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iPOD - how it works!

ISRAEL | Monday, 3 September 2007 | Views [1049]

I request my mate Fed to bring me an iPOD for my travel adventures. KNowing it handled music, photos and download for movies - I was excited! However getting to know how ti works was a challenge. So here are my tips in case anyone ever needs them :

iPOD and download of pics directly from a camera :

1. Firstly you connect the iPOD copnnector to the ipod (without the camera usb connected) - you will get a message no card inserted (that is ok)

2. Attach your USB conntection to your camera

3. Turn on your camera

4. Attach the USD of camera to the iPOD connector with camera already turned on

ALL photos on the camera will be loaded - without abaility to choose which gets uploaded. You will need to delete the photos on the camera if you don't want them. Otherwise it will be loaded to the iPOD as a new "roll of film"

You can delete entire rolls off the ipod but not individual photos. You cannot view the imported photos from camera to the television - which sucks - well that is what I read but I have not tried that myself.

Loading pics from iPOD to your computer: Connect the iPOD to your computer as normal. Your iPOD can then be read by windows explorer as a removable drive. You can select this drive and look for:

DCIM/xxxAPPLE (xxx = is a number sequence of what was loaded).

iPOD as an external disk:

If you select the iPOD to have 'Manually sync' then you can always 'see' the iPOD in your windows explorer as an external drive. Then you can drag or drop from/to iPOD for storage and copying.

However if you auto sync using the itunes, you will need: 1. To have version 6 of itunes or later 2. From itunes select --> File, Show in Windows Explorer

NOTE: You also need to manually eject the device from the computer before unplugging. 

To view the pic or video on TV:

1. in Settings: Select the TV Oout option to "Ask or ON" -- Ask - everytime you slidshow it will ask you for ipod or tv. ON - is for tv output only. OFF is for ioid only

2. Select the photo library then press PLAY button on ipod

Connection: You need to connect all 3 AV cables to the back of the TV (yellow to yello, red to red, white to white).

You can even add music to play in the background (select a playlist from your ipod)

NOTE: This theory s the same for videos or podcasts on TV. Just play the video with the above settings.

Playing music on iPOD to the stereo :

1. COnnect only the red and white to the sound input connections on stereo

2. Play the playlist

iPOD is stuck!!

1. Move the HOLD button to the right (so you can see a red colour). This is located on the top of iPOD where the micro phone sits

2. Press the MENU and OK buttons at the same time for about 6seconds

NOTE: This tends to happen if you remove the ipod from computer without ejecting it first - SO DON"T DO IT

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