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Pack Light Walk Slow Calvin: "It's a magical world out there Hobbes, ol' buddy.

Hobbes: "Let's go exploring."


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A Traveller's Quandary

USA | Tuesday, 12 May 2009 | Views [998]

Traveller vs. Tourist. Freedom vs. Itineraries. Blaze your own way vs. the Tour. It's too bad the two don't get along.  So I'm going to Scotland, and I found this tour  that I think I'd really enjoy. It goes to the places I want to go, it's green, ... Read more >

Tags: musings, solo travel, the planning phase

Committed: UK in May

USA | Wednesday, 29 Apr 2009 | Views [686]

Where to next? Scotland and England, May 17-29! Airfare is rediculously cheap right now, and my travel fund has been replenished from 2 years of hard work and saving, and yet, for some reason, it was incredibly difficult to hit "purchase" ... Read more >

Tags: the planning phase

Road Trip 2007!

USA | Friday, 26 Oct 2007 | Views [1013] | Comments [2]

Road Trip 2007! Colorado here I come! Dec 1-6 and though it's a long ways off, it feels so good to have something to look forward to at this time of year!  College football and Thanksgiving just don't cut it most days.  I'm going to road trip out there ... Read more >

Tags: colorado, the planning phase

To Do List...

USA | Friday, 9 Dec 2005 | Views [338]

12-9-2005  10:45 PM CST TO DO: (in no particular order) Pull off a never-been-done-before writing workshop for pK-6th grade kids Study for and take 3 tests Turn in 1 paper, 1 journal (that I didn't know about), 1 evaluation, and 2 projects Attend ... Read more >

Tags: The Planning Phase

A Girl and her Pack

USA | Monday, 5 Dec 2005 | Views [345]

12-5-2005 A Girl and her Pack Three weeks. Less than one month until I leave to take my first solo trip to another country: Viet Nam . Am I excited? You bet! Am I nervous? You bet! Am I worried about bird flu? Nah. Mom's more worried than ... Read more >

Tags: The Planning Phase

Viet Nam preparations!

USA | Tuesday, 15 Nov 2005 | Views [471]

Depart USA : Dec. 29, 6:30 am from Madison, WI Connect through Atlanta, GA and Seoul, Korea Arrive in Viet Nam : Dec. 30, 10:30 pm at Hanoi, Viet Nam 25 hour flight = 40 hours due to time zone changes ... Read more >

Tags: the planning phase, vietnam

Viet Nam Project Summary

USA | Tuesday, 8 Nov 2005 | Views [566]

Getting Past the War: Portraying the True Viet Nam In the Spring of 2005, I was awarded an International Undergraduate Research Grant from UWL so that I could travel to Viet Nam to do research for a book I plan to write. While participating ... Read more >

Tags: the planning phase, vietnam

Useful Viet Nam Info

USA | Sunday, 9 Jan 2005 | Views [318]

Viet Nam info: * 13 hours AHEAD of Central Time Zone (sorry, I've been wrong all this time...) * Around 1600km long (you can do the math to miles) making the country a little larger than Italy and a little smaller than Japan * Exchange Rate: $1 ... Read more >

Tags: The Planning Phase

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