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Beijing: Day 1

CHINA | Saturday, 21 September 2002 | Views [510]

Imagine a group of 100 college students trying to make it through an airport together to fly to Beijin, not able to read or understand anything.  Sound chaotic?  I've decided I don't like groups of more than two people.

Today we went to the Summer Palace which is built on a lake and is very beautiful.  As usual, there were people everywhere.  We were told that most of the castles and palaces in China are not originals.  They were all burnt down in the wars or in the cultural revolution, but the Chinese keep rebuilding them in their original design, so its still cool to see them.  For dinner we had original Peking Duck and it was one of the most delicious meals I've ever had. I'm having fun using chopsticks now that I've learned how!  It's quite fun finally being able to pick up a peanut without snapping it across the room!

I would have to say the highlight of this first night in Beijing was coming back to the hotel and hanging out in the bar all night with a Spanish mariachi band!  They were in Beijing for the cultural festival and were staying in our hotel too.  Well, someone asked them to play one song for us and that evolved into a musical free-for-all until 1 AM!  Eventually, we were all gathered around and sitting on the floor talking.  The group was from a college in Madrid where most of them (there's 12) graduated and have just continued to play together, some for 15 years!  Their playing was simply amazing to watch, and might I add that these were some good-looking Spaniards!

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