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The Farm

BRAZIL | Sunday, 13 January 2008 | Views [2478]

The Farm - this is not like any farm I know of.  The farm does have plantations like : mangoes, coffee, wine, corn, eucolyptus trees, general vegetables.  HOWEVER the main purpose of this farm is "FUN"  for the family and friends!

The Dimas farm boasts full kart racing with track, a lake with multiple speed boats, 20something quadbikes, motor bikes, jeeps, walking trolley things (see the pic), golf carts.  Jacuzis, swimming pools, multile BBQ areas. The list goes on!

There is a main house where the family sleeps, which has multiple pool snooker tables, a full cinema where everyone get leather kick back seating all in a wonderful timber floor setting and picture prefect views of the farm, plantations and natural surrounding forest.

The property itselft is 660 hectors of land.  (1 hector = 10,000 meters) to give you an idea.  Situated 200kms out of Sao Paulo. There are multiple homes for the families that work the property to maintain it.  Dimas Snr provides for all.  Dimas often drives to the farm for weekends with Shela and the baby - sometimes averaging speed of 195Kms an hour. Fast eh?  Well did I mention this family like to race and are a bit of adrenaline junkies? hehe well they are!  Shela fits right in ;-)

Briel had no idea (until we took a nice walk thru the plantations) that the coffee he was drinking all weekend was home grown, dired, roasted and prepared all on the property!  Fernanda picked a mango for me to eat...

Dimas Snr took Briel on a crazy helicopter ride (he has had his license for more than 30 yrs)... where he was completing amazing daredevil moves that made Briel's face red and stomach turn!  Pucci held on for dear life inside!

There was crazy speed boat 360 turns where I only remember seeing my feet fly over my head then tasting the sweet fresh water in my mouth before popping up laughing from the speed that it all happened.  Music was available all the time from everywhere (the BBQ areas and beach area!)

We enjoyed BBQd strips with Dimas'd special coconut vokda cocktail with condensed milk - delicious!  There was some "Fire in the Hole", some nutty swimming, Typical Brazilian dinner (rice, beans, vegies in a hot pot yummy).

We relaxed in the cinema to watch "transformers" in on reclining leather seats!  Then headed off to bed where we all had our own private cabins with bathrooms.

We woke everyday to breakfast, home grown coffee, to start another days of fun and more more FOOD!  We had a typical Roasted lunch where the oven was turned on the night before, heated with wood to high temp.  Then the roast was cooked for 3-4 hours before serving deliciously with rice, beans and vegies... Oh it was also Jeanluca's 3rd birthday!

Did I mention they also grow and cultivate crocodiles? I held a baby one myself! AUGH scarey!  There is also parrots that are grown/hatched, peacocks, Capivaras (the giant rat things we never saw), Pumas (that are rarely seen), tones of natural life...

The boys enjoyed a karting race, they teamed up with teams of 5. Briel was injured when he was tossed out of the kart on a change over!  Pucci was also thrown out of the kart before they all learned how to change over smoothly.  There was 3 races, Breil's team (Dimas Snr, Goli, Edu, Rodrigo) won 2 of 3 races!  Although Briel was accused as driving like their grandmother!!

We rode on bumpy golf cart ride around part of the farm, which we thought was crazy until Dimas took us on a jeep bush ride through the forest - where there was no tracks or road. Dimas created a new road just for us gringos - the GRINGO ROAD!  Sheila was screaming when we drove and stopped under a HUDGE web of 100s of spiders.  We nearly fell out, turned the car many times.  we were scratched up, smacked in the head by the branches, bumped, tossed. Sato was scaring everyone with leaves pretending it was spiders crawling all over us.  Dimas was laughing at us all. Goli was filming it all nearly falling out of the jeep. WOW was it fun!  I was crying and laughing all at the same time.

The weekend was full of fun, great food, but most especially GREAT friends to enjoy it all with.  We love spending time with everyone.  We are very lucky to have friends so open, warm and fun to be around.  It has been easy to get close to everyone.  This weekend we had the pleasure to also get to know Cynthia and Alfonzo, DIMAS Snr + his wife + Madissa, as well as the rest of the crew: Pucci and Marina, Sato, Goli, Dimas and Sheila + Dimas IV, Edu & Mari, Marcela and Siro + Deluca, Rodrigo and Fernanda.

It was crazy fun!  We all want to try to do it all again before we leave.  hehe you never know.... :-) 

There was only 1 thing missing - That is that Andrea was not there to share the fun.  She is currently working/travelling in Miami, Costa Rica, Mexico.  She will be back soon, but we miss her heaps.  xoxo

Plus - Keka was missing for Sato - he has to be happy with Goli and the Capiveras....  Keka (his girlfriend) is in Miami at the moment too.

Ciao for now!  Briel and I can't imagine anywhere more fun than this though!  Thanks DIMAS for showing us your farm!

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