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Stowing Away I stood between two facing mirrors & almost caught a glimpse of infinity, but my bloody head kept getting in the way

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Stowaway & Moai friends on Easter Island

Stowaway & Moai friends on Easter Island

The last year has taken me to remote hill tribes, live volcanoes, tropical beaches, a stint in the multicoloured Ambassador van, smoggy Santiago and the amazing stone Moai on remote Easter Island.

On previous trips, my stowing away has taken me to Nepal, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, England, bits of Europe, Middle East & the Aussie outback.


I’m interested in new cultures and experiences that are different to what’s ‘at home’, but sadly, TV shows such as 'Who wants to be a millionaire' & 'The weakest link' seem to be worldwide (French Eddie Mcguires - arrgh!).

The Simpsons in german is still funny (think Homer in Lederhosen), Buffy was funnier still ('Das ist ein vampiren mit pointyschtick geStaken, kaput!') but watching a cartoon version of the Buddhist story of 'Monkey' in Arabic whilst in the Egyptian desert took the cake.

This year I have embarked on a very bold new adventure... TWINS! It may keep me busy for some time, but will also allow me to explore our exciting world through their eyes.

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