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Stowing Away I stood between two facing mirrors & almost caught a glimpse of infinity, but my bloody head kept getting in the way

Trip: Australia

There are [18] stories from my trip: Australia

Photos: The winner is... Sid-en-ey

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 12 Nov 2012 | Photo Gallery

various 2012 wanders around Sydney
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Photos: World nomads chase 2012

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 12 Nov 2012 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: Canyoning

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 19 Jan 2010 | Photo Gallery

Various canyons in the Blue Mountains, Sydney, Australia
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Tags: blue mountains, canyons, cold water, crayfish canyon, wollangambe canyon

Photos: New Nomads

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 23 Dec 2007 | Photo Gallery

Welcome to our newest World Nomads, Heather & Charlie, who are embarking on the great journey of life. More pics at http://flickr.com/photos/stowawayatsea/
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Tags: charlie, heather, newborns

Photos: NSW North Coast

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 29 Oct 2007 | Photo Gallery

Up the coast from Sydney to Byron Bay & back again
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Tags: ayers rock, babymoon, byron bay, fighter planes, leyland brothers, lighthouse, scultures

The Great Ocean Road super long titleThe Great Ocean Road super long titleThe Great Ocean Road supe

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 20 Jan 2007 | Views [556] | Video

Great ocean road, wind, rain. maybe a video. windey road    

Tags: australia, great ocean road, the great outdoors

March of the Penguins

AUSTRALIA | Friday, 19 Jan 2007 | Views [14677] | Comments [2]

  We hightailed it from Wilsons Promontory to try and get to Phillip Island in time for the famous Penguin Parade which starts at dusk. Our research indicated that the good tickets sellout fast, so we drove straight there and got there with an ... Read more >

Tags: ambassador van, beaches & sunshine, fairy penguin, penguin parade, penguins, phillip island, victoria, vietnam veterans museum, wilsons promontory

Wilsons Promontory

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 18 Jan 2007 | Views [4321]

After spending the night with a pair of savage possums beating our door down to get into our cosy van (maybe because it was raining), we started our long trip straight to Melbourne for some van maintenance, then on to Wilsons Promontory. Thankfully ... Read more >

Tags: ambassador van, australia, beaches & sunshine, echidna, possums, squeaky beach, victoria, wilsons promontory

Photos: Great Ocean Road

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 18 Jan 2007 | Photo Gallery

Great Ocean Road with the Ambassador Van. And lots of wind
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Tags: 12 apostles, ambassador van, great ocean road, road trip, sea caves, wind

Ned Kelly's Last Stand

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 17 Jan 2007 | Views [9350] | Comments [3] | Video

Check out our hard hitting Documentary about Ned Kelly's last stand in Glenrowan, Victoria. I have to say I was extremely disappointed with Glenrowan - I guess I was expecting something a bit more impressive considering the towns history with the rather ... Read more >

Tags: ambassador van, australia, glenrowan, kelly gang, laughter, ned kelly, video

High Country

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 15 Jan 2007 | Views [2398] | Comments [3]

After a cool night in the van at Thredbo, we grabbed a hearty breakfast and headed up the crackenback chairlift, accompanied by the musical sounds of the continuing weekend long blues festival echoing up from the valley below. From the top of the ... Read more >

Tags: ambassador van, australia, mountains, mt kosciusko, snowy mountains, thredbo, thredbo blues festival

Photos: Threbo Blues Festival 2007

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 15 Jan 2007 | Photo Gallery

Various bands at a Blues Festival in the mountain town of Thredbo
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Tags: i got the blues, thredbo

Thredbo Blues festival

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 15 Jan 2007 | Views [3022]

On Saturday we made it to the Thredbo Blues festival, an annual musical event held in the Thredbo village, which is now in it's 13th year (or 14th year if you count the one that was rudely interupted by a bushfire) We got to see quite a few bands, ... Read more >

Tags: ambassador van, australia, blues, culture, live bands, music, snowy mountains, thredbo blues festival

Canberra in a Heatwave

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 13 Jan 2007 | Views [2153]

After a day of travelling in blistering 40+ degree heat, we have arrived in Canberra. Both the van and us struggled a little in the draining heat but we pressed on with a few cooling rest stops. Along the approaches to Canberra by Lake George, a bushfire ... Read more >

Tags: ambassador van, australia, canberra, sightseeing

Photos: Ambassador Van

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 11 Jan 2007 | Photo Gallery

On the road from Sydney to Melbourne in the World Nomads Ambassador Van
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Tags: ambassador van, road trip, sydney

Going Nomadic!

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 10 Jan 2007 | Views [2076] | Comments [1]

Well, we've picked up the World Nomads Ambassador Van, and have taken it for a quick spin around sunny Sydney before we head off into the unknown. We have to drop the van off in Melbourne, but we will decide our path to get there as we go. Canberra ... Read more >

Tags: ambassador van, australia, harbour bridge, stowaway, sydney, world nomads

Photos: Australia

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 9 Feb 2002 | Photo Gallery

Various pics around Aus
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Photos: Bali

INDONESIA | Friday, 10 Jan 1992 | Photo Gallery

"You've been to Paris and you've been to Boston, You've been to Fiji and you've been to London, But you can't impress me 'cause I've been to Bali too"
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Tags: bali, beaches, indonesia, parasailing, rafting, temples