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Today is Tuesday so this must be...Rome?

ITALY | Tuesday, 23 October 2001 | Views [11459] | Comments [4]

Inside the Colesseum, Rome

Inside the Colesseum, Rome

Hang on, it's Wednesday.... so I'm in... (checks watch) .... well it's 4am in the morning in Sydney anyway (note to self: much change watch to local time, after finding out where I am & what day it is).

I'm pretty sure I'm in Rome today, there is some evidence to support this claim: I saw the colosseum, the Cistene chapel, some big marble house where an old guy in a funny hat lives (with bizarrely dressed doormen!), lots of roman-like ruins (could be anywhere in Europe i suppose), some steps covered with tourists, and some big fountain where you throw coins in over your shoulder & make a wish. Hardly conclusive proof of being in Rome, But I do know I had Pizza in Piza, next to some wonky tower yesterday (or the day before yesterday), so I guess I'm in Italy at least.

I left England on Friday morning. Many thanks to Caroline & Kate for letting me stay at their places while in London. The one night I had to stay in a hotel (Russian run), someone tried to break into my room while i was in it. Irately calling 'excuse me' caused the metal ruler to stop trying to open the lock with no further attempts that night. An interesting experience. Also Caught up with Francoise & Helen & Ed & Clare and had a good night in a pub in London. Hiya Guys, hope you had a good night too!

Anyway, took an early train Friday morning to chilly Dover & a short ferry trip to Calais. It was like deja-vu from going to Ireland or Orkney, as the ferries are identical. France was a rainy blur of flat green fields & cheap hotels. The fields turned into hills & then mountains, and just as you think your going to get a nice view, the road goes into a tunnel. I may have 1 photo of France.

One of the tunnels was apparently a border to Italy. The weather suddenly improved, as did the frequency of tunnels. Eventually the mountains got flat again, the Mediterranean sea sparkled (between tunnels) and Piza suddenly appeared.

Anyway, moving right along at high speed... Pompei was good - I never realised it was so large - that's a lot of excavation work gone on there and a good glimpse of life (and death) in that period.

Well, I'm out of money so that's all folks (for now) Next stop - overnight ferry to Greece, and a mad dash to Instanbul (Which is where this trip really starts, I'm just traveling to get there by Saturday).

Hope everyone is well,

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Ian baby - great to hear from you!!!

Sounds like your having lots of fun and adventures.

As you can see I'm already back at work - it feels like I was never on holidays now!!! Still I have to say nothing quite beats the sunshine here - it has been so bright - I forgot how bright our sun is....

This week has been weird - mainly due to my jet lag I think but I keep forgetting which day it is and the simplest of tasks feels like a huge effort - my sleep patterns have been somewhat weird but not too bad - going to bed at 9:30pm and waking up at 3:30am - this morning I made myself sleep until 6am and was somewhat successful.

I'm sorry I didn't have more time to spend with you in England but that last week was mad!!

We were busy in London on the Tuesday - went to dinner with Trent Tuesday night and did some site seeing on the Wednesday, also caught up with another friend for coffee, headed back to Guildford Wednesday afternoon to have dinner with Dad and a family friend, spent Thursday packing & cleaning & doing last minute shopping in Guildford, we then took Dad out to dinner in Guildford after which he took us to see a play. We flew out the next day at 12:00pm - so that was my week!!

Landed in Sydney on Sunday morning - but I have to say its good to be back. I put my photos in today so should be interesting to look at.

Keep in touch and stay safe. Kx

  Kate Oct 24, 2001 10:14 AM


Oh dear looks like I am lagging - seeing as further updates suggest you have been partaking if not indulging in el dente gelato and dodging Vespa-rama scenarios. There is some folklore about how many coins you throw into the Trevi but I can't remember how it went for good or bad luck .... whatever. And is it Roma that has Faulty Towers Hostel that is always packed out ... but I think I digress.

Rewinding some weeks back and over a continent or so ago: Peregrine deaths most intriguing, not to mention dodge old teaching sods as fellow intrepid explorers. I guess first impressions counted for rather a lot with subsequent days only reinforcing initial impressions of the rest of the crew. Thought it rather pertinent that you and Caroline were the only ones not to suffer any altitude sickness.

Is this a trip through Middle East? Will be most interested to hear what the next bunch manage to sculpt themselves into from your vantage point. Have you been through Turkey before? If memory serves me correct everyone's brother/uncle/inlaw will have just what you are looking ( what it actually is you are looking for is only a very minor point in the matter apparently).

This side of the cosmos proves far more prosaic, despite Howard's huffing and puffing, even the Spring Carnival this year don't seem to have its usual thang. Yawn.

As promised the prospect of dodge photographic evidence of Nepal draws ever closer. Stay tuned and ditto at this end on the desert nations.


  Tyrell Oct 24, 2001 12:14 PM


Can't believe I've missed you. Just got back from Spain yesterday - 23rd. But you met up with Clare and Ed, so they'll give me all the news! Or otherwise, you'll just have to return!!

You're travels sound very exciting. How long do you think you'll be away for? And typical that it had to happen in London that someone tried to break into your room.

My time in Spain was wonderful. Went to loads of fiestas, luckily arrived in the fiesta season, and met loads of good people. But sadly this has ended, and back I am in London, looking for work.
Reality returns.......

Keep me posted on your trip Ian, and have a good time in Rome, - best looking people in the world I've heard?????

talk to you soon,
mandy x

  Mandy Oct 24, 2001 4:42 PM


We are enjoying your travel updates very much. Please keep them coming!

Your Nepal adventures are of great interest cos we have booked a three week trekking holiday in Feb, so it was great to share your reflections and adventures. Our adventure will be somewhat tamer than yours I think, cos we only have 3 weeks and so are joining an organised tour in Kathmandu, all organised from here in Oz before we leave.

We are quite envious of the amount of time you have!

Next weekend (first weekend in Nov) is David and Sonia's wedding so we will catch up with all the family then. Hunter Valley vineyards etc. We haven't been up north for about 3 months so we are looking forward to seeing everyone.

Keep the travel notes coming........it's great to be an armchair traveller here, and let you do the hard work with the haggling taxi drivers and camel merchants.

Love, Aleta and Mark

  Aleta Oct 28, 2001 5:00 PM



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