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AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 10 February 2002 | Views [3343] | Comments [2]

Sunset in the outback

Sunset in the outback

Hiya Everybody,

Well, I'm back in sunny (not) Sydney after my latest jaunts through a couple of states.

Firstly I went for a nice drive up the east coast to past Coffs Harbour,
visiting numerous friends & relatives along the way (all conveniently
located on or just by nice beaches) and attempting to work on my tan. This not being quite as successful as I hoped, I then decided to dash over to the Northern Territory for a little while, where there was bound to be sunshine-a-plenty.

And indeed there was. Nice clear skies, low humidity (unusual for wet
season), and only about 35 - 37 degrees. Apparently it was 54 degrees the
week before at one of the places I visited. No rain at all - unlike er...
all the rest of Australia from what I can work out. Suffer in your jocks!

I flew into Alice springs and joined a (gasp!) bus/backpacker tour (no, not Con-Tiki) of all the usual touristy things. We mostly camped under the stars in swags, with a few hostel stays as well.

Now I feel there must be some kind of worldwide conspiracy between bus/truck drivers to torture their passengers with the same music several times a day. If I ever hear 'I feel good' by James Brown, or indeed any part of the 'Good Morning Vietnam' soundtrack again, I shall go completely ballistic. It is NOT what you want to hear every morning, or again at lunch, or again... ever! With a boasted selection of about 200 cd's, you would think they might be able to play more than just one. Thankfully my sanity was kept intact by the liberal application of my diskman at full volume, using either the aptly named 'Please save me' by Sunscreem, or the full sounds of PJ Harvey. Her "stories from the city" CD has been getting a good workout since I first left Australia.  'Baby Baby, ain't it true / I'm immortal when I'm with you'

The Olga's (Kata Tjuta) were impressive, especially from a certain angle
where they look just like Homer Simpson lying down with his arms resting on his stomach holding a donut. I kid you not. Also went for some good walks amongst them and saw them turn even redder during sunset.

Ayers rock was huge, red, steep & strenuous to climb - I can see why it's
caused so many heart attacks. The wind on top is amazingly strong too, but well worth the climb for the view and to say you've done it. A walk around the base finds lots of caves, sacred sites and interesting nooks & crannies.

Getting up before dawn to see the sunrise wasn't so impressive - the day (& rock) got lighter and I wished I was still asleep in my swag. Sunset was a bit the same (in reverse), but with the added advantages of lots of wine and nibblies.

Kings Canyon was probably my favourite. I went for a helicopter flight over & around it, and then spent the rest of the day walking in, around, and over the canyon. Took lots of pics as around every corner it changed again (& usually got better). Was very tired but happy at the end of that day.

Also went to Stanley Chasm, Simpsons gap, and a bunch of other places. Rode a camel through the desert (more comfortable than an elephant, but nearly as tall), had a 4 metre Python crawl all over me in a reptile show, and almost completely failed to get much of a tan at all. I mean, I have a bit of one, so see me soon before it fades away after a few days once more. (Or else people will never believe I've been travelling in the sun for months & months...) Though I have (just a few) photos...

So, I'm back in Sydney, it must be time to unpack my backpack & get my life sorted out. You know where to find me,

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Well my friend, you've certainly had some interesting travels now, haven't you?
You would have to be the most well-travelled person I know (coming in close just in front of my sister!!!).

Anyway, it's great 2 have u back in good ol' Sydney town ... we'll have to do coffee/tea/hot chockie soon and have a good ol' chin-wag!!!!

Speak 2 u soon!

Love Shazz :)

  Sharon Feb 11, 2002 7:15 PM


Wow E,
What a trip and a half around Oz. Wasn't your o's trip enough for u?
What r u up to now?
Still can't wait to see if it really looks like homer with a doughnut.
Am at time out, Must fly,
lots of love, m. xo

  Mel Mar 10, 2002 8:21 PM



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