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Pack Light Walk Slow Calvin: "It's a magical world out there Hobbes, ol' buddy.

Hobbes: "Let's go exploring."

Cape Town

SOUTH AFRICA | Saturday, 9 Nov 2002 | Views [454]

11/9/02 I love Cape Town!   The first day, Katie and I just wandered around the city for a while trying to set up a couple hiking trips.   The best part of the day was when we went to Lola’s, this cute little gay/lesbian veggie restaurant on ... Read more >

Tags: sightseeing, south africa


KENYA | Wednesday, 30 Oct 2002 | Views [433]

We’re on our way back to Mombasa and my clothes, hair and shoes are caked with dust, my face is a nice mud pack, and I can feel grit in my teeth, but I’ve never been happier.   I saw elephants, zebras, warthogs, dik diks, bushbucks, waterbucks, hippos, ... Read more >

Tags: kenya, musings, on safari

On Safari!

KENYA | Tuesday, 29 Oct 2002 | Views [656]

Going on safari!   I finally get to see if these animals really do exist outside of zoos!   I’ve visited Hiroshima, climbed the Great Wall, photographed Hong Kong at night, lounged on the beaches of Malaysia, visited the Taj Mahal, crossed the equator, ... Read more >

Tags: kenya, on safari, once in a lifetime

Entering the Southern Hemisphere

WORLDWIDE | Thursday, 24 Oct 2002 | Views [324]

Crossed the Equator today!   There was no dotted line or buoys marking it, but the toilets really do flush the opposite direction!

Tags: adventures

The Taj Mahal

INDIA | Thursday, 17 Oct 2002 | Views [1209]

The Taj Mahal is just as spectacular as the postcards say!   We’re told Taj means crown and Mahal means palace, and it really is an architectural wonder.   It is built of native red sandstone covered with white marble; it took 3 years to build ... Read more >

Tags: india, once in a lifetime, taj mahal


INDIA | Tuesday, 15 Oct 2002 | Views [438]

India’s a hard place to figure out.   It’s so poor here, but everybody I’ve talked to seems happy for the most part.   Driving to the airport this morning at 5am, I saw so many people camped out on the sidewalks.   I’m told that over 700,000 of ... Read more >

Tags: india, musings

"Spring Break"

MALAYSIA | Monday, 7 Oct 2002 | Views [569]

Vacation time!   I am making it a point to have nothing worthwhile happen at this port!   We’re only in Malaysia for 3 days (compared to 4-5 for most of the countries), so there wasn’t much time to take a trip, and there’s honestly not all that much ... Read more >

Tags: malaysia, relaxation

War Remnants Museum

VIETNAM | Saturday, 5 Oct 2002 | Views [1669]

There were arranged tours going to the War Remnants Museum, but I figured the museum would be an easy thing for me to visit on my own.   It turned out that going alone was the best thing I could have done.   The museum was incredible, though not ... Read more >

Tags: musings, vietnam

Good Morning Vietnam!

VIETNAM | Saturday, 5 Oct 2002 | Views [1731]

9/29/02 Good Morning Vietnam!! I like Vietnam so far!   Went on a city orientation this morning, so that was a really good way to get an overview of the city before we try it on our own.   Then I went into the city with Geoff and Mike to roam ... Read more >

Tags: people, vietnam

Fruit Feast

VIETNAM | Tuesday, 1 Oct 2002 | Views [496]

Dragon fruit – pink outside, white flesh inside w/ tiny black seeds about the size of poppy seeds. Dragon-eye fruit – These are a lot of work for just a little fruit.   They have a tough brown rind that you struggle to peel off. Then you’re ... Read more >

Tags: food & eating, vietnam

Hong Kong

HONG KONG | Thursday, 26 Sep 2002 | Views [657]

I am sitting here on the top deck listening to Tim play guitar.   Hong Kong’s lights glisten on the water and fog envelops everything.   A pretty picture, but I didn’t want to have any part of it today.   Now I know what burnout means.   People ... Read more >

Tags: burnout, hong kong

Musing upon the number 1.3 billion

CHINA | Tuesday, 24 Sep 2002 | Views [489]

Beijing to Hong Kong: Yay! Wendy feels better today!  I still feel a little warm and I'm not moving too fast, but at least I can move.  We are flying to Hong Kong today and so far, this airport business is pretty rediculous.  I will restate my creed ... Read more >

Tags: china, culture, musings

Montezuma's Revenge

CHINA | Monday, 23 Sep 2002 | Views [1319]

Ugh...Today was definitely NOT a good day.  I came down with my first ever case of, well, you can guess.  We went to the Hard Rock Cafe last night to answer the craving for American food, but this morning I discovered it wasn't worth the effort.  I should ... Read more >

Tags: (mis)adventures in local cuisine, china

The Great Wall!

CHINA | Sunday, 22 Sep 2002 | Views [1012]

The Great Wall is so amazing!  It's surreal to think I was standing on one of the seven great wonders of the world!  To get to the wall itself, you can either take a cable car up or climb 1,000 steps up the mountain.  We made the climb and the the view ... Read more >

Tags: china, once in a lifetime, the great wall

Beijing: Day 1

CHINA | Saturday, 21 Sep 2002 | Views [424]

Imagine a group of 100 college students trying to make it through an airport together to fly to Beijin, not able to read or understand anything.  Sound chaotic?  I've decided I don't like groups of more than two people. Today we went to the Summer Palace ... Read more >

Tags: china, sightseeing

Queue up? Not here!

CHINA | Friday, 20 Sep 2002 | Views [1064]

The concept of a "line" does not exist in China. On our way back to the ship after wandering around Shanghai for the day, we decided to try out the bus.  We found the bus stop and stood patiently on the curb waiting for the next bus.  When ... Read more >

Tags: (mis)adventures in local transit, china


JAPAN | Monday, 16 Sep 2002 | Views [1043]

When I hear the word "Hiroshima," I think of a billowing mushroom cloud and the accompanying shock wave devastating everything within reach.  I think of the dead Japanese strewn everywhere.  And after visiting the Peace Memorial Museum in Hiroshima, ... Read more >

Tags: japan, once in a lifetime

The Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake

JAPAN | Friday, 13 Sep 2002 | Views [485]

The great earthquake of 1995 measured a 7.2 on the Richter Scale and occurred early in the morning of January 17, 1995.  The origin was about 14 km below the surface and displaced the land in parts of Awaji Island 2 meters laterally and up to 1.2 meters ... Read more >

Tags: japan, sightseeing

'Round the World in 100 Days!

CANADA | Saturday, 31 Aug 2002 | Views [266]

Semester at Sea: Fall 2002 And we're off on a ship around the world!  Itinerary: Vancouver, Canada: arrive 8/28; board ship and depart 8/31 for 3 months! Kobe, Japan:  9/13 - 9/17 Shanghai, China: 9/20 - 9/21 Hong Kong, S.A.R: 9/24 - 9/26 Ho Chi Minh ... Read more >

Tags: adventures

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