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Pack Light Walk Slow Calvin: "It's a magical world out there Hobbes, ol' buddy.

Hobbes: "Let's go exploring."


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A Reminder, to myself and any traveller who needs it

WORLDWIDE | Monday, 13 Jul 2009 | Views [806]

We can achieve something new, something worked for, and we're happy. But we're never content.  We're always looking ahead - "What's next?"  We call ourselves 'travellers' because we're always searching; we are chasing after the wind here.... Read more >

Tags: musings

A Traveller's Quandary

USA | Tuesday, 12 May 2009 | Views [1107]

Traveller vs. Tourist. Freedom vs. Itineraries. Blaze your own way vs. the Tour. It's too bad the two don't get along.  So I'm going to Scotland, and I found this tour  that I think I'd really enjoy. It goes to the places I want to go, it's green, ... Read more >

Tags: musings, solo travel, the planning phase

New Year's Dream

USA | Thursday, 27 Dec 2007 | Views [938]

Life. Life is ok right now. Not great, not bad. Just good. Nothing special. At times I like the "nothing specialness" because it means I'm at least not falling. But most of the time I don't because it means there's nothing to look forward ... Read more >

Tags: musings


USA | Thursday, 17 May 2007 | Views [684]

Some people say true happiness only exists in a state of ignorance.  I don't believe that. I am quite happy these days, and earlier this spring, the happiness did catch me off guard - I hadn't realized how un-happy I was this winter and the new feeling ... Read more >

Tags: musings

Jamaica: Mar 12-18, 2006

JAMAICA | Sunday, 19 Mar 2006 | Views [1835] | Comments [1]

This year for spring break, instead of spending the week being lazy or even cleaning my apartment (which, unfortunately, I still need to do), I had the unparalleled opportunity to spend the week in Negril, Jamaica with a group of wonderful ... Read more >

Tags: beaches & sunshine, culture, jamaica, musings


USA | Thursday, 19 Jan 2006 | Views [718]

12:02 PM (again...) CST Reflections... I actually did it!  I traveled to a very foreign country all by myself for three whole weeks!  I was happy, sad, physically sick, mentally and physically exhausted.  I had a good cry here and there - maybe ... Read more >

Tags: musings, vietnam


WORLDWIDE | Wednesday, 1 Jan 2003 | Views [658]

Lessons that took a trip around the world to learn... ~ Look out the window ~ People don't always say what they mean, or mean what they say. ~ Sign language gets really creative when you're having fun! ~ Fidel's a funny guy - for a dictator. ~ Leave ... Read more >

Tags: musings

Back to the States...

USA | Monday, 9 Dec 2002 | Views [483]

I’m really going to miss the sense of community we have all developed during our three month adventure.   The friends I’ve made on this trip have become some of the closest I think I’ve ever had, and I never believed that I’d meet people who feel ... Read more >

Tags: Musings


KENYA | Wednesday, 30 Oct 2002 | Views [523]

We’re on our way back to Mombasa and my clothes, hair and shoes are caked with dust, my face is a nice mud pack, and I can feel grit in my teeth, but I’ve never been happier.   I saw elephants, zebras, warthogs, dik diks, bushbucks, waterbucks, hippos, ... Read more >

Tags: kenya, musings, on safari


INDIA | Tuesday, 15 Oct 2002 | Views [526]

India’s a hard place to figure out.   It’s so poor here, but everybody I’ve talked to seems happy for the most part.   Driving to the airport this morning at 5am, I saw so many people camped out on the sidewalks.   I’m told that over 700,000 of ... Read more >

Tags: india, musings

War Remnants Museum

VIETNAM | Saturday, 5 Oct 2002 | Views [1809]

There were arranged tours going to the War Remnants Museum, but I figured the museum would be an easy thing for me to visit on my own.   It turned out that going alone was the best thing I could have done.   The museum was incredible, though not ... Read more >

Tags: musings, vietnam

Musing upon the number 1.3 billion

CHINA | Tuesday, 24 Sep 2002 | Views [586]

Beijing to Hong Kong: Yay! Wendy feels better today!  I still feel a little warm and I'm not moving too fast, but at least I can move.  We are flying to Hong Kong today and so far, this airport business is pretty rediculous.  I will restate my creed ... Read more >

Tags: china, culture, musings

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