China on Friday! I forgot to mention :s It's a day where teachers are celebrated surprise surprise! nothing fancy but i got a big box of milk and some cracker ... Read more >

Tags: china, school, students, teachers

ni jiao shenme mingzi?

CHINA | Sunday, 12 Sep 2010 | Views [1510] | Comments [1]

That little snetence i have MASTERED! is what is your name :D of course i haven't mastered it at all but i know it!!! Anyway quick update. Went out sat night and it was crammed in the bar! I was like wooooow. Before that though i got freakin fleeced ... Read more >

Tags: china, ktv, party, showbar

OVER 9000!!!

CHINA | Thursday, 9 Sep 2010 | Views [502] | Comments [1]

now you are reading because you want to know what the title means and it has nothing to do with the story sorry! So the night out with the school was fine! We had some beers with the girls from school, played some dice and had a chat. I got to meet ... Read more >

Tags: bar, china, out, school, view

what a man does with his free time...;)

CHINA | Thursday, 2 Sep 2010 | Views [297] | Comments [1]

Well my second day off was pretty eventful. I went to this lake you can see in the photos, it was really nice and quite and clean. There was a small exercise area next to it as well so i think i will be exercising over there for now! when i start ... Read more >

Tags: 88, china, drinking, party

My Flat walk through!

CHINA | Tuesday, 31 Aug 2010 | Views [270] | Comments [3]

Alright guys here is a walkthrough of my flat in china! http://tinypic.com/player.php?v=2igoepz&s=4 enjoy.

Tags: china, flat, walkthrough

My first day off!

CHINA | Tuesday, 31 Aug 2010 | Views [376]

So today was my first day off and i think i made a good use of it! I woke up at 12 and decided a stroll around my block was in order. An hour or 2 later i went. Saw some pretty cool stuff (pics are up). In my 30 min walk around my block i saw 3 police ... Read more >

Tags: china, food, lake, shopping, sites, walk

Football Sunday

CHINA | Tuesday, 31 Aug 2010 | Views [336] | Comments [1]

day i went to the school prepared some lessons and had some banter with people at the school. I viewed a lesson of Freds which was great and the kids were really nice. I had a nice lunch there of assorted vegetables and duck! very tasty. Later i went ... Read more >

Tags: china, football, huizhou, teaching

My First Lesson

CHINA | Tuesday, 31 Aug 2010 | Views [288]

Hi everybody, This little ditty goes something like 'i suck'. I had my first lesson planning period as well. On Mondays we create lesson plans for the coming week with the Chinese teachers. They are very much in control of content but we get our ... Read more >

Tags: china, eating, first day, teaching

Losing ones head…

CHINA | Sunday, 29 Aug 2010 | Views [496] | Comments [3]

So right now it’s the 29th and I last updated on theeeeeee 24th? Lots to say. So on my first day in the school there was a morning staff meeting. I got to meet almost everyone at the school and they were very friendly and some have great English. Right ... Read more >

Tags: china, eating, hot, school, travel

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