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Let me tell ya folks! moon cakes leave nothing for a non Chinese person to admire. On Wednesday i went to school to see the other teachers making said moon cakes and maybe make some of my own. I was going to take lots of photos but another teacher was taking lots so i am just going to get hers and post them, although i did take a few! They have a folder if you wanna have a look. ANYWAY moon cakes are mad up of boiled duck egg yolk (sweet) and a grey paste which they couldn't explain what it was is English (sour) and a wiiiiiierd dough outer layer. I got there and the teachers were going full tilt, i eventually made a few but i have yet to eat them, they are sitting in my fridge now i haven't eaten them because i tried all the ingredients individually and wasn't impressed and am now scared of the finished product. I did learn the chinese words for flower, mooncake and penguin :D

After that Yuki asked me if i wanted to go for dinner and i was happy to agree! i am all alone so doing anything with other teachers from the school was a bonus....wrong. We went to an amazing korean very near the school. We got like 8 appetizers completely free! All spicy but delicious. Yuki ordered for us which turned out to be like a rice dish filled with different fish eggs which was great and something something Smolt. See photo's. The reason for this meal was to tell me she was leaving....the Chinese teacher with the best English and my English teacher is leaving the school and will only be seen intermittently FML. All the other Chinese teachers live at home and seem to have pretty strong family commitment (no late boozy nights or shady goings on with a foreigner) so i am really hoping now i magically understand all Chinese or that Rosanna (new eng teacher) is gonna be the best most awesome person ever....double FML. 

On Thursday i bummed about till 3 and got ready to go to school. Unfortunately i had to go up to the 'exit & entry for aliens' office or whatever its called and wait for over 2 hours to hand over some documents and get a single photo taken. The classes yesterday weren't great either! My level 1's were hell as always and my level 4's who i thought i had taught before were almost all different and had no names. So now there is a: Gold, Switch, Jen, Val, Tip, Sun and Ken. What was really nice was that just before i was leaving Yuki asked me if i wanted to have dinner again tomorrow night....with the English teachers from the nearby middle school! (must be feeling guilty about leaving me all alone although it isn't her fault that i'm lame) so maybe new friends yyyyyeeeeeeeyyyyyy....... Mrs Huang (owner) also invited me to join her and her family on the autumn festival day which is notorious for spending time with family but i accepted, because i'm alone, so food and fireworks in the countryside this Wednesday. She also invited me to see her husbands baseball team play! I would LOVE to see a baseball game so i really look forward to that, its on a Sunday maybe even this one! Actually Fred (the only other English teacher right now) invited me to his church on a Wednesday sometime so i have that to look forward to as well.

Today i am going for a jog (hopefully) then meetings, then teaching, then food stuffs! So good day ahead.

I hope everyone is well i would love to hear from you all about what your up to!

TTFN Sam :) xxx

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i am working super hard to get my masters project draft in for monday :P i may go to tescos later for soon for some snackage :) moon cake the name sounds amazing but you aren't really selling the product sam face :P i hope you ate it!

  cat Sep 19, 2010 12:12 AM

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