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Trip: Island Wedding

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ISRAEL | Saturday, 6 Oct 2007 | Views [2046]

Thank you everyone - EVERYONE is family or my extended family thru love and they all adored each other now.  Our wedding was made great because each person contributed something special.  So thank you everyone for your time, generosity and love.  It ... Read more >

Tags: Hallmark Moments

Israel after Cyprus

ISRAEL | Saturday, 6 Oct 2007 | Views [1029]

Our final day In Cyprus was spent in this little town with lace as the key tourist attraction and expense.  We then had dinner in Lafraca in a resturant in the mountains- gorgeous.  We at SO much, when we thought we couldn't eat anymore they brought ... Read more >

Tags: Adventures


ISRAEL | Saturday, 6 Oct 2007 | Views [786]

WOW this is horrible feeling being hung over.  Never had THAT before.  Always used to wake up feeling fresh and new.  This is a new and aweful feeling.  I think I will never drink again - yuck... to all the people that drink over and over again knowing ... Read more >

Tags: I should have known better!

The BIG day!

CYPRUS | Tuesday, 11 Sep 2007 | Views [2161] | Comments [1]

Finally the morning of the wedding arrived.  Of coure I could not sleep in and relax was too excited!  Briel and I had breakfast together and enjoyed our final moments of "not yet married".  Was hard to be relaxed though wehen so many things ... Read more >

Tags: Hallmark Moments

Gallery: Wedding Friends & Family

CYPRUS | Tuesday, 11 Sep 2007 | Photo Gallery

Formal photos!
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Gallery: Wedding Day

CYPRUS | Tuesday, 11 Sep 2007 | Photo Gallery

See all 26 photos >>

Gallery: Last moments Single

CYPRUS | Monday, 10 Sep 2007 | Photo Gallery

See all 21 photos >>

Last Day Single

CYPRUS | Monday, 10 Sep 2007 | Views [1096]

Well Monday the 10th Sept --- the last day of our being single!  I had hoped to spend it relaxed talking to my sister by the pool... Did that happen?  Well no -- had a bunch of stuff for the wedding to organise which took about 2-3 hours!  errr By ... Read more >

Tags: Pre-Wedding Craziness

Hens&Bucks night

CYPRUS | Sunday, 9 Sep 2007 | Views [964]

Late afternoon we headed back to our hotels... Briel and I had a delicious dinner awaiting us back at the hotel.  BTW have I mentioned that this place was amazing.  The best hotel we've ever been to!  They were professional, nice and genuinely helpful.... Read more >

Tags: Laughter

Gallery: Hens&Bucks.!?!

CYPRUS | Sunday, 9 Sep 2007 | Photo Gallery

Our crazy night out!
See all 40 photos >>

Gallery: Coral Bay Beach

CYPRUS | Sunday, 9 Sep 2007 | Photo Gallery

Beach Fun
See all 30 photos >>

Coral Bay Beach Day

CYPRUS | Sunday, 9 Sep 2007 | Views [4146]

We decided to meet for a day at the beach!  The famous beach in the city was Coral Bay Beach!  So this was to be our 1st FULL day all together! Only -->  My parents and sister accidentally went to the second Coral Bay Beach - so I didn't get to see ... Read more >

Tags: Beaches & sunshine

The Party Plane/Bus

CYPRUS | Saturday, 8 Sep 2007 | Views [1001]

The week of September 3rd family anf friends started arriving in Israel.  On Monday: My Family, Izhar, Vanessa  /  On Wednesday: Michelle & Gerry  /  On Friday:  Federico  /  On Sat morning:  Andrea, Cleston My parents and sister we picked up on ... Read more >

Tags: Party time

iPOD - how it works!

ISRAEL | Monday, 3 Sep 2007 | Views [1065]

I request my mate Fed to bring me an iPOD for my travel adventures. KNowing it handled music, photos and download for movies - I was excited! However getting to know how ti works was a challenge. So here are my tips in case anyone ever needs them ... Read more >

Tags: Packing & gadgets

Gallery: Israel 2007

ISRAEL | Sunday, 2 Sep 2007 | Photo Gallery

Current Israel Photos
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Gallery: Previous Israel Photos

ISRAEL | Saturday, 1 Sep 2007 | Photo Gallery

From Previous vacations
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Last Minute Maddness!

ISRAEL | Saturday, 1 Sep 2007 | Views [785]

Well today is Shelly's Birthday - one of my best mates for those who don't know.  However she is flying on her way to see me!  Whoo hoo... On my end, there are SO many last minute details I am organising.  It is nuts.  From comparing prices for backpacks, ... Read more >

Tags: Pre-Wedding Craziness

Gallery: Briel and I

NETHERLANDS | Monday, 27 Aug 2007 | Photo Gallery

The years in Amsterdam
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Gallery: Abie's Birthday 2007

ISRAEL | Friday, 24 Aug 2007 | Photo Gallery

My 32nd Birthday
See all 5 photos >>

Abie's Birthday

ISRAEL | Friday, 24 Aug 2007 | Views [1194]

Well I had my 32nd birthday.  At first I was a bit depressed at turning 32, but Briel was there as always to remind me of how great life is and how lucky I really am. Also I wondered, how could this years birthday be better than last years when Briel ... Read more >

Tags: Hallmark Moments

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