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Red sky at night, Turkish delight

TURKEY | Sunday, 28 October 2001 | Views [4094] | Comments [7]

The Blue Mosque, Istanbul

The Blue Mosque, Istanbul

We left Greece and after a long and annoying border check, we entered Turkey and drove to Instanbul. I had 3 days there to wander around and went to the Blue mosque and St Sofia and lots of museums (such as the archaeological museum, the museum of ceramic tiles and the museum of carpets and candlesticks) in the rain. That's culture for you.

Of course Istanbul is not complete without a visit to the Sultans palace and the Harem, which under the sultans mother and wives was the true seat of power of the Ottoman empire for hundreds of years. (yes yes, insert Sultana/Date joke here...)

Then it was off to Gallipoli on a beautiful sunny day, which is a quite unique place to be. Again we were the only people there, which made it even more special.

I wandered up from Anzac cove, climbed the hill to Plugges plateau, down into Shrapnel Gully and up to Lone Pine and Chunuk Bair: all names quite familiar to me, but so different when you are actually there. Really makes you think. Watched the sun set over the nice flat beach the Anzacs were meant to land on.

The next day, a short car ferry took us across the Dardenelles and into Asia minor (but still in Turkey).
They will never suspect this!

Went in search of the fabled city of Troy - most people thought it was just a Greek legend until a German guy went digging for it at the place it was written (in the Illiad) to be - and found a bunch of ruins. Nine ancient cities built on top of each other. They reckon the legendary Troy that was fought over by the Greeks to rescue Helen of Sparta was city no. 6 (or 7). Apparently the sea was a lot closer then, as Troy is now a long way inland due to lower sea levels.

Troy is not that big but it's a dense mass of ruins and city walls. I never realised it was only about 2 dozen km away from where the Anzacs landed in WWI (though the French landing was right by it)

Saw the remnant of the temple of Artemis today, once one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world - now there is just one pillar standing. Also visited Esphesus, another huge ruined city (maybe I'm in Rome again)

I did buy everyone (part of) a huge amount of Turkish delight, every flavour imaginable (and then some) but it's really yummy & I have eaten almost all of it. Naturally, we spent a very pleasant evening watching traditional belly dancers and eating vast amounts of Turkish cuisine (other than kebabs).

Visited Termessos - a hilltop city that was never conquered by anyone. Alexander the Great tried & failed, and later the Romans had a look at the cities defenses and declared them allies instead of trying to take it over. Unfortunately, since then the city has had a major run-in with father Time and a couple of earthquakes, and the place is now a mass of overgrown ruins.

We went to Olimpos, a ruined roman (& other) city by the sea, and that night climbed the mountain to see the flames of Chimera spouting straight from the rocky mountainside. We also stayed the night in a treehouse (as you do), playing cards & drinking.

Well that's it for this installment. Heading east tomorrow i think, probably another 10 days in Turkey.

Take care all,

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good to hear from you! Turkey will be fun, have never been there, and actually hear it's a bit dodgy, but sure you'll be fine!

Am job hunting at the moment, got an interview tomorrow so fingers crossed they'll be able to get me something, need some money quick. And I'm going to get bored soon.

Where did you stay in London when you were here? Think you probably told me. Would be great if you could come back before you return. I'm going to be around for about a year now - ahhhh. But has to be done. Bit of stability for a while.

anyway you take care, am going to ring Clare and Ed tonight, they don't know I'm back yet, and will be good to see them.

Take care, happy travelling.

Love mandy x

  Mandy Oct 29, 2001 5:19 PM


Hey chick

Great to hear from you - I am so jealous - talk about adventures!!!

I should have gone with you!!

Sydney is beautiful at the moment - the weather etc is just glorious. Work has been pretty busy but good. I love my new place so you will have to check it out when you get back.

England seems like it was months ago now.

I have been busy going out quite a bit and catching up with friends - not much else to report on as I have only been back two weeks.

My sister's birthday next week so I have a couple of dinners to go to for that.

Otherwise - keep well and be safe - take lots of piccies in Egypt as I've always wanted to go there and would love to see some great photos of the place.

Speak to you soon. K

  Kate Nov 2, 2001 10:49 AM


Hi Stow,

Just a brief note to say hi. I have been very much enjoying your stories from your travels. It all sounds excellent.

You probably already know but I thought I would mail you to say Thomas Mulcahy is 11 days old. Saw him yesterday Sunday and he is terrific - looks
a lot like Mr Mulcahy from some angles and David from others. I forgot they come out so small.

Bec (& Mike) had a boy - I think his name is Nick - I was in the middle of budgets when i read the email. Have not had a chance to see him yet.

Any rate happy travels and look forward to your next installment.

  Mark A Nov 5, 2001 8:40 PM



Hey have you tried Salep - it is a great drink - in Turkish Salep means "fox testicles" because that is what the plant looks like.

There is another drink called an Iran (not sure of spelling) but I have not been game - Turkish yoghurt,water and salt I think.

Happy travelling,


  Mark A Nov 5, 2001 9:41 PM


Hey Kate Fella,

Meet you in Cairo then babe! (I'm in Damascus, Syria today). Will certainly be taking lots of piccies.

  stowaway Nov 13, 2001 1:05 AM


Sounds great!! Will you bring the champers or will I!! CCertainly beats being here - work is just mental! I look forward to seeing your photos.

Not much to report on here - went past your old place on Sunday - saw your hippie lodgers upstairs!!

Otherwise keep me posted on your travels - they make for very informative/interesting reading.

Keep well. K

  Kate Nov 13, 2001 9:12 AM


Cool blogs! How do you attach pictures like that?

  mimi Jun 11, 2008 4:11 PM

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