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ISRAEL | Saturday, 6 October 2007 | Views [2057]

Thank you everyone - EVERYONE is family or my extended family thru love and they all adored each other now.  Our wedding was made great because each person contributed something special.  So thank you everyone for your time, generosity and love.  It is an honour to call you all family.

Your the best friends and family we could ask for.  In the vows I said in front of you all that I choose Briel as my husband forever.  However I cannot express how much I love you all - I choose all of you FOREVER as my family.

Thankyou Julian for the wonderful photos.

Thankyou Briel's family for making ALL of us welcome for so long and looking after all of us.

Thankyou my parents - for your generosity and love

Thankyou Lolly for making my dress SO special.

Thankyou Mamang(my granny) for sewing my veil.

Thankyou Shelly, Gez, Mom for also sewing some of my dress!

Thankyou Shelly and Gez for coming early to be here with us and help us.

Thankyou Gina for changing your travel plans to come - I wouldn't want to be without you!

Thankyou DEDA for work your plans of your home around this wedding. 

Thankyou Goli come ciming with her so I could get to love you also = plus the helicopter ride to ensure Deda was there.

Thankyou Vanessa for being such a wonderful friend over the years and always having a place for me in your heart.  You are ana amazing person in every way.

Thank you FED - for being my porter and bringing last minute all that I requested and more.  I love that you made it here and then you did so much!

Thank you Pamela and Marco for going to Cyprus - Pamela for helping me with the dramas over my dress!  You were always there when I needed you most.

Thankyou my cousins Rochelle and Chris - you get only a few vacations a year and you choose to be at the wedding also.  WOW.

Cleston... you made all this possible.  Your a treasure, so is Paul (what a gem for coming and being SO part of us).  On the day of the wedding you took charge to make it all go smoothly. 

Obut and Oshrat - it was amazing that found a way to be there for the wedding.  It meant the world to us both.  We would do anything for you - but then you know that right!

Badoush... Your everyone's favourite on this trip truly.  Such a great heart.  You calmed Briel without even trying.  Always there ready to help.. you even insisted you were not doing enough - but you do SO much.

Thankyou Izhar and Laila.  Izhar, you are Briel's brother.  There is not enough pages in this space to remeber ALL that you have done for Briel and also for me.

Thank you also to those that would have loved to come but couldn't.  Your in our hearts.. (Mario thanks for calling us during the dinner)

Lastly, but certainly not least Rene and Pere.  The video, the cats, our family.  You have been our family in Amsterdam.  You took care of us through the tough and great times.  I can go on about you both for hours I love you so much.

EACH of you is our family forever. 

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