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OVER 9000!!!

CHINA | Thursday, 9 September 2010 | Views [497] | Comments [1]

now you are reading because you want to know what the title means and it has nothing to do with the story sorry!

So the night out with the school was fine! We had some beers with the girls from school, played some dice and had a chat. I got to meet some of the teachers from another school and they were alright. Nothing too untame by that night.

On Sunday i had a few classes which went off pretty hitchless. I had the L1 class again but this time i was ready for how bad it would be! So i suffered through that. The other classes went well with students seemingly enjoying the lessons or at least learning. I sweat so much whilst teaching its unreal, a combination of constantly moving and of the 30+ heat which is affected little by the AC. It's embarrassing, one class laughed everytime i turned around! oh the shame. note to self: take more T shirts.

Monday i woke up pretty late and went to school at 3 for lesson planning. I have more classes now that the new chinese teachers are up and ready to teach now but it was good to speak to them more. They are all very nice and VERY pretty so win win. Monday's classes were ok except one. I had to cover like 2 classes worth in 1 class which was shortened because i had to finish some oral test and there were new students coming in on the end of an old book....i know they didn't pick half of it up. We are starting a new book so it should be fine now.

I am off Tuesday and Wednesday and did i make full use of this? well heck no! Tuesday i pretty much stayed in all day and watched entourage with occasion glimpse at my Chinese book. Wednesday i spent some of the day shouting down the phone at orange for messing up my unlock request, turns out when i opened my emails this morning i had the info for unlocking when the other guy told me it would be another 10 days! huh oh well. Went out Wednesday night because Hugh is leaving today. Went to see this guy Jam who lives on the top floor of an apartment building right in the center of the city! it has a view i actually cannot believe. I didn't take the camera and hated myself for it you guys would be amazed. I might have some phone snaps but we shall see how low quality they are. Then we went for some beers at 'relax' a western type bar with some guys from another school. Awful beer, carlsberg BLECH. But it led to a plan of action: GO OUT! went to cookie bar which was deeeeeeeead so instantly left for show bar which was not so quiet. Lots of girls around because of this guy Mark we were with, he is a good looking guy and girls just come up to him for photos and hugs........DAMN YOU MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARK!!!

That leads us to today. Hugh is leaving and i am pretty sad about that cause i now have no one to talk all the Chinese to taxi drivers who understand precious little...even Chinese. School in a few hours so i will raid Hugh's leftovers for the best stuff for my apartment! mwhahahaha.

Hope everyone is well! Let me hear how you are all doing. TTFN Sam :) xxx

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over 9000...STD's? Gross sam :P I hope life isn't too sad without your precious hughie! ..ha oral.
(i am fine, rushing about trying to finish my masters project *tear*. stressful times! )
hugs xx

  cat Sep 10, 2010 2:15 AM

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