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CHINA | Friday, 29 October 2010 | Views [353] | Comments [2]

Hello everyone who is reading this!

This most certainly contains Halloween goings on but i will fill you in on the other happenings first.

Nothing much is going on! Been working, eating, sleeping the usual. I have been out with a girl a few times but unfortunately that has led to "please don't talk to me at work" which is "it's over" for me. Not been out drinking heavily at all! Played darts a few times went shopping for clothes which was a disaster! I am sooo fat, not my words. Been running a lot though, i have recently leveled up! Going further and faster which is pretty awesome so hopefully not sooo fat for long. Eating more Chinese food as well in an effort to be more healthy, well mostly healthy.

Halloween. I was planning on Shrek a few weeks in advance and then decided on Frankensteins monster (the TV one where he is green or blue and wears a tatty suit, not the one form the book). And acted on it only yesterday only to find that no where in the entire 4 million populace of Huizhou are face paints available! whats that? BALLS you hear? BALLS i say. The school has ordered some but i have no high hops in seeing them in time. If that turns out bust i don't really know! I can try and borrow a pirate costume from a friend but we shall see. I am in charge of the Spooky walk! (no idea what that is even now) and pumpkin bowling/pumpkin ball toss. bowling you can imagine, ball toss is just throwing balls into 'pumpkins' for points. I am in control of these with Apple which should be fun, cause Apple is pretty! huhuhuuuuuu.

Nothing else going on right now. Let me know how things are going with you and your Halloweens. 

Love, Sam.

P.S. the Chinese don't actually celebrate Halloween it's just the English languages schools, although there are a few costumes in 1 store.

P.P.S. There are some picture of a pumpkin i carved! My first ever carving! It is Hello Kitty. Not the worst but certainly obvious its a first time effort! Enjoy.

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haha extreme-dating sam :P how do you find these crazy biatches? or is it just chinese girls that are super insenstive! i love your pumpkin, it was very cute :) are you going home for christmas? do the chinese celebrate christmas?

  cat Nov 1, 2010 8:30 PM


ah yes! Hello Kitty! I thought it was Cat Face at first

  Annie Nov 6, 2010 9:52 AM



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