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CHINA | Monday, 8 November 2010 | Views [597] | Comments [2]

Title unrelated.

So since Halloween i have not actually done anything major. Small goings on here and there, big news for me and small unimportant news for everyone kind of things! I went to the Huizhou science and technology center which was pretty cool. It had some stuff that made me "wow". I have climbed the same mountain again but this time i was much less tired. I made some tuna mayo sannys for a staff picnic and the teachers went at them like sharks! I was very proud at that point, maybe to much so...

I have a girlfriend now! Pretty god damn happy about that. Sports coming up on wednesday, think im going to a temple type thing tomorrow with the school which could be cool. Going for a beer or too tonight which should be relaxing. I think thats it......let me know if i am missing important days or events.

OH i got my sister a t shirt for her birthday saying how awesome I am, that made me happy too.

Love sam.


Went to A temple yesterday. It was pretty nice. Most of the girls from work were going to pray and do some jazz but i will get there. Got a pretty expansive taxi there and got lost 3 times which was pretty fun....The temple was pretty new and not so big but it was nice. When i arrived i saw them burning some incense. After that they went to big ol statue and did some plrayin. I saw them shake pots of sticks until one or more fell out, i didnt understand it but it looked important. I saw them all drop 2 halves of a wooden cicle several times with absolutely no undrstanding too. But it was nice to watch, very peaceful. After that they all got their fortunes. Crystals said that if really anted something in the future she really has to believe in it. Victoria was told that she would have 7 children, 5 boys 2 girls. This made me laugh a lot, she wasnt so happy. They all really seemed to enjoy it and it was very peaceful and had a nice order to everything. After that they all burned hundreds of pieces of 'paper' with a symbol on it in a big open furnace thing. We left here to then go for some lunch. We went to a massive restaurant and had my first hotpot. It was AMAZING! no snaps of this part but trust me when i say it was awesome, because it was awesome. Back home for a haircut and to wait to go play darts in the evening.

Crystal being the nice girl that she is came to see me before this and buy me some medicine for my lost voice lost my voice btw). Took.........20 minutes for her to decide, she was really serious! I also drank some black black chinese medicine that tasted like how i would imagine rotting bats underbelly would taste like. And then off to darts at 7 30.

Darts was great. Shouldn't be drinking but had a few beers anyway. Only lost 1 game int he final and won all the rest! So i won which was pretty god damn awesome. The final was not my best darts but the other guy who is usually better ha a few more than i so i took victory! Also unknown to me i got a small prize for winning which is a half dozen beers. I left them in the bar so i can just go back and drink them whenever. So yes! bullseye indeed. ALSO excellent new record.

BIG NEWS: My first game was against this chinese guy who threw some sick darts but i finished a 501 leg in 21 darts exactly which obliterated my old best finish. Got like two 140's in a row. It was just excellent to do, the other guy (bill) was really unlucky to lose i just closed before he had his double chance or he would have been out in 23.

YEY! badminton today, byeeeeeeeee

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You are having such a good time, I am so pleased. xx

  Mum Nov 13, 2010 3:49 AM


I loved that you laughed at her future, sam-classic!
darts is a gentleman's game! you will beat the chinese one game at a time!

  catriona Nov 18, 2010 1:16 AM

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