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Gallery: Viet Nam 2006

Wednesday, 1 Feb 2006 | Photo Gallery

3 weeks solo in Viet Nam
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Food Food Food...

Thursday, 19 Jan 2006 | Views [1995]

1-2-06   4:48 PM Food, food, interesting food... In no particular order... * sticky rice with boiled peanuts * green sticky rice * two soups (one with some gray meatballs of some sort that had a REALLY spicy aftertaste) * breaded fish (with the ... Read more >

Tags: (mis)adventures in local cuisine, vietnam

Royally Duped

Thursday, 19 Jan 2006 | Views [786]

I sure know how to pick transportation.  I wanted to go for a cyclo ride yesterday (the 18th) because I'd never been on one yet (and my feet hurt).  A cyclo is like a bicycle with a big seat in front, and a guy will pedal you around the city for a ... Read more >

Tags: (mis)adventures in local transit, i should have known better!, vietnam

The Greatest Adventure!

Tuesday, 17 Jan 2006 | Views [1179] | Video

How is it that a 4 foot Vietnamese boy of eight can cross the street and end up on the other side without a scratch when, somehow, nobody can see all 5 feet 10 inches of me coming?  I don't have an answer for that, but it's always an adventure crossing ... Read more >

Tags: (mis)adventures in local transit, planes trains & automobiles, vietnam

Hotel Life

Saturday, 14 Jan 2006 | Views [1964]

The most traumatic part of any trip, I think, is finding a hotel. Hue greeted me from my overnight train ride with a downpour.  Even with my rainjacket, I was soaked to the skin by the time I found a cab.  In the meantime, young men paid to take ... Read more >

Tags: home away from home, i should have known better!, vietnam

The Simple Made Impossible

Thursday, 12 Jan 2006 | Views [684]

In Hoi An there are a ton of book exchange stores with English books, so I went in to get a new one today and all - and I mean ALL - the books were photocopies!  They had color covers, but the pages were all cheap photocopy paper.  Now, in Viet Nam ... Read more >

Tags: i should have known better!, vietnam


Sunday, 8 Jan 2006 | Views [507]

Religious "Freedom" and Discrimination Part of some agreement between the US and the new Communist government after the war was that the new Viet Nam must have religious freedom. The government says there is today, but on ... Read more >

Tags: culture, vietnam

Major Change of Plans

Saturday, 7 Jan 2006 | Views [1005]

So I didn't make it to Halong City .  Don't worry, nothing bad happened.  I was on the bus from Thai Nguyen on my way out of town when I got this bad feeling that something wasn't quite right.  I've had the feeling before, and nothing good ever ... Read more >

Tags: culture, people, vietnam

How to...

Wednesday, 4 Jan 2006 | Views [580]

How to Buy a Car or Motorbike in Viet Nam 1.) Check the horn. How to Cross the Street in Viet Nam 1.) Remember mom telling you to "Look both ways and always walk on a crosswalk"? Well, forget it. 2.) Look left 3.) ... Read more >

Tags: (mis)adventures in local transit, vietnam

New Year in Hanoi

Saturday, 31 Dec 2005 | Views [493]

12-31-2005   10:23 PM , Hanoi, Viet Nam Happy New Year! I'm 11 hours ahead of the Midwest , so we only have 2 more hours to go, but I hope everyone there has a good one.  I've finally updated my Itinerary with more specific places, so check ... Read more >

Tags: food & eating, vietnam


Tuesday, 16 Nov 2004 | Views [582]

    Ming “Hey Lady, want to buy some gum?” I ignore the haggling voices and keep looking through the pictures I’d just picked up from the Kodak store between to the old lady selling rice hats, “Three for a dollar!” and the traditional Vietnamese ... Read more >

Tags: vietnam, Writings (true or otherwise, poetry or prose)

The Unknown

Saturday, 23 Oct 2004 | Views [416]

The Unknown War Remnants Museum Saigon, Viet Nam I fell in love with your picture - those eyes so pale pallid scruff of mud-streaked beard cigarette idle taste of blood gone stale. But it's there in your eyes - that fear drowning in memory It's there ... Read more >

Tags: vietnam, Writings (true or otherwise, poetry or prose)


Tuesday, 5 Oct 2004 | Views [1039]

  Ti                                                                               I wasn’t searching for forgiveness, but it happened while wandering solo in the dusty, humid, roaring, poor, beautiful city of Ho Chi Minh ... Read more >

Tags: vietnam, Writings (true or otherwise, poetry or prose)

Solo for a Day

Tuesday, 23 Sep 2003 | Views [652]

Solo Saigon.   The name rolls over my tongue like the sweet tang of an exotic fruit.   Saigon.   A word full of romance and war, love and suffering.   It’s a word that, once experienced, becomes a part of you forever, imbedded in the deepest ... Read more >

Tags: vietnam, Writings (true or otherwise, poetry or prose)

The Photos

Saturday, 23 Nov 2002 | Views [587]

The Photos War Remnants Museum Saigon, Viet Nam October 1, 2002 A child runs in the street, her naked body ignored by everyone but the photographer.   Burning arms outstretched as if she would fly away if she could.   ... Read more >

Tags: vietnam, Writings (true or otherwise, poetry or prose)

War Remnants Museum

Saturday, 5 Oct 2002 | Views [1712]

There were arranged tours going to the War Remnants Museum, but I figured the museum would be an easy thing for me to visit on my own.   It turned out that going alone was the best thing I could have done.   The museum was incredible, though not ... Read more >

Tags: musings, vietnam

Good Morning Vietnam!

Saturday, 5 Oct 2002 | Views [1782]

9/29/02 Good Morning Vietnam!! I like Vietnam so far!   Went on a city orientation this morning, so that was a really good way to get an overview of the city before we try it on our own.   Then I went into the city with Geoff and Mike to roam ... Read more >

Tags: people, vietnam

Fruit Feast

Tuesday, 1 Oct 2002 | Views [516]

Dragon fruit – pink outside, white flesh inside w/ tiny black seeds about the size of poppy seeds. Dragon-eye fruit – These are a lot of work for just a little fruit.   They have a tough brown rind that you struggle to peel off. Then you’re ... Read more >

Tags: food & eating, vietnam



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